Ugh! New Neighbors

Brianna is having ups and down since her mom left for a business trip, she doesn't have a dad, so she is living on her own. But, what happened when the house next door is sold to five guys she doesn't like. Will she fall in love with them or continue hating them.


2. Chapter 2

~** Bri's P.O.V.**~

When I got to his door I didn't need to knock because Zach gave me a spare key. I took out the key and unlocked the door, I opened the door and got in. I put the key on a table he had and closed the door. He wasn't in the kitchen or living room so I walked toward his room and saw that the door was shut. I opened the door to see Zach and Ashley making out on the bed. Zach looked at me and stopped. My eyes got watery and I ran out of his room and ran out  his front door. I started crying and was still running. Once I got to the street between ours I started walking I took out my iPod and put on my earphones and click play to the music I was listening to Heart Attack by Demi Lovato. I put the iPod in my pocket. When the song was over I was crossing to my street. Then a song I have never heard came on I listened to it more and the someone sang "and let me kiss you". Then song was a bit annoying so I took the iPod from my pocket and saw that it was a One Direction, oh how I hate them. I skipped them song and stopped the music and put the earphones and iPod in my pocket. I was almost home just four more houses to go. Then I looked at my wrist and saw the bracelet Zach gave me for my birthday, it was silver and had my names on it. I took it of my wrist and held it in my two pointer fingers. I stared at the ground crying while holding the bracelet. I quickly looked up and saw a moving truck in front of the house next to mine, I guess new neighbors.


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