Look Who's Falling Now!

Two sisters and their family take vacation to England for 2 weeks.
Selena loves one direction and she will do anything to meet them. Bella just wants to go back home. Bella doesn't like one direction at all. But what happens when one of the members of one direction falls in love with her? Will she give him a chance?


11. Liam & Niall

                       Bella's POV

I can't believe Liam kissed me. If Harry finds out what will he think? Should I keep this to myself or tell him? Telling him will be the right thing to do but if I tell him he'll be upset. But I have to tell him.

 I walk out the door to find Harry and then I bump into him in the hall. 

"Sorry." We say. 

"Harry, I have to tell you something."

"That Liam kissed you on the cheek in the park? Yeah I know."

"I'm sorry. How do you know?"

"It's all over the news."

"What! Oh my god. Harry I'm so sorry."

"No it's ok. Just calm down. It's Liam's fault."

"Just don't be mad at him either. Ok?"

"To late."

"Harry what did you do?"

"I slapped him."


"He kissed my girl. I wasn't going to let him get away with it!"

"Don't slap him. He's one of your best friends!"

"Yeah one who betrayed me."

"Yeah but it was an accident. How'd you like it if you got slapped by Liam if he's the one dating me and you kissed me?"

"Do you have feelings for him?"

"Why would you think that?"

"But do you?"


"Come on let's go to get something to eat."

We walk to this place then I see a bunch of magazines with the headline, "Bella's Cheating On Harry?"

"Oh my god. Why won't they just give it up!" I say. I feel like crying. 

"It's ok. Calm down we both know the truth."

Then a whole bunch of paparazzi come up to Harry an I. 

"Bella is it true your cheating on Harry?" One of them say

"No I'm not!"

"Just leave her alone!" Harry says. 

They all leave. I feel like crying. Then I feel a tear falling down my cheek. 
Harry comforts me by hugging me. 

"It's ok. Don't worry. They're gone now. Lets get out of here."

We just walk back to the hotel. 

                        Selena's POV 

I just saw the news about Bella and Liam. I know it's not true. She's not cheating. He's not betraying. He likes her but accidentally kissed her. He texted me saying that. But he sends me another text that I can't believe. 

From Liam: Harry slapped me because I accidentally kissed Bella. But I told him it was an accident. 

To Liam: oh my god. He slapped you! What's wrong with him! 

From Liam: I don't know. But all I know is that he and Bella hates me. 

To Liam: Bella doesn't hate you. Harry is just mad at you. 

From Liam: ok 

I think I'm starting to like Liam. But he's in love with Bella. I think he only thinks of me as a friend. A friend he can turn to. Niall was my favorite but he seems to have no interest in me. But I think I'm falling for Liam and getting over Niall. 
Wow never thought that would happen. It could happen though. You never know. 

To Liam: you wanna hang out?

From Liam: sure. Where to?

To Liam: maybe just hang out and watch a movie.  Is there any cinemas around here?

From Liam: yeah meet me at my hotel room and I'll drive us there. 

To Liam: I have a question. Don't you live here in England?

From Liam: yeah. Why?

To Liam: then why are you in this hotel?

From Liam: it's just closer

To Liam: ok

I get ready and walk out the door to go to Liam's hotel room. 

I knock on the door and Niall opens the door. 

"Hi Selena."

"Hi Niall. Is Liam here?"

                        Niall's POV

Someone knocks at the door an I go to open it. Then I see beautiful Selena there. I remember when I told her that he laugh is so adorable. I have a crush on her but she probably doesn't like me like that. 

"Hi Selena." I say

"Hi Niall. Is Liam there?"
She's looking for Liam. I told him that I liked her and now he's trying to steal her away from me? Oh my god. 

"Yeah he's here. I'll go get him."

I walk to Liam. 

"Hey Liam are you trying to steal another girl?" I say

"What are you talking about? I'm not trying to steal any girl. I only like Bella but I'm not trying to steal her away from Harry." He says

"Well why is Selena looking for you? I told you I like her."

"She asked me to go to the movies with her. But if you want to go instead, I'll say I can't go and then you say that you can go instead. Ok?"

"Ok. Lets go."

We both walk up to Selena. 

"I can't go sorry Selena. I have to work on something with the other guys." Liam says

She frowns. 

"But I can go with you." I say
Her frown turns into a smile. 

"Ok let's go."

We walk out the door. 
As I walk out I mouth "thank you" to Liam. He mouths "your welcome."

I finally can spend time with Selena alone! I just hopes she likes me back. 

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