The Royal Payne *ON HOLD*

Liam Payne. The international popstar from the famous boyband One Direction. Turns out he would've been famous even if he wasn't in the band. How, you ask? Well, he's a prince in England. The queen of England selected him because he is her nephew she didn't know about. His mother died when he was born and him and his grandmother never met. He got adopted by two people named Geoff and Karen Payne. Ever since then, he was raised with his two older step-sisters, Nicola and Ruth Payne. But now, faith, bought him and his grandmother together. Now he is known by a famous boy band AND as the Prince of England. *Liam's mom that died is just some random lady and Liam does fall in love with a girl!*


2. Prince?


~Liam's POV~
"Goodnight Los Angeles! We love you!" Louis shouts into his microphone. We run back stage into our dressing room.

"Jeez, our fans are so amazing and beautiful!" Harry grins. 

"No sh*t! They're Directioners Harry!" Niall states. We all chuckle and start talking about random stuff. We heard footsteps and landed our eyes on the door. It opened and Paul appeared."Liam, it's for you." He gestures the phone over to me. I look at him confused but took the phone anyways. I pressed it against my ear. 


~Sofia's POV~
"No you cannot fly in here by next month! I need you here by next week!" Queen Elizabeth shouts into the phone. "Of course i'm your grandmother!" Well, she's frustrated. Pardon my manners, I'm Sofia Thunderox. I'm one of Queen Elizabeth's maid. Not the best job, but i'm still alive. I'm British myself and i was born in Chesire, England. I'm 19 years old and proudly taken. Ok not proudly, my boyfriend can be jerk. Hell, he is a jerk, but y'know, he's just really into me and shiz.  Anyways, that's me, or my life.... whatever.

"Liam James Payne! You will fly in by next week or i WILL ban you from England!" Wait did she just say Liam James Payne? And before that grandson? Oh my jolly! Liam Payne from One Direction is her grandson!  And he's going to fly in next week?! I'm going to meet a popstar! And he's also going to be a prince! This is so exciting! Wait, that means i'm going to clean extra. F*ck.

"Ok see you next Monday." The Queen hung up. I pretended that i wasn't listening and continued dusting the lamp. "It's ok if you were listening Sofia. Now, go upstairs and tidy up the guest room.  My grandson is coming in next week. Isn't this great?!" She smiles. It's marvelous! (sarcasm intended)

~Liam's POV~

"What do you mean we have to cancel the rest of the tour? We just got started!" Simon yells. 

"Uncle Simon, it turns out i'm the Prince of England! Queen Elizabeth, my grandmother, wants me to fly in by next week or i'll be banned from England! And England's my home!" I argue.

"You mean to tell me that you're the Prince of England?" 

"Fine, but your Directioners aren't going to be happy about this." With that he hung up. I tossed the phone on the couch and sighed. I plopped myself down. I have one crazy life!


So that was the first chapter of The Royal Payne! I hope you guys liked it! Im really sorry i haven't been working on my stories, but since i moved schools it's harder cause im not used to it and my history teacher already gave us like 6 projects in the first 9 weeks! It's crazy. BUT i will assure you that i will catch up on my stories! I'll FOR SURE update on Friday! THAT"S NOT A LIE! I'm hoping on updating either tomorrow or on Halloween (since i'm not going trick or treating) but i dont think i will. SO please spread the word out of my new story! I want this story to be popular this month or at least for a DAY. Please guys! It would mean the world! Thank you! <3





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