the real life of a teenager

One Direction the famous band is forced to go to mexico because they were not the same. What happen when they arrive with his new family and face problems they have never had
Will they know what a normal life is? read

The real life of a teenager


1. 1

Zayn's Pov:

We came to Mexico City to live forever, Paul thought that the fame was already getting us so now we are going to have normal lifes without money, cars, so that means we gotta work just like teens, we were already at the airport waiting for our new mom


harry: where is she?

niall: guys look


*they saw a beautiful girl running to a boy wich was next to them*



liam: i thought mexican girls were ugly (no offence im mexican by the way)

louis: i read that Mexico City was full of lovely and beautiful girls oh and that some of them were very like very rich

?: hi you most be liam, louis,niall,harry and zayn am i correct?

zayn: yes and hello ma'am 

?: you can call me kate

louis: so?


kate: hey jorge

jorge: hello kate and guys

zayn: who are you?

kate: oh this is my doughter mariana and he is her boyfriend jorge

niall: ok so can we go now?

kate: sure some of you are coming with me and some with mariana

liam: ok so louis, niall and me with kate and zayn and harry with mariana

harry: cool

mariana: see you guys at home, this way guys


*parking lot*


mariana: how was the flight babe?

jorge:cool, drake was annoying

mariana: typical drake

zayn: where's your car?

mariana: over there *she points to a white r8 audi*

harry: really?

mariana: yes

harry: i think i will like it here

mariana: you will

jorge: are you ok driving?

mariana: yes babe


*at the drive home*


jorge: so buys i will tell you ¨tell me about you're selfs¨ but my sister loves you so i know all

zayn: oh but we don't know about you so tell us

jorge: well im 17 years old i play soccer i love mariana and thats pretty much

harry: cool so mariana tell us about youre self

mariana: not feeling like it you will know me better by the days

jorge: so where is sofia, regina and tomas?

mariana: at home, so guys they are my sisters and brother, regina is 4 years old btw she loves you guys, sofia is 19 years old , tomas is 17 years old and i have 16 years old

zayn: are you rich?

mariana: no

jorge: whats? yes she is

mariana: so? the money is money maybe im rich but i still work

harry: why?

mariana: cause i have to

zayn: we are rich too

mariana: cool, we are here


*they get out of the car and mariana open the front door*


regina: MARIANAAAAA i miss you

mariana: i was out only like 1 hour

regina: is alot. Hello harry and ?

mariana: zayn, sorry she just say harry


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