Look Who's Falling Now!

Two sisters and their family take vacation to England for 2 weeks.
Selena loves one direction and she will do anything to meet them. Bella just wants to go back home. Bella doesn't like one direction at all. But what happens when one of the members of one direction falls in love with her? Will she give him a chance?


10. The News Tells Too Much

                        Bella's POV

I woke up next to Harry. Last night was so perfect. I was seeing fireworks when we kissed. Literally. 
I looked at my phone to see the time. It's 10:00. And 4 messages. 

From mom: Where are you!

To mom: out

From mom: with Harry?

I never knew she knew. Selena probably told her. 

To mom: yeah. I'll be home soon. 

Next message

From dad: where are you?

To dad: ask mom. I had a whole conversation with her. 

From dad: k. Just be home soon

To dad: don't worry I will. 

Next message

From selena:  ooh r u with Harry? Tell me about it. 

To selena: (tell the whole story)

From selena: aww

Last message

From Liam: are you with Harry? 

To Liam: yes Liam. Harry's with me. Stop worrying. 

From Liam: sorry

To Liam: no it's ok. Your just really responsible. 

From Liam: ok :)

To Liam: :)

Harry woke up

"Good morning beautiful." Harry said kissing me on the cheek. 

"Morning." I say getting up

"Where are you going?"

"Everyone's worrying about where we are. Even Liam."

"Liam always worries. Can't we just lay here all day?"

"No we can't."

"Fine." He says getting up. 

We go down to our rooms. He stops at my room. 

"Bye" he says kissing me on the cheek. He leaves. 
I go into the room. 

"Mom and dad said we need to go shopping." Selena says

"Sure they did." I say

"Fine. But they say we can."

We walk out the room. 

"Did you tell mom and dad that I'm dating Harry?"

"No. I only told them that you two were friends."


"Yes really."

I get a call from mom. I answer it and she sounds angry. 


"You both have to come back now!" She says. 

"Ok bye" I hang up. 

"Mom wants us back. Like now. She's angry."

We walk back and see mom and dad watching the news. Then I see a picture of me and Harry on the screen. 

"You see this?" My mom says pointing to the tv. 

Then it says on top of the picture Harry's new girlfriend. 

"Is this true?" My dad asks. He's serious. When he's serious like that, something bad happens. 

"Um um. Yes it's true. I'm sorry for not telling sooner."

"It's ok. But tell us earlier. Ok?" My dad says. Wow I thought he was gonna be really angry. 

"Ok." He gave me a hug. 

"You can go back now." My mom says smiling. 

We quickly left. 

"I told you I didn't tell them. " Selena says
I roll my eyes. 

                           Liam's POV

We were all sitting down watching the news. Then Harry and Bella's picture comes up and the headline is Harry's new girlfriend. That tore me apart. I turn off the tv and everybody looks at me. 

"Why'd you turn the tv off?" Zayn asked

"Is somebody jealous?" Harry joked. This really hurts. 

I get up and out of the building. I go to the store across the street and see Bella and Selena. 

"Hey Bella. Hey Selena." I say walking over to them. 

"Hey" Bella says. She's just so beautiful. But she's taken. 

"Hey Liam how's everything?" Selena asks. 

"Everything's alright." I lied. 

"Well I'm just gonna go and look over there." Bella says and I'm just staring at her as she's walking away. 

"She's taken." I hear Selena say. 

"What? I know that."

"Then why are you staring at her like that?"

"I'm not."

"Yeah, ok."

"I'm not."

"Wait. Do you like her?"

I froze. 

"Oh my god you do."


"Liam does Harry know?"

"I don't know. He keeps calling me jealous. So I think so."

"He keeps calling you jealous?"

"Yes. When I saw her and Harry on the news and I turned the tv off, he said is somebody jealous?"

"That's not right I'm gonna go talk to him now. Stay here with Bella."

I nod and she leaves. 
I walk over to Bella. 

"Hey Bella."

"Where'd Selena go?"

I couldn't tell her about the jealous thing. I had to make an excuse. 

"She had to do something."


"So. You wanna go back to the hotel?"

"Not really. I don't wanna stay in the hotel all day."

"Well you want to just go walk to the park?"


We walked out of the store and into the park. 

"So what did Selena have to do?" She asks. 

"Oh she didn't say."


"Yeah she just said to stay here with you."

"Ok ok."

"So why didn't you one direction?"

"I like the band now. Can you just leave it?"


"Is everything ok?"

"Yeah everything's fine."

"No really. You look like something's on your mind."

"I'm fine!"

"Liam tell me. Something's bothering you."

I lost control and kissed her. 

"Liam! What was that!"

"I'm sorry."

"Liam. Why would you..."

"I'm sorry. I lost control. It's not my fault your so beautiful."
I saw her blush a little. 

"It's fine. Just pretend nothing happened."


"I'm gonna go now." She walked away
I ran up to her

"You want me to walk you back." I asked

"Um no I'm fine." She walked away. 

She hates me now. I walk away back into the store and look around. 

                         Harry's POV

"Harry! Don't say that!" Is all I got when Liam left. And when Selena told me to stop calling Liam jealous I realize that I was being mean and agreed to stop. 
Zayn turned the tv back on. 
Then I see a headline saying is Bella cheating on Harry?

"What!" I scream out. "Turn it up."
Zayn turned the volume up. 

"The music star from one direction Harry Styles has recently got a girlfriend, Bella Carson. But is Bella already tired of Harry? She has been spotted with another boy from one direction, Liam Payne. They were spotted in the park today kissing." It showed Liam kissing Bella on the cheek in the park. " So is Bella cheating or is Liam betraying his fellow band mates?" The news reporter said.  Zayn turned the tv off. 

"What! So Liam kissed her on the cheek." I said

"Oh my god." Louis said

"There has to be some explanation."
Niall tried to think of something. 

"Yeah that he's jealous." I said

Liam walks in the room and we all stare at him. 

"Jealous much?" I say. 

"What?" Liam says

"How could you kiss my girlfriend?" I ask

"How... What..." He says

"Confused? I know you kissed her on the cheek in the park."

"It's all over the news." Niall said

"What? It was an accident. I swear." Liam says. 

"Sounds like someone can't keep their mouth to their selves." I say

"Harry it was an accident." He says

I slap him. 

"Maybe now you'll keep your mouth to your self." I say

"Harry!" Niall says

They all run to Liam to see if he was ok. I walk out the door.  I need to find Bella now. 

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