Look Who's Falling Now!

Two sisters and their family take vacation to England for 2 weeks.
Selena loves one direction and she will do anything to meet them. Bella just wants to go back home. Bella doesn't like one direction at all. But what happens when one of the members of one direction falls in love with her? Will she give him a chance?


6. Questions, Questions, and More Questions

                   Bella's POV

"Will you be my girlfriend?" He asks
I didn't know what to say. 

"I um don't know"

He looked disappointed. 

"Fine but can we keep it a secret?" I ask. 

"Why?" He asks. 

"Cuz your Harry Styles. When the whole world knows-"

He cut me off with a kiss. I'll never get used to it.

"I get it. We can keep it a secret. But no one can know?"

"No one. Not even Selena and the boys." 

"Ok." He looked so confused. 

I can't help but smile as we walk back to the hotel. 
By the time we get back its 6:00. 
I quickly go upstairs and enter my hotel room. 

Selena's right there sitting on a chair. She stands up. 

"And where have you been?"

"I told you. To talk to Harry." I started to smile again. 


I froze. Harry said that they were coming so I couldn't lie to her. 


"Where'd you run off to?" 

I froze even more. 

"I'm tired. Can I please just go back to sleep?"

"Not until you answer my question."

I was seriously tired so i had to get this over with. I was still smiling though. Weird. 

"Woods. Can I go now?"

"One last thing. Why are you smiling so much?"

I fake yawned. " I'm tired. Please let me sleep." 

"Ok fine your free to go"

I was so tired I didn't even changed into my pajamas. 

                          Harry's POV

I walked in the room with everybody staring at me. 

"May I help you?" I had to stop smiling. 

"Yes we would like to know where you ran off to, why you went there, and why your smiling like an idiot." Liam almost exploded. 

"Woods, I needed to talk to Bella, and I always smile like an idiot."

"No you don't. Tell us the real reason." Zayn almost exploded to. 
Wow haven't seen them like this. They're all really angry at me. 

"You see I'm tired right now. Can you just let me go to sleep." I say

"No. Answer the question." Zayn said

"I got to see and talk to Bella today!" 

"And what did you talk about?" Louis said. 

"Um i think that's a little personal."

"Harry answer the question!" Niall yelled

"We were talking about... Um... How I couldn't stop thinking about her."

"Yeah ok. Just go to bed. " Liam said. 

Wow I never seen them so mad before. I just went to sleep. 

                           Liam's POV

Everyone went to sleep but me. I'm just laying in my bed. Thinking. 
No way!
Bella and Harry are secretly dating!
My heart is staring to break more but I could live with it. I hope. What stung me more is that he didn't tell me. 
I texted Selena. 

To Selena: I think Harry and Bella are secretly dating. Harry came in the room smiling so much. We asked him questions and kept giving us different answers. 

From Selena: same with Bella. She smiled and kept asking to go to sleep instead if answering questions. 

To Selena: ok tomorrow I'm going to say hey Harry where's mrs. Styles?

From Selena: and I'm going to call Bella, Bella Styles. 

To Selena: ok good night

From Selena: more like good morning ;)

They really are. My heart is now in two. Maybe I can't get over it. I'll try though. 

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