Look Who's Falling Now!

Two sisters and their family take vacation to England for 2 weeks.
Selena loves one direction and she will do anything to meet them. Bella just wants to go back home. Bella doesn't like one direction at all. But what happens when one of the members of one direction falls in love with her? Will she give him a chance?


17. Hugs And Kisses

For Harry and Bella, the team is called Barry. And for Liam and Bella its Biam.
                    Harry's POV

I go upstairs to see if Bella was alright and see her and Liam kissing.
I cleared my throat and they both looked up. 

"Really Liam?" I say. I was getting so angry. 

"What I was comforting her."

"With your lips?"

"Why would you care? You kissed Emily right in front her." He stood up 

"Liam, Harry, don't fight." Bella says

"Oh so now you don't want to fight." I say

"Don't talk to her like that." Liam says. "Come on Bella."

I slap him on the face. 

"Harry!" Bella says. I can't believe she's seriously defending him. 

"Bella your seriously taking his side?"

"He's not the one going around slapping people."

I just leave the room and realize I made a fool out of myself. I'm seriously in love with her then I see her and Liam kissing. 

                      Selena's POV

I walk to my room after dinner thinking. I wonder what happened that Bella and Harry aren't talking anymore. She looked very uncomfortable at dinner. I hear a knock at the door. 

"Who is it?" I ask

"Harry. Can I come in?"


He looked like something was bothering him. 

"Can I talk to you?" He asks


"It's about Bella." 

He told me about Bella slapping him and how she and Liam were kissing. 

"Are you serious?" I ask

"Yes I'm serious." I saw tears in his eyes. I feel so bad. 

"I'm sorry Harry." I hugged him

Then he kissed me. What the?

                       Harry's POV

"I'm sorry Harry." She said and hugged him. Then I lost control and kissed her. No I don't like her like that. I love Bella. She's my one and only love. I have to get her back. 

"Harry!" She said in shock. 

"I'm sorry."

"It's ok. But i thought you were in love with Bella."

"I am. I'm gonna try and win her back.  I felt nothing. I'm sorry for doing that." I didn't lie. I didn't feel anything. So that's good. 

Then I walk out the door and see Bella in her room, sitting on the floor, trying to hold back tears. 

                        Bella's POV 

I came to apologize to Harry for what I did then I see him and my own sister kissing. 
No I did this to myself.
But I was going to apologize. 
Yeah but he didn't know. 
Then why did he kiss her. 
Am I sure that he kissed her?
No Selena wouldn't do that. 
Would she?
Then I see Harry walk in. 

"What's wrong?" He comes in sits down next to me. 

"You. I saw you kiss Selena."

"But did you stay till the end?"


"Selena. Come here!" She comes in and stands in front of us. 


"What did I say after I accidentally kissed you?"

"You said you were gonna try to win her back and your in love with her."

"You did?" I look at Harry. 

"Yes I did. And I also said it didn't mean anything to me."

I give him a hug. 

"I'll go now." Selena said as he walked out. 

"I was coming to say I'm sorry for what I did. I'm sorry."

"I'm sorry to. I just got jealous." 

"I got jealous to. I'm just afraid."

"Of what?"

"That you'll find someone way better than me."

"Bella how could I find someone better than you? I love you with all my heart. Your the best thing that ever happened to me. Without you I'd die."

"Harry just shut up."

"No I will shut up. I want you-"

I kissed him to shut up. We kissed for like 8 minutes but who's counting?
I'm in love with him and I want him back. Nothing's gonna stop me. 

"So does this mean you want me back?" He smiles. 

"Yes." I laugh. We go back to kissing.

I hear someone say aww. I look up and see its Selena. I throw my shoe at her but I miss because she ran away. 
Harry and I laugh. 

"Where were we?" Harry says with a laugh. 

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