Look Who's Falling Now!

Two sisters and their family take vacation to England for 2 weeks.
Selena loves one direction and she will do anything to meet them. Bella just wants to go back home. Bella doesn't like one direction at all. But what happens when one of the members of one direction falls in love with her? Will she give him a chance?


32. Run Away With Me pt 2

                         Bella's POV

I just did it with Harry. Now we're walking back to my house. 
I'm just afraid of what might happen. 
We walk in my house. 

"You ok?" Harry whispers

"Yeah I'm fine."

"Did you like it?" 


We stopped whispering. 
We go up to my room. I close my door. 

"Do you need more?" He asks


"Do you need more since it wasn't long."

"You do. Don't you."

"Yeah. Your body just looks so good. I'm sorry."

"Harry unless you want me to get pregnant then yes."

"Or can we just... Make out?"

"Sure." I lock the door and walk to Harry. 
We start kissing. Harry put his hand under my shirt. He put it near my bra.  
He pushed me against the wall. He slipped his tongue into my mouth. I touched his tongue with my tongue. 
I kiss his neck and again starts to moan. 

"Harry stop moaning." I whisper

"Then stop kissing my neck. You little vampire."

I kiss his neck again. I wanted it. I want more. I put my two hands under his shirt. I kiss him on the lips. 
He pulls away. 

"You want it." He whispers. He kisses my neck. 

"Harry." I moan. 

Mr. Styles you better stop it right now! 
He stops kissing my neck. 
I kiss his neck. 

"Bella." He moans. 

I put my hand under his shirt and touch his nipple. 

"Bella!" He moans. 

He puts his hands on my butt. 
I put my hand in his pants and touch his part.

"Bella!" He moans. 


"Stop it!" He moans. 

There's a loud knock at my door. 

"Open up now!" It's my dad. Uh oh. He must've heard the moaning and everything. 

Harry and I get ourselves together and I go open the door. 

"Hi daddy."

"What are you doing in here?"



"How Harry should stop taking pictures of me when I don't know he is."

"Really? Cuz it sounded like you both were moaning each other's name. And Harry moaning stop it."

"That's because..." I started saying but I didn't know what to put. 

"Because we were pretending to talk funny." Harry says. 

"Harry. Come here." He says and Harry followed him out the door. He closes the door. I try to listen to their conversation 

"Don't you try to have it with her."
I hear my dad say. 

"She's 17."

"A 17 year old cannot have babies."

"At what age can she have it?"

"When she's 21 she can."


"What were you doing in there?"

"We were just kissing. You kiss your wife all the time."

"Please don't tell me you had it."

"Sorry sir but we kind of did. For only about 10 minutes. Then she realized she can't. It's really my fault."

"Harry! Did you really think that was a good idea! She could be pregnant for all we know!"

"I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking."

"Harry I want you to leave. Right now. I don't want you to see her ever again."

Oh my god no! I open the door. 

"No he won't be leaving." I say. 

"He's not gonna see you ever again for your own good." He says. 

"Fine then. Your not gonna see me again for your own good." I say. 

"Bella. No. It's fine." Harry says. 
A tear fell down his cheek. I go to hug him but he pushes away. 
He leaves. I hear him close the front door. I start to cry. 

"You see. If you had a baby he wouldn't be there to help."

"No! Your the one who made him leave!" I yell. I go into my room and slam the door. I lock it.

I take out a duffle bag. I take out some of my shirts, pants, and everything I need for everyday stuff. 
I take my $500 out of my jar that I was saving up and put it in my wallet. I grab my purse and put my wallet, my keys (in case I come back), and my phone in it. I throw the purse in my bag. 
I put my shoes on, grab my stuff, and open my window. 
Your not gonna see me ever again for your own good. 
I take out my phone and text Harry. 

To Harry: hey are you alone?

From Harry: yeah everyone else is at your house

To Harry: can I come over?

From Harry: your not aloud to be with me remember? :(

To Harry: I don't care. I love you. I want to be with you

From Harry: then sure

I grab my stuff and climb out the window. I step onto the roof and close the window. I climb down and run to next door. 
I knock on the door and Harry opens it. He invites me inside and closes the door. 

"Why do you have a bag?" He asks

"I'm running away."


"Harry please just don't tell!"

"Fine I won't."

"Harry? Will you run away with me?"

"Bella! What am I supposed to do? I'm in a band."

"Fine then I'll go by myself."

I walk towards the door but Harry blocks me. 

"Fine I'll run away with you."

"Thank you." I hug him. 

"But first we're going to the doctors. We need to see if your gonna have a baby."

"Fine. Lets go there first and then we'll come back here."

"Put your stuff in my room." I run to his room and put my stuff on the floor. I run back. 

We go outside and go in the car. We drive to the doctors. We go to the front desk. 

"Hi. Can we see a doctor?" Harry asks. 

 "Did you make an appointment?" The lady says. 


"Your lucky the doctor has no patients right now. First door on the left."

"Thank you."

We start walking. 

"What time is it?" I ask. 

"Like 1:00."

"Ok." We walk in the room. 

"Yes?" The doctor says. 

"I need you to check if she's pregnant. It's kind of an emergency." Harry says. 

"Ok. Just wait outside."

               -after checkup-

I walk out of the room I see Harry in the waiting room. I walk to him. 
He stands up. 

"No baby." I say. 

"Ok. Lets go."

We go back to his house and walk through the front door. 

"Where were you two?" Liam's sitting there on the couch. 

"Doctors. To see if she was pregnant." Harry says. 

"Harry! You didn't!" Liam yelled and stood up. 

"Liam. Stop I wanted him to. And I'm not pregnant." I say

"Ok good. How did you not get pregnant after Jason raped you? Twice." Liam asks. 

"Yeah? Your dad should be yelling at him not me!" Harry says. 

"Harry, he's in jail. That's his punishment. Just leave it." I say

"Hey Bella. Everyone's looking for you." Liam says

"Oh no. Please don't say anything." I say

"Wait your running away?" He asks. 

"Yes. With Harry."

"Harry your gonna run away with her!"

"Yes. Don't say anything!" Harry says

"My lips are sealed." Liam says. 

"Let's go." Harry says. We go into his room and he pulls out a bag. He puts everything in there. 

"Are you ready?"

"Yup. Lets go."

We go into the living room. 

"Bye." Liam says. 

"Bye." We both say. 

We walk out the door at start running. We run to the closest bus stop is. There's a bus there luckily. 
We climb on the bus and pay. 

"So where are we going?" Harry asks when we find a seat. 

"The hotel we met in." I smile

"Best place where we can run away. The place we met." He holds my hand. 

"Harry. I'm sorry."

"For what?"


"You didn't do anything."

"For making you run away with me."

"Hey. I want to run away with you."

"Your the only one I want to run away with."

He leans in to kiss me. I hear people say "aww". 
We pull away. 

"This is the best romantic movie ever!" A lady says. 

We laugh. I look at Harry. I put my head on his shoulder. 
We get to the stop and we get off the bus. 

"There it is." I say. 

"It brings back so many memories." Harry says. 

"Yeah." We walk in and go to the front desk. 

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