Ugh! New Neighbors

Brianna is having ups and down since her mom left for a business trip, she doesn't have a dad, so she is living on her own. But, what happened when the house next door is sold to five guys she doesn't like. Will she fall in love with them or continue hating them.


3. Chapter 3

I was still crying and looking down. Why would he do that? Then all of a sudden I bumped into someone, and fell on the ground. The bracelet flew out of my fingers. Someone gave me their  hand I took it not looking at the persons face.  " Sorry, are you okay" the person asked. When I got up I turned around not saying anything and quickly walked home. I hoped the person wouldn't follow me. I quickly opened my door, got in and shut it closed. I ran to my room and jumped on the bed. I put my face on the pillow an just cried. 

~** Harry's P.O.V.**~

 I grabbed a box and turned around. I accidentally bumped into someone. I turned around and saw that she was crying I hoped I didn't make her cry. I helped her up. " Sorry, are you okay" I said. She didn't answer she just walked into the house by ours, I'm guessing she's our neighbor. I grabbed the box and took three steps toward my house. Then I stepped on something I looked down to see a bracelet. I picked it up, it was silver and said Brianna, it must belong to that girl. I went inside and sat on the couch with the others. " What's that Haz" Louis said. " I bumped into a girl outside and she dropped it" I said. " And you didn't give it to her" Liam said. " when I bumped into her she was crying I told her that I was sorry and if she was okay, but she just left crying and walked into the house next door" I said. " Then go return it" Zayn said. I got up " I'm coming too I wanna meet our neighbor" Louis said. "Why don't we just all go" Liam said. "But I was about to eat a sandwich" Niall said walking in the living room with a sandwich. " You can eat it later" Liam said. And with that we all left the house and walked next door.


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