Look Who's Falling Now!

Two sisters and their family take vacation to England for 2 weeks.
Selena loves one direction and she will do anything to meet them. Bella just wants to go back home. Bella doesn't like one direction at all. But what happens when one of the members of one direction falls in love with her? Will she give him a chance?


27. More Drama

                      Bella's POV

"He's going to lock you in a room and try to have-"

"Woah woah woah. Your kidding me right? He tried that. Just now."

"Well then I don't know. Just be careful. Maybe have Harry protect you." He says and walks away. 

"No. No! Louis wait!" I run up to him. 


"Have Harry protect me?"

"Y-yeah. Because he loves you and and he'll protect y-you."

"Louis what are you not telling me?"

"What do you mean?"

"Louis? Did Harry tell Zayn to do this so he could save me?"

"N-no. W-why would you think that?"

"Louis! Your such a terrible liar!"

"Ok fine! I'll tell you. Ok Harry needed to win you back so what he did was tell Zayn to get you scared by making you think that he's obsessed with you. So Harry set this all up. But now it's serious."

"So Harry wants me scared so he can save me and protect me?"

"Yeah. He loves you. He wants you back."

"Oh my god."

I'm so angry at him. Now I know what I'm gonna do. Make him jealous. Make his plan backfire. 

"Thanks Louis. Don't tell anyone we had this conversation."

"Ok Bella."

I walk to Zayn's room expecting to see Zayn there. I saw Perrie there still crying. 

"Oh my god Perrie. I'm so sorry I left you."

"No it's fine."

"I have to tell you something." I tell her the whole story about Harry's plan. 

"So it's just an act?"

"Yes. But I'm gonna get back at Harry."

"Ooh how?"

"Just don't be mad. I'm gonna be all over Zayn to make Harry's plan backfire. Also he'll be jealous."

"Ooh what can I do?"

"Um. Ooh how about making Zayn jealous?"

"I'm listening."

"Be all over Harry."

"I don't know."


"I'll let you do the plan. I promise I won't get mad if you promise it's not for real."

"Ok. And I promise."

"Ok go ahead."

I left the room and see Harry coming one way and Zayn coming the other way. I waited until Zayn got closer to me. 
Harry's looking at me. 

"Hi Zayn." I say to Zayn. 

"Oh hi Bella."

"I realize I do want you." I kiss him on the lips. He kissed back. When we pulled away, I gave him a hug. 

                      Zayn's POV

She gave me a hug and see Harry getting jealous. 

"What is she doing?" He mouthed

"I don't know." I mouthed back. 

I actually do like her. I realize I do. Part of the plan became true. I'm now kinda obsessed with her but I have no idea what she's doing. 

"Oh Zayn." She says as she pulls away. 

"Yeah Bella?"

"I do love you."

"I um love you to."

"What's wrong Zayn?"

"Oh nothing."

"Come on Zayn." She says and pulls my hand. She leads me into her room and closes the door behinds her. And she locks the door. 

"Why'd you lock the door?" I ask

"Am I scaring you? I hope that doesn't put a DENT in our LOVE." She says

"Oh Bella don't worry. It won't." I start making out with her but realize she's not kissing back. 

"Why aren't you kissing back?"

She pushes me away. 

"I can't do this anymore!"

"Come on Bella. I'll fix it." I try taking her shirt off. She won't let me. 

"No I can't do this anymore!"


"I know the plan. Harry told you to do this."

"How'd you find out?" I say sitting on the bed. 

"Louis. I got suspicious because he's a terrible liar." 

"Ok that was the plan. But now I realize I do love you."

"What! Come on Zayn! I know it's the plan."

"Yeah but now it's over. Now I can express my real feelings." I stand up. 

"Zayn. What about Perrie!"

"If you hadn't noticed we're done."

"I told her it was a plan."

"Oh then we can still hide our love."

She runs to the door and runs out. 

                           Bella's POV

I run out the door and Harry's standing right there. 

"Bella are you ok?" He asks

"Get away from me Harry. I was going to forgive you but it's over for good now. I don't want you to talk to me ever again."

"Bella. What did I do?"

"Harry I know this was all a setup. Your plan. I can't believe you."

"How'd you find out?"

"Does it matter? I'm glad I found out. And guess what? Your plan worked! Until now. I'm officially freaked out by Zayn. And you were there to comfort me. Happy now?" I say and walk away. 

"Bella wait." He runs to me. 

"What do you want?"
He kisses me. I slap him. 
I walk away. I walk downstairs and sit on a chair in the living room forgetting Jason was there. 

"Bella. Everything ok?"

"I'm fine." I feel a tear coming down my cheek. 

"Bella tell me. Nothing's ok. Your crying."

"No I'm fine." I get up and walk out the  front door.

                          Harry's POV

Oh my god. What did I do? Now she really hates my guts. 
I go into her room and see Zayn's still in her room. 

"She knows the plan. You can stop now."

"I know. But I do like her."

"Oh my god! Has the whole world gone mad!"

"Sorry Harry. I'm gonna make my move."

"Too late. She hates our guts now."

"Your guts."

"Yeah. She's scared of you. She said so."

"We can blame you for this."

"I know."

"Wow. Your taking the blame?"

"Yeah. Because its all my fault."

"Aww you must really love her. I'll back off."

"Thank you Zayn."

"But your gonna need a way better plan then to make her scared."

"Make her jealous?"

"Um no. You know what happened before. Your lucky she took you back."

"I know."

"It's so weird that your so in love with a girl who wasn't even a fan of one direction."

"It doesn't matter."

"Now she hates one direction. Probably."

"I know." I feel a tear coming down my cheek. 

"Harry are you crying?"

"Um no."

"Harry, I know your crying. It's ok."

"Zayn, she's never gonna forgive me again." I feel more tears. "She's never gonna love me again. I feel so terrible inside. I've never felt this way before about anyone." 

"Harry stop crying. It's gonna be fine. We're gonna get her back for you."

"No just let her have her decision. We just have to leave her alone."

I go downstairs. I see Bella run out the door. 

"Jason what happened?"

"Have you been crying?"

"What happened to Bella?"

"She started crying and she ran out the door."

I run out the door and realize its raining. I grab my jacket but can't find Bella's. 
I run out the door and see Bella. I catch up to her. I see she's soaked in water. And she's crying. 

"Bella? Are you ok?"

"Don't talk to me."

"Bella. I'm sorry. I feel terrible about what I did. I was running out of options. I didn't know what to do to get you back. I'm so sorry." I started crying more. 

"Harry just go. I'm done. I can't."

"Bella please."

"Harry just leave me alone."

"Bella I love you more than anyone and anything."

"If you love me so much then leave me alone!" She yells and runs away. I run after her. I grab her wrist. 

"Harry get off of me!"
I let go. 
I put my jacket over her shoulders and she takes it off and gives it to me but I don't take it. 

"Put it on."


"Well I'm not taking it back."

"Harry I was gonna be your friend until I knew you did that. I can never trust you again."

"Bella can you just give me another chance?"

"Why so you can break my heart again?"

"Bella I promise nothing like this will happen again. All of it."

"How do I know I can trust you?"

I kiss her and she kissed back. 

"That's how."

"No that's how I know you love me." She smiles. 

"Bella your the best thing that has ever happened to me." I wrap my arms around her waist.

"Harry I do love you."

"Can we get back together? Please?"

"Sure. You promise to not break this promise?"

"Yes I promise."

"Then yes. We can get back together." She smiles and I smile. 

I kissed her. 

"I'm sorry for making Zayn do that."
I whisper. 

"It's ok." She whispers. 

                       Selena's POV

I'm laying on my bed playing on my phone when I see Niall come in my room. 

"Hey Ni."

"Hey princess."

"What's up?" I sit up on my bed. He sits next to me. 

"I um have to tell you something." He looked worried. 

"What is it?"

"I um... Have a food problem."

"Niall. We know. And it's ok." I laugh 

"Uh yeah." He didn't laugh. 

"Niall? What's wrong?"

"Um I need your advice on something."

"What is it?"

"If someone tells you something, and your not supposed to tell anybody, but it's sometimes bad and sometimes good, an you get threatened-"

"Niall please get to the point."

"When Louis and I were talking to Jason, he said he was gonna try to win Bella's heart and then get her to go into a room and..." He stopped talking. 

"Niall you don't mean that he's going to try to... Rape her?"

"No not like that. But since they like each other."

"Wait they like each other?"

"Yeah. They were kissing."

"Ooh Bella moved on! Harry must be so- sorry." I realized I was talking to Harry's friend. 

"He said for me not to ruin the surprise."

"Do you think that he could be lying? About changing?"

"I don't know."

"Are you ok? Is there something else on your mind?"

"Yes. How beautiful you are."
I smiled and I leaned in for a kiss. 
We pulled away. 

"Wait a second. My mom and dad is gonna kill them."


"Do you know when?"

"No. He says when it all works out."

"I need to have a talk with that boy."
I stand up. 

"No! He said for me not to tell anyone!"

"Did he threaten you?"


"Then you have no problem."

I run down the stairs with Niall right behind me. 
I see Jason. 


"Yes Selena?"

"I don't like what your gonna do to my sister."

"What are you talking about?"

"Oh don't act dumb with me. I know what your talking about, Niall knows, Louis knows, and you know."

"Don't worry about it. It's not gonna be you." 

"No you will not hurt her."

"Why would I do that?"

"Um why would you fight in a public restaurant? Why would you kiss her out if no where? A lot of questions don't have the answer."

"I'm not gonna hurt her. I'm gonna get her permission."

"What about my mother and father's permission?"

"Don't worry. I won't cause anything."

"How are you so sure?"

"Listen Selena I know your jealous. You want me all to yourself. I get it. But you have Niall."

"I guess you want me to throw up."

"Oh Selena. I'm one person. I can't have two relationships. I'm not a cheating kind of guy."

"Jason. I would want you in a million years!"

"Keep saying that sweetie." He says walking away. 

"I hate him. I doubt he changed." I say. 

"It's ok." Niall says. 

                    Bella's POV

Harry and I walk to the house and we talk.

"So I should go back to my house since there is no other reason to be at your house." Harry says. 

"You can stay if you want to."

"No. Me and the guys have to get up early tomorrow to go to the studio and record a song."

"What's it called?"

"Best Song Ever."

"I bet it's the best song ever."

"Maybe it's the way that she walked. Straight into my heart and stole it. 
Through the doors and past the guards. Just like she already owned it." He sang. 

"That's part of the song?"


"Your such a good singer. I wish I could be that good."

"Are you kidding me? Your a great singer!"



We walk into the house and see Jason talking to Zayn. 
I get a little nervous. But it was noticeable because Harry whispered something. 

"He's not gonna go after you anymore." He whispers. 

Jason stands up and walks to me. 

"Hey you two are a little to close to each other." He says. 

"That's because we're back together." Harry says.  
I see Jason getting so jealous. 

"But Bella. I thought you liked me."

"I um... Like both of you." 
They both get jealous and angry. 
"No fighting!" I quickly added. 

"Hey it's getting late." Harry says. 

"Are you sure you don't want to stay here?" I ask 

"I'm sure."

"Hey can I stay over? I mean it's getting late and my house isn't next door." Jason asks 

"Sure." I say and look at Harry. 

"It's fine." Harry says. He goes upstairs and gets the other boys. 
The five of them come down with their stuff and get ready to leave. Selena comes right behind them. 

"Bye." Harry says giving me a kiss. "We won't be back till about 10 am."

"Ok." I say. They all leave. 

"Bella I have to talk to you now." Selena says. 

"Ok?" We go in the kitchen and make sure nobody's there. 

"Jason is going to bring you into a room and have it with you." 

"What? What are you talking about? Jason said he changed."

"He was just talking to me saying that I wanted him. I was gonna throw up."


"You don't believe me?"

"Not really."

"Fine. Don't say I didn't warn you."

We walk out and I go up into my room. Five minutes later Jason's at my door. 

"Meet me in the hallway." He said. 

I get up and go into the hallway. The hallway is now dark. I see a figure and realize its Jason. He takes my hand and pulls me into a guest room. He turns the light on. 

"Hi Bella." He says. 

"Jason. What are you doing?"

"Don't worry. You'll like it." He starts to kiss my lips and then I push him away. 

"What are you doing! You know I have a boyfriend!"

"Oh sorry. Must've forgot. Bella you belong with me. Harry doesn't really love you." That kind of hurt but I knew it wasn't true. 

"Jason! You said you changed!"

"Yeah I changed. I got to know you first. I know you like me."

"Not that much!"

"Are you thirsty?"

"Now that you mention it."

"Ok I'll get you something to drink and then I stop this."


"But stay here." He left and came back in 2 minutes. 

"Here you go beautiful." I take it and then I drink it. He takes the drink from me. 

I suddenly feel dizzy. 

"Are you ok?"

"I feel dizzy. What did you do?"

"It's just orange juice." He puts the the cup on the table. 
I feel so dizzy now. Everything went black.   

What do you think is gonna happen?

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