Look Who's Falling Now!

Two sisters and their family take vacation to England for 2 weeks.
Selena loves one direction and she will do anything to meet them. Bella just wants to go back home. Bella doesn't like one direction at all. But what happens when one of the members of one direction falls in love with her? Will she give him a chance?


31. Record Deal

                     Bella's POV

Selena and I were practicing Princess Charming because that's the song we're gonna sing. We're in my room with Harry, Niall, and Liam. 
Everyone else left. 

"I'll be your princess
Charming" we sing. 

"That's the whole song?" Niall asks

"Yeah. You like it?" Selena says

"Love it." He says. 

"You two are ready for tomorrow. I made the call and their looking forward to seeing you." Harry says

"I'm so excited." I say. 

"Get some rest because you have to be there at 10:30. " Liam says. 

"The three of us are gonna drive you." Niall says 

"Ok. So we'd better leave now." Harry says. They all leave. 

"Bella! I'm nervous and excited are you?"

"Of course! Well we gotta get to bed."

We both go to bed. 


I wake up. Today's the day!
I run downstairs and see its 9:00. 
Everyone's downstairs. 
I sit down on the chair and my mom puts breakfast on the table. Bacon eggs and toast. 

"Bella! Today's the day!" Selena says. 

"I know!" I say. 

We both quickly eat. We both run upstairs. I quickly get ready. 

I take a shower and after Selena takes the shower. 
I put on a pink shirt and shorts. My regular makeup, my converse sneakers, and the necklace that Harry got me. I brush my hair, teeth, and everything else. 
I run downstairs and see its 10:09. 
Selena better hurry up. 

I hear a knock at the door and I go and open it. It's Harry, Liam, and Niall. 

"Hey. Come in. Selena will be down in any second."

Selena came running down the stairs. 

"Ready to go?" Liam asked 

"Yup." Selena answers. 

We get in the car. Niall, Selena, and i were sitting in the backseat. Liam starts driving. 

"Hey can I hear the song your gonna sing?" Niall asks. 

We sing Princess Charming. 

"Wow! Your amazing!" Liam says

"We know!" Selena says. 

"We're almost there!" Harry says. 

We arrive at this big building. We park in the parking lot. I'm getting nervous again. I can't back out though. We get out and walk in the building. Harry takes my hand. 

"You ok?" Harry whispers in my ear. 

"Yeah. Why wouldn't I be?" I whisper back. 

"Because you look nervous." He whispers. We walk to a front desk. 

"Hello boys! Are these the girls?" A woman says. 

"Yeah." Liam says. 

"Down the hall. Last door on your right." She says

We start walking down the hall. 

"Harry. You made the call?" Selena asks. 

"Yeah why?" Harry asks

"This isn't your record deal place!" She says

"Wow your a huge fan." Niall says. 

"Sorry but our place wouldn't sign you. They recommended this place instead. Just be happy your gonna get signed." He says. 

We walk into the room and see a big recording studio. A man walks up to us. 

"Hello. I'm Matt Diamond of Diamond Records. How may I help you?" The guy says. 

"I called yesterday to make these two girls singers." Harry says

"Oh yes. Mr. Harry Styles. And you two are Mr. Liam Payne and Mr. Niall Horan. And these girls are?"

"Bella and Selena Carson." Niall says. 

"Your sisters?" Matt asks. 

"Yeah." Selena says. 

"You want to be known as Bella and Selena? Or what? Like here is One Direction?" Matt says. 

"Yeah I think we're good as Bella and Selena." I say.

"Ok. Do u know what your gonna sing?"

"It's actually a song that I wrote." I say. "I have the music on this cd."
I give the cd and he takes it. 

"Ok. Your one step ahead. Go into the recording studio and we'll record you'd first song!"

We both go into the recording studio and the music starts. 

"Woke up
Head aches
Car won't start and your already late
So you drove fast
To fast
Yeah there was a cop you past
Teacher pulled a pop quiz
That's right
Probably told you wished you study last night
So you head out
Lunch time
Yeah that was a bad time." I sing

"When life gets this rough wo-ah 
Don't need to be so tough.

This time this time
Everything everything will be alright 
When the clocks strike midnight 
I'm gonna be your hero." She sings

"Oh oh oh
I'm in my best dress
Oh oh oh
So baby don't stress." I sing

"Oh oh oh
I'll be your princess
Charming." We sing.

"Had a bad day
Lost homecoming game
Your the one to blame
Called your best friend
But he bailed
Straight to voicemail." Selena sings

"When life gets this rough wo-ah 
Don't need to be so tough.

This time this time
Everything everything will be alright 
When the clocks strike midnight 
I'm gonna be your hero." I sing

"Oh oh oh
I'm in my best dress
Oh oh oh
So baby don't stress." She sings

"Oh oh oh
I'll be your princess." We sing. 

"I know it's not the way
The story usually goes
Gonna sweep you off your feet
Make your heart skip a beat." I sing. 

"If you read the fairy tails
Where the boy saves the girl
Just stop
Cuz it's not the way it had to be." She sings. 

"This time this time." I sing

"Everything everything will be alright." she sings

"When the clock strikes midnight." I sing. 

"I'm gonna be your hero!" She sings

"This time this time
Everything everything will be alright 
When the clocks strike midnight 
I'm gonna be your hero." I sing

"Oh oh oh
I'm in my best dress
Oh oh oh
So baby don't stress." She sings

"Oh oh oh
I'll be your princess 
Oh oh oh
I'll be your princess"
I sing. 

This time this time
Everything everything will be alright 
When the clocks strike midnight 
I'm gonna be your hero." I sing

"Oh oh oh
I'm in my best dress
Oh oh oh
So baby don't stress." She sings

"Oh oh oh
I'll be your princess charming. " We sing. The music stops. 

"That was incredible!" Matt says into the microphone thingy. 
We walk out of the recording area. 

"I told you!" Harry says and I smile. 

"You were right. These girls are amazing!" Matt says. 

"Thank you." Selena says. 

"I'm releasing this song on iTunes today! You girls are signed! Just sign here." He gives us papers to sign. We both signed the paper and gave it back to him. 
Is it me or did this go way to fast?

"Thank you." Selena and I say. 

"No thank you." Matt says. 

We all walk out of the building. 

"Oh my god. We did not just do that." I say. 

"Well believe it because it happened." Selena says. 

"Now your gonna be famous." Harry says. 

"Well I owe it all to you." I say. 

"Um to all of us, right?" Liam says. 

"Yes of course." I laugh. 

"This calls for a group hug!" Selena says and we all laugh. 

We all group hug. It's just 5 people hugging in a parking lot. Excuse me, 5 famous people. 
We all pull away from the hug and get in the car. Harry sat in the back next to me this time. 

"Now you two gotta watch out for the paparazzi." Niall says. 

"We know." Selena says. 

"They'll be taking photos of you when you don't even know it." Niall says. 

"We know." I say. 

"Yeah Bella's a natural." Harry says. 

"What are you talking about?" I ask. 

"I'm always taking pictures of you without you knowing." He says. 

"What! Let me see!" I say and he pulls out his phone. 

"Here's one where your eating breakfast, one where we were at the hotel, one where your sleeping-"

"Show me that one!" He shows me one where I'm sleeping. He shows everyone. 

"Aww!" They all say. 

"Shut up!" I say. "You better not have one where I'm in the shower."
He puts his phone away. 

"Sorry." He says


"I'm kidding."

"You better be." I cross my arms and sit back. 

"But believe me, if I saw you in the shower I would've jump right in with you." He whispers to me and smiles. 

"Your so nasty." I smile. He kissed my cheek. 
He started touching my leg. 

"Harry, what are you doing?" I whisper. 

"Nothing." He whispers back. I look at his hand on my leg. 

"Oh. Sorry. Doing it again." He whispers. 
My turn. I put my hand on his leg. 
He looks at me and smiles. 
I rub my hand up and down his leg. 
I move closer to him. He puts his hand on my back. He moves his hand lower. He puts his hand in my pants. His fingers are moving in circles. 

"Do you need something?" I whisper. 
He smiles. 
"At your place."
He removes his hand

I look in the mirror and see Liam's eyes watching us. I see the stoplight is on red and car coming right in front of us. He's still looking at us. 

"Liam! Watch out!" I yell. He hits the gas pedal. 

"Sorry." He says. "I guess I got a little distracted."

"By what?" Harry asks. Oh no is this gonna happen again?

"Nothing. Just forget it."

"So when?" Harry whispers to me. 

"Tonight. I guess. " 

"Great. I'll make sure we're alone."

"Where's everyone gonna stay?"

"Your house."


We finally get to the house. 
We get out of the car and starts going in my house. Harry blocks my way. 

"What are you doing?" I ask. 

"We're not going in just yet."

"Harry. I told you tonight."

"But no ones there now."


We run to his house and run up to his room. He locks the door. 

He puts his arms around my waist. 
We start kissing like there's no tomorrow. 
He takes my shirt off. 
I took his shirt off. 
Soon enough we were naked. 
He pushes me on the bed and crawls on top of me. We kiss and he slips his tongue into my mouth. 
Finally I can do this with the guy I love. 
We pull away and he kisses my stomach. He comes back up and starts kissing my neck. 
I roll over on him. I kiss his neck. 

"Bella." He moans. 

I went to his chest and started kissing it. I kissed all the way down. But stopped at his part. I go back up to his face. He rolls over on me. 

"Do you want this?" He asks. 
I nod. 
He carefully inserts me. Of course it hurts but Jason forced himself into me. 
He starts moving at a slow pace. 

"Harry." I moan. 

This hurts less now. 

"Are you ok?" He asks. 

"Yeah. I'm fine."

"Just tell me to stop if it hurts or when you had enough. I don't want to hurt you."

"It's fine."

"Bella really it's no problem."

"Harry I'm fine." He's getting me annoyed. 
I think he sees that. 
He removes himself. He sits up on the bed. 

"What's wrong?" I ask and sit beside him. 

"I promised you I wouldn't hurt you and I'm obviously hurting you. I don't want to hurt you."

"Your not." He stares at me like I'm lying. "Ok fine but it's not your fault."

"I'm sorry Bella."

"It's not your fault so stop apologizing."

"Bella it is my-" I pushed him down on the bed and just start kissing him. 

"I guess I should start apologizing more."

"Oh don't ruin the moment." I smile. I lean in to kiss him but he rolls over on me. 

"And this is how I'll get you to shut up." He says and kisses me. 

"And this is how I'll ruin the moment." I kiss his neck. 

"Bella. Bella! Stop!" He moaned. 

 "Yes Harry?"

"Stop it." 

"No." I kiss his neck again. 

"Bella!" He moans. 

Then we hear the door trying to be opened. I stop kissing his neck. 
Then knock on the door. 

"Harry? You in there?" It's Louis. 

"Can't you just leave me-" I kiss his neck again. "Alone. Bella! Stop!" He moans. I keep going. 

"Leave your moaning until after I'm gone! It's just nasty!" Louis says. I'm guessing he left. 

"Bad Bella." Harry says. I laugh. 
Harry rolls on me. 
I see he's reaching for my neck now. 

"Don't you dare!" I say. He starts kissing my neck now. 

"Harry! It's not gonna work."

"Looks like it is."

"Oh my god!"


"My mom and dad!"

"So what your 17."

"Yeah but they don't expect a 17 year old to be having babies."

"Oh no."


"I didn't use a-"

"Harry... You didn't even bother to put one on."

"Well whatever happens we're in this together."

"Yeah unless they tell me to stop seeing you."

"Let's just get out of here."

We both get up and put our clothes on. 

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