The Royal Payne *ON HOLD*

Liam Payne. The international popstar from the famous boyband One Direction. Turns out he would've been famous even if he wasn't in the band. How, you ask? Well, he's a prince in England. The queen of England selected him because he is her nephew she didn't know about. His mother died when he was born and him and his grandmother never met. He got adopted by two people named Geoff and Karen Payne. Ever since then, he was raised with his two older step-sisters, Nicola and Ruth Payne. But now, faith, bought him and his grandmother together. Now he is known by a famous boy band AND as the Prince of England. *Liam's mom that died is just some random lady and Liam does fall in love with a girl!*


1. Sorry but you have to wait 3 months :(

So i decided to make a new Liam fan fic and i came up with this idea :) Oh and the first chapter of my Warrior will be posted on Wednesday! :) Thats all i have to say! One more time.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TORI! (Its my friends birthday! Follow her! @Mrs.VictoriaMalik)

~BriBri xoxo

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