Look Who's Falling Now!

Two sisters and their family take vacation to England for 2 weeks.
Selena loves one direction and she will do anything to meet them. Bella just wants to go back home. Bella doesn't like one direction at all. But what happens when one of the members of one direction falls in love with her? Will she give him a chance?


29. They're Back!

                      Bella's POV 

I'm in the forest now but don't see anyone. 
Then I hear a stick break. 

"Hello?" I say. Yeah as if they're gonna say yeah I'm right here want me to get you something?

I see two people coming towards me. My two nightmares. 

"Hey beautiful." Of course it's Jason. 

"So I heard you and Jason had a thing going on. How's that working out for you?" Obviously Emily. 

"We have nothing going on."

"Come on. I know something's going on." Emily says. 

"Ok so here's the deal." Jason says. 

"You have to date Jason." Emily says

"Never in a million years." I say and cross my arms. 

"Why not?" Emily asked

"Because he raped me!" 

"You loved it Bella!" He says. 

"No I didn't Jason!" I say. 

"Date Jason or you'll never see Harry again." 

"What! You said if I came here-"

"Shut up!" Emily says

"You better do it." Jason says

"What do I have to do?" I sigh. I really don't have a choice. 

"Ok your going to date Jason. Your gonna kiss him, hug him, all that crap. Your not gonna tell Harry." She says

"What am I not telling Harry?"

"That you and Jason are dating. He has to find out." She says. 

"Can I break up with him instead?" I ask. 

"No! He's not gonna let you go. He knows you love him to much to break up with him!" Emily says

"How about we have a kiss rehearsal." Jason says. Are you out of your mind?

"Yeah." Emily says. 

"No!" I say. 

"Your gonna do it. It's part of the plan!" Jason says. 

"Ok fine. But can we do the plan when Harry gets better?" I say. 

"Fine. But I want that kiss now." Jason says. 

He comes closer to me and puts his arms around me. 

"And kiss back. Don't be afraid to put your tongue in my mouth." Jason says. He makes me sick. 

He kisses me and I force myself to kiss back. I feel so sick right now. Then he slips his tongue in my mouth. I'm about to throw up. He pulls away. 

"That was good." Jason says 

"Really? Cuz I thought it was just sick." I say

"Go to the hospital and see if he's done with the surgery." Emily says. 

I run back to the hospital and go to Harry's room. 
I see Perrie sitting on the chair in the hallway. 

"Hey Perrie. Where's everyone?" She stood up and walked to me. 

"Zayn and Liam went looking for you. Louis, your mom, your dad, and Selena are in the room."

"The operation's done?"

"There was no operation. They mixed it up with someone else's. He's just hurt really badly. He doesn't need a cast or anything."

"That's good that there was no operation and no cast. Why are you out here?"

"I was waiting for you to come back."

"You could've went in there without me."

"I know."

"So did Zayn say anything?"

"Um yeah. He said he was sorry and wanted to get back together and that it was all a plan. But I know it's real now."

"I'm sorry."

"It's not your fault."

"Let's go see Harry."

We walk in and Harry's laying on the bed with everyone surrounding him. 

"Hi Bella and Perrie." He said

"Hi." She says 

"Hi." It feels so wrong to talk to him after what just happened. 

"Can I talk to Bella alone?" Harry asks everybody. 

Everyone leaves and closes the door behind them. 
I walk over to him. He grabs my hand. 

"Where'd you go? I missed you."

"I uh had to get some fresh air."

"Really?" He wasn't buying it. 

"So no broken bones?" I tried to change the subject. 

"No. I'll be out of here by tomorrow afternoon."

"That's good."

"Do you want to sleep here tonight?" 

I looked into his eyes. I don't wanna say no but I have to. 

"I um can't." Wait they said after the surgery. But I can't. There was no surgery. 

"Oh. Ok." His face saddened. He let go of my hand. 

I sighed. I don't want it to be like this. I can't tell him anything about it. Wait all of a sudden Jason broke out of jail and we're a couple. No that's not how it works. 
But I have to make him believe it. 

I just realized there was awkward silence. 

"So um. You have to just heal?" I ask breaking the silence. 

"Yeah. And take medicine."

"Ok." Another silence. 

"Bella," he says


"Where'd you go?"

"Just outside. Why?"

"Because your acting strange."

"It's getting late. I think I'll go now."

"Bella! It's only 2:00! What are you not telling me?"

"I gotta go." I leave the room before I start crying. I close the door behind me and feel tears falling down my cheek.

"You can go see him." I say trying to hold the tears back. 

"What's wrong?" My mom asks standing up. 

"Harry's more important right now. Go see him. I'm going out." I say. More tears falling down my cheek. 

                      Zayn's POV

Bella's crying. But why. I need to find out why.  

"I'm gonna go see what she's up to." Liam says 

"No I will." I get up and run out the door. 

I see Bella and I decide to follow her. She's going in the woods. Why?

Then I see her talking to two people. Wait a second. No way! It's them. They escaped. 

                        Bella's POV 

"He's gonna be out tomorrow. There was no surgery." I say. 

"Then let's start today." Jason says smiling and putting his hands on my hips. 

"Yes start today. Bella I want you to sleep with him." Emily says


"And make it believable. You two sleep over my house. Tonight."

"What do I tell my parents?"

"Say you made a new friend and your sleeping over their house."

"I'll text my mom."

To mom: sleeping over a friend's house tonight. 

From mom: ok?

"Ok let's go." Jason says. 

They walk in front of me. Someone grabs my shoulder so I turn around. 

"What are you doing?" It's Zayn


"Come on Bella. Are they forcing you?"

"You know they're not that b-bad."

"Bella. We both know that they're forcing you."

"Zayn, why do you care?"

"You don't think I care?"


"This is how you know I care."

He kisses me on the lips. Jason pulled us apart. 

"Hey what do you think your doing?" Jason says to Zayn. 

"Why does it matter to you?"

"Because I'm not you."

"Come on Bella." Jason puts his arm around me. We walk away. I look back at Zayn. He looks so confused. 

"Bella I don't want you kissing other guys."

"He kissed me."

He kisses me. 

"And now I kissed you."

"You know I would've liked you if you weren't doing this."

"Yeah but I had you before and curly had to take you away from me."

We finally get to Emily's house and she guides me and Jason to "our" room. 

We walk in and Jason locks the door.

"Let's do this." He says taking off his shirt. 

"Your seriously gonna rape me again?"

"No. Raping is when you force someone but they don't like it."

"So you are. Cuz you forced me and I didn't like it."

"You'll like this one."

"Fine lets get this over with." Only cuz I have to.

                         Zayn's POV

I run back to the hospital and into Harry's room. Everyone's in there. 

"I need to talk to Harry alone."

Everyone walks out and I close the door. 

"They escaped."

"Emily and Jason?"

"Yes. And they were talking. Emily said that Bella and Jason have to sleep together and at her house. 
I also saw them kiss."

"Are they forcing her?"

"I think so."

"I need to go save her."

"What about this."

"She's more important to me than this." He gets out of the bed and he changes his clothes. 
He walks out of the room. 

"Harry your limping."

"I don't care."

We arrive at Emily's house. 
Harry had a key to open the door. 

                    Bella's POV

Jason was sitting on top of me while in me. He moves up and down. This is just nasty. He's sick. 

"Can I please put my clothes on?"

"When I'm satisfied you can."

"Jason please. This hurts. Will you stop."

He moves faster. I guess he wants me to hurt. 

"Your enjoying it. I can hear your moans."

"That doesn't mean I like it! It hurts!"

"Oh Bella. You feel so good." He licks my upper part. "And you taste good."

"Your nasty."

He moves faster.

"Are you satisfied yet?"

"Fine. I'll be done." He gets off of me and lays on the bed. I get out of the bed. 

"What are you doing?"

"Putting my clothes on."

"No. I like you like that."

I lay back down in bed. I take the blanket and cover myself. 

                        Harry's POV

"How'd you open the door?" Zayn asks. 

"I have my ways." 

Zayn stays in the living room. 
I go to the first room and figure it's locked. I put the key through the key hole and open the door. 
I see Bella and Jason laying on the bed. Jason was naked. Bella had a blanket covering her. 

"Harry!" Bella screamed. 

 "Bella?" I say. I'm so confused. 

"By the way Harry, she felt so good. Just in case your wondering." Jason said. 

"You!" I walk over to Jason. "You need to be put in a mental hospital."

"Oh Bella. You haven't told him?" He looks at her. "Oh. Bella and I are dating."

"Bella? Is this true?"

"Um," she looks at Jason. He nods his head. "Yes."

I can't believe it. It's not true. Bella wouldn't. Would she? No she didn't. This is why she was acting so nervous before. They are forcing her. 

"So you two are done." He says. 

"No. No we aren't. It's you and Emily. Your making her do this."

I walk over to Bella. 

"Harry. It's true. I'm sorry. I l-l-love Jason."

"No you don't."

I lean on her and kiss her. She kisses back without fighting. This is how I know. 
We pull away. 

"She kisses me without fighting. This is how I know."

"How you know she can kiss?" Jason says

"How I know she isn't cheating on me. It's the way she kisses me. She kisses me with our love."

"Harry I can't be with you!" She says

"Yes you can." I kiss her. 

I hear police sirens outside. 

"Jason I think you better out some clothes on. You to Bella."

They both put clothes on. A cop comes in and takes Jason away. 

Bella and I go outside. Emily and Jason are being taken away. 

"Harry. I'm sorry for that. They made me do it. They threatened me."

"Tell us everything." Zayn says. 

She tells us everything. 

"You should've not done  it."

"Yes I should because they were gonna hurt you."

I give her a hug 

"Harry why aren't you in the hospital?"

"They let me out early?" I sounded unsure. 

"Harry your limping! You have to go back."

                           Bella's POV

It's just weird. What just happened. It happened so fast. I have no idea what just happened. 

We arrive at the hospital and go to Harry's room. He goes in the bathroom and changes into the hospital clothes. He comes out and lays on the bed. 

"Zayn can I have a minute with Bella alone?" Zayn walks out the door. He closes it. 

"Did Jason rape you again or did you want him to?"

"He made me do it." I walk to Harry's bed. 

"Bella you didn't have to go through with that."

"Yes I did. They said they'd hurt you more."

"You'd actually do that for me?"

"Yes. I just did. Didn't I?"

He sits up on the bed. 

"Sit down." I obeyed. "I would've been fine."

"No you wouldn't. You see what they did to you?"

He looks down. 

"Now I want you to be very honest with me."


"Did you like it? And do you really love him?"

"He was hurting me so of course not. And no."


"But, I would've liked it if it was you." He looks at me and smiles. 

"Bella. I don't want to lose you." He loses the smile. 

"Harry your not going to lose me."

"Your the first girl I ever fell deeply in love with. I don't want to lose you."
I see he's starting to cry. He puts his head in his hands. 

"Harry, is that true?"

"Yes." He's crying more now. 
I put my arm around him. 

"Harry. Your the first real boyfriend I ever had. I'm deeply in love with you to. If I ever lost you, I don't know what I'd do."

"I love you Bella."

"I love you to."

There was a short silence. 

"Harry? Why are you crying about this?"

"Because. I lost someone before. I don't want to lose you." He's crying more now. 

"Harry, what happened?"

"I lost a very close friend. She was pushed from a bridge...."
He paused. "Emily... Pushed... Her..."

"Oh my god. Why?"

"Because, my friend was getting... To close to me... Emily and I broke up... A month before and she got so jealous. Bella... I don't wanna lose you."

"I'm so sorry Harry." I give him a hug. 

"It's not your fault."

"Harry we're not gonna lose each other. I promise."

"How can you be so sure?" He looks at me. "You never know what she will do."

"Because I have faith in us."
I lean in to kiss him. 

I hear a knock at the door and get up and open the door. It was Zayn. 

"Can I talk to you for a second?"

"Now's not really a good time."


"Go ahead." Harry says. 

I walk out the door and close the door behind me. 

"Can I go in?" Louis says. 

"Yeah." I say. He goes in the room and closes the door. 

Zayn and I walked down the hall and stopped. 

"What is it Zayn?"

"Are you ok?"

"Yeah I'm fine."

"Did he rape you again?"

"Yes. But this time I knew about it. He forced me."

"Bella I'm so sorry."

"It's ok. He's in jail."

"No I mean I'm sorry for what I did. I feel so ashamed. I should've never went through with the plan. I lost Perrie and I also lost you. I'm sorry. Can you forgive me?"

"Zayn I forgive you, but you have to apologize to Perrie."

"I tried."

"Did you say it the way you said it to me?"

"Yes. I want her back."

"Are you sure? Or is this another plan? Because you kissed me today."

"I want you too but your taken. But I want Perrie more.  Is she taken?"

"No. She's not."

"I'm truly sorry."


"Yes. Can you please help me get her back?"

"You promise no more plans?"

"I promise."

"I'll see what I can do."

"Thank you so much!" He hugs me. 

We walk back to Harry's room and I open the door. Harry and Louis is laughing and making jokes. I smile. 
He's happy again. 

"Hey." Louis says. 

"Hey." I say

"So you wanna be alone again?"

"Um no. Everyone should be able to see him."

I walk out of the room. 

"Anyone else want to see Harry?"

Everyone walks in the room. Last was Perrie. I stop her. 

"Bella. What's going on?"

"I gotta talk to you."

We sit down on the chairs. 


"I think you should take Zayn back."

"Why? Your on his side now?"

"No. But. He really wants you back. He said so. He promises no more plans. He said he should've never gone through with the plan. He's truly sorry."

"I don't know."

"Wait here." I get up and go in the room. 

"Zayn. Can I see you for a second?"

He comes out of the room. 

"Sit." He sits next to Perrie. 

"Bella. What are you doing?" Perrie says. 

"I need you two to talk. I'm going in the room. When I get back, I want to see you still talking."
I go in Harry's room. 

"We'll be right back." My mom says. 

"Where are you going?" Selena asks

My mom whispers something in Selena's ear. 

"Oh ok." She smiles. My mom and dad leaves. 

"What was that about?" I ask

"They're throwing a party for Harry." Selena whispers in my ear. 

"Ok." I smile. 

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