Ugh! New Neighbors

Brianna is having ups and down since her mom left for a business trip, she doesn't have a dad, so she is living on her own. But, what happened when the house next door is sold to five guys she doesn't like. Will she fall in love with them or continue hating them.


8. Chap. 7

~**Bri's P.O.V**~ 

I got out of the car once we got home and helped carry in the bags of groceries into the house.  "Ima go invite over the neighbors for dinner do u wanna come" my mom said as I set the bags on the kitchen table. "Um no. I'm fine" I said while putting the groceries into the fridge. "Okay I'll be back in a bit can u start making the salad" "yeah sure mom" "thank you Bri" "no problem mom" I said as she left out the door. I really did miss my mom like a lot. I can't believe she has to leave again for months. But u know that's the only way we'll get the money to pay for all the bills. We weren't always in this situation. Before my dad died in an accident we didn't have to worry about money we were like a normal family. But then the accident happened n everything went upside down....  But u know I guess that what happens in life... U got a knife out and started cutting the vegetables. 

I was about half way done when my mom entered the kitchen. I looked at the time n it was 5:20. "So the neighbors said that they could come over at 6" she said. "Okay" I said while still making the salad. "Oh n while I was over there I learned that one of the is afraid of spoons" my mom said laughing "so I guess were gonna use forks okay" she finished. "Okay" I said giggling. I'm never heard of someone being afraid of spoons. Lol. 


I was finished setting the table n my mom finished with the food. "Can u check what time it is Bri" "uh yeah it's 5:58. Bu I a go to the bathroom before they get here" I said walking to the bathroom. I heard a knock on the door ugh their here. To be honest they were all pretty hott I just didn't like girls fan girdling every day about them in school. I guess my mom had opened the door coz I heard talking. I finished and wash washing my hands. I dryer then n then looked at myself in the mirror. Eh they probably don't even like me. I wish I had a lip piercing tho they look so cool. Walked towards the bathroom door and opened it and stepped out. I got to the kitchen and their backs were facing me because they were talking to my mom. I was walking softly so I don't interrupt them. "There you are. Guys this is my wonderful daughter Bri" my mom said. Ugh so much for not interrupting. I waved at the guys "one direction" I guess ugh. They

smiled n said hi. They curly hair one I forgot his name had these amazingly cute dimples tho that fit perfec with his smi- Bri stop u can't like them there one direction u hate them. In stopped smiling because I realized that I was smiling at him. "Okay um take a seat everyone". My mom said while sitting down. She sat by buz cut hair guy and the one with black hair. I sat down last in the only empty seat. Great right between curly and blondie. Everyone started to serve themselves n were complimenting my mom on how good the chicken and rice was. I looked at Harry n he was enjoying the salad. Ugh. Why the salad






"So u boys are in a band" my mom said. "Yea we are it's named One Direction" buzz cut said. "Oh I've heard of u guys everywhere. U guys are pretty famous" my mom said. "Yeah.." The one with black hair said. "Your an amazing cook Mrs. Perez" curly said with a cheeky smile. It's so cute I can just kiss hi- no Bri stop. You can like curly he's in One Direction. You hate them remember. Ugh this is gonna be a long dinner....









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