Look Who's Falling Now!

Two sisters and their family take vacation to England for 2 weeks.
Selena loves one direction and she will do anything to meet them. Bella just wants to go back home. Bella doesn't like one direction at all. But what happens when one of the members of one direction falls in love with her? Will she give him a chance?


28. Hospital

                         Bella's POV

I wake up the next morning in someone else's room. I don't remember anything that happened last night. Oh wait. Jason turned out to be a crazy freak. Now I remember. 
I feel strangely cold. I look down and see I have no clothes on. 
I realize I'm not in the bed alone. 
Jason's next to me face to face. And he's naked. 
I just stare at him. I can't believe him. 
He opens his eyes. 

"Take a picture. It lasts longer."

"You raped me last night and all you have to say is that."

"You liked it."

"Maybe if I wasn't knocked out and it wasn't you!"

"Come on Bella your not knocked out now. You seem to like it."

"What are you talking about?"

"Look down." He smiled and I see he's  still in me. 

"Oh my god. You are sick! Get out of me, get out of the room, get out of the house, and out of my life!"

He gets out of me. He grabs his clothes and puts them on. 

"Bella admit it. You loved it!"

"Jason get out."

I get up and grab my clothes and quickly put them on. He gets out of the room and I'm right behind him. 

I walk him to the door. 

"Come on Bella. I know you want some more."

"If you think that, then you are sick."

I push him out the door. 
I close the door. 

"Bella? What was he talking about?"
I see Selena coming closer to me. 

"He raped me last night."

"I warned you."

"I know I should've listened to you." I start to cry. She pulls me into a hug. 

"Let it out."

"What am i going to do?"

"You have to tell mom and dad."

"No I can't."

"What's wrong?" My mom asks while coming in the room. 

"Jason raped her." Selena says. 

My mom's eyes got wide. 


"Last night." Selena said. 

"Oh my god. I'm so sorry. I'm calling the cops."

"No mom." I say

"Why?" Mom said

"Just please. Leave it." I say. 

She gives me a hug. 

"Bella. We have to call the cops so he'll stop bothering you."

"He lives all the way in New York."

"Fine we'll leave it."

"What time is it?"


"Did Harry come by?" I ask

"Yeah. But I said you were still sleeping." My mom said. 

"Ok can Selena and I go by their house?"

"Sure just be careful."

"Ok. I'm gonna go change."
I go upstairs and change my clothes. I  don't bother putting on makeup. 
I run downstairs and then we go to their house. 

We knock at the door and Liam opens it. 

"Hi. Bella your not wearing your makeup?"


"You look so beautiful without it."

"Is Harry here?" I ask. 

"Oh you don't want to see me?" He says. 

"Please Liam."

"What's wrong?"


"What happened?"



"She got raped ok!" Selena yells and the whole house goes quiet. 

"You got raped?" He says. 

"Liam can we come in?" I ask. 

"Yes." We finally come in and everyone's staring. 

 "Who raped you?" Louis asked. 

"Jason." I say

"That's what he was trying to do!" Niall said. 

"How did he?" Zayn asked. He was looking a little embarrassed because he tried to do something like that to me. 

"I'm not getting into any real detail but he gave me something to drink which made me fall asleep." I say

"Where's Harry?" Selena asks

"Upstairs." Liam says. 

"Is he decent?" I ask.  Liam smiles. 

"I'll go check. Come on." He says

We go upstairs and Liam knocks on Harry's door. 

"Yes?" I hear Harry say. 

"It's me. Are you decent?"

"Is Bella there again?"

"Yeah. So put on a shirt."

He opened the door. Liam walked away and I walked in Harry's room. 

"Hey. Bella. Your not wearing makeup?"


"You look beautiful without it."
He smiles but I don't smile back. 


"Are you ok."

"Uh yeah. So how'd the recording go?"


"Harry." I'm starting to cry a little. 

"Bella what's wrong?" He gives me a hug. 

"J-Jason r-raped me."


"He did. And I didn't even know. He gave me something to drink with something in it to make me go to sleep."

"Bella. We're not gonna let him do that again. We're calling the cops."

"No. He's going back to New York."

"Bella. Can I ask you something?"


"Do you have feelings for him?"

"Um yes but I have more feelings for you. I feel so stupid for falling for him."

"It's not your fault. The heart falls for who the heart wants."

"I'm so stupid."

"No your not."

"Yes I am. I deserve to die."

"No you don't. Why would you feel like that? You have a family who loves you so much. We're your family."

"Harry I don't feel like anyone really loves me."

"Why do you think Jason raped you? Because he loves you. I love you. Your family love you." He kisses me on my forehead. 

"I'm scared that he'll do it again."

"Just don't think about it."

"There's an image that scars me the most."

"What? I thought you said you didn't know."

"I didn't. But when I woke up, we were both naked and he was still in me."

"Bella I'm so sorry." He hugs me again. 

"Well I'd better get going."

"Can I come over?"


"I'll come over later."

Selena and I leave their house and walk into our house. 

"Bella?" I hear my dad yell

"Yeah?" I say

"Come here." He says

Haven't I had enough?
I walk to my dad in the dining room. I see my mom and dad were sitting at the table. 


"Are you ok?" My dad asks

"Yeah. I'm fine."

"Are you sure?" My mom says

We hear the doorbell ring. 

"I'll get it!" Selena says. 

"Yeah. Can you please stop talking about it?"

"Sorry. We're just worried about you." My mom says.  

"Ok. I'm fine." I say. I walk to the living room. 

"So who was at the door." I say sitting down on the couch. I see her reading a letter. 

"Um. Nobody." She says looking up. 

"Selena. Who sent the letter?"

"The person who was at the door." She looks worried. 

"And who was at the door?"


"Oh my god. Let me see that." I grab the letter from her. 

It said:

Dear Beautiful,
            Loved what we did last night. 
Thanks for that. I know that you loved it. I'll be back tonight for more. 
Your welcome. 


"Oh my god." 

"We gotta tell mom and dad."

I flipped the note over and see something else. 

It said: 

P.S. Don't tell anyone I'm going to do this or your boyfriend's going to get hurt. 

"Oh my god."


"Did you read the back?"

"No. Let me see that." She took it away from me. 

"Oh my god. We still have to tell them. They'll call the cops, Jason won't rape you, he won't hurt Harry, and everything will be fine."

"Let's go."

We run into the dining room. 

"Mom dad call the cops. Now." Selena says

"What why?" Mom says. 
I hand her the note. My mom and dad read it. 
My dad picks up the phone and calls the cops. 

"Read the back." Selena says. 
My mom turns the note over. 
She goes to dad and shows the letter to him. 
He dials 911. 

"Hello? Police? Yes-"

"You better go get them." My mom says. "So he doesn't hurt him."

"Ok Selena you stay here." 

I run down the stairs and out the door. I bump into someone on the sidewalk right in front of their house. 

"I'm so sorry." I say. 

"It's ok beautiful."

I realize who it is. 

"No your the one who should be sorry!"

"No Bella. I'm not going to say sorry for something that you loved."

"I didn't love it!"

He put his arms around me like he was hugging me. 

"Oh Bella I know you did."

I still kind of like him but I didn't like what he did. Who would?

He leaned in to kiss me. I did kiss him back for a while but then I realized what I was doing and stopped. 
He pulled away. 

"Come on Bella. Why aren't you kissing back? You were a minute ago."

"Jason get away from me!" I yelled. 
The door opens and Harry comes out. 

Jason starts kissing me and Harry runs over and pushes Jason away. 

"What do you think your doing!" Harry yells at Jason. 

"Back off curly! She doesn't want you. So get your four nipples out of here!" Jason pushes Harry. 

Harry pushed Jason to the ground and Jason got right back up. 
Jason punched Harry in the nose. 
His nose is now bleeding. Jason pushed Harry on the ground and kept punching him in the stomach and face. He kept kicking him in the leg. 

"No!" I tried running to him but someone pulled back. It was a cop. The police finally came. He took Jason away. 

"You told didn't you! I'll be back Bella! I'll be back! If you think last night was bad then wait until-" 

"Oh shut it!" The cop says pushing him into the car. They drive away. 
I run to Harry. He's still laying on the ground. I don't think he can move. 

"Oh my god. Are you ok?" I sit next him. 

"Uh yeah. Are you ok?"

"He didn't do anything to me. Your the one who's nose is bleeding. Can you get up?"

"Let me try." He gets up and almost falls. I catch him. 

"Just lay down on the grass. I'll get my dad to call an ambulance." I run into the house and find my dad. 

"Dad. Call the ambulance now! Harry's hurt bad." 

"I'll call now." He says. I get a small towel and run outside to Harry. 

"I'm so sorry Harry." I say. 

"It's not your fault." I wipe blood from his nose with the towel. 

"Yes it is. You know it is."

"No it's not. It's Jason's fault." I wipe more blood away. 

"I feel like it's my fault."

"It is your fault. It's your fault for being for being so irresistible." 
I lean into kiss him. 

"Ow." I sit up

"Sorry." I said. "Your hurt really bad."

"I feel like my bones are all broken."

"I'm sorry."

"It's not your fault."

"Will the ambulance hurry up?"

"Bella, if I don't make it, just know I love you."

"Harry your gonna make it."

Then the ambulance pulls up. 

"Ambulance is here. Be right back." I walk over to the ambulance and someone gets out. 

"Hello. Where is the patient?" The person says

"He's over there on the grass. He was beaten and can't move."

They take out that bed thing (I have no idea what's its called) and picked him up and put him on the bed. They put him in the ambulance. 

"Can I come?" I ask

"Of course. You can keep him company."

I climb in and see Harry. I sit down on the seat and hold Harry's hand. I start to cry. 

"Bella stop crying." He says

"I can't. It's all my fault. Your hurting because of me."

"Bella stop saying that! It's not your fault."

My phone starts ringing. 

"Who is it?"


"Answer it."

I answer it. 


"Hey Bella why was there an ambulance outside?"

"Harry and I are going to the hospital."


"Jason beat Harry up. Badly."

"Oh my god."

"Can you all come by the hospital?"

"Yes. I'll send the message to your family to."

"K see you there."

I hung up. 

"They're all coming to the hospital."

"Ok good."

"I wish it was me."


"I wish it was me who gotten beat up and not you."

"Bella don't say that."

"No I will say that."

"Bella. Stop. Please."

"I'm sorry."

"Bella I love you. Stop saying sorry. I'd give up my life for you."

"Why? You have a better life than me."

"Bella no I don't."

"Yes you do Harry. Your a singer! Your famous! I'm nothing compared to that!"

"Bella you can be a singer if you wanted to be. You have a great voice."

I had nothing else to say. I just couldn't say anything. I was speechless. 
The rest of the trip was silent. 
We finally arrived to the hospital. 
We rushed out and in to a room. 

"The doctor will be here shortly." The nurse said and left.



"Do you really think that about yourself?"

"Yes." I look down. 

"Bella. Don't ever think that. You have a great life."

The doctor came in.

"Tell me what happened."

"Well someone beat Harry up and left him with broken bones on the ground." I said. "The police took him away." 

"What's your last name?" The doctor asked

"Styles." Harry says. 

"Ok. We'll need to do some X-rays. If the bone are broken you will need surgery." The doctor says. "Miss you have to leave the room. I'm sorry."

"It's ok. I'll be back when I can. Ok?"

"Ok." He says. 

I leave the room and close the door behind me. 

I check my phone and see I got a text. 

From Perrie: hey. What's up?

To Perrie: Harry's in the hospital. 

From Perrie: what? Why?

To Perrie: Jason beat him up. He also raped me. 

From Perrie: oh my god. I'll come by the hospital as soon as I can. 

To Perrie: thanks

I get another text. 

From Liam: hey can you meet us at the front door?

To Liam: sure. 

I put my phone into my pocket. I go out the front door. I see a group of girls coming toward me. 
They surround me. 

"Hey." One of the girls say

"Your Harry's girlfriend!" Another says 

"Yeah" I say

"We hate you!"

"What why?" I ask 

"Cuz your dating my boyfriend!"

"He's already mine." I said 

"No he's mine!"

"No he's mine!"

"No he's mine!"

All the girls starting arguing about who's Harry's girlfriend. Then yet speak to me again. 

"Nobody likes you."

"You'll always be a nobody."

"Harry never loved you."

"He's mine."

"Harry's to good for you."

"You'll always be a bitch."

I wanna cry but I hold it in. I try to go past them but they didn't let me. 

"Listen Harry's mine. You got that?"

"Hey! Back off!" It was Liam who came to my rescue. 

"Oh my god! It's Liam Payne!" One of the girls said. 

He took pictures with the girls and gave them autographs. 

"Now please stop bothering her." He said

"Anything for you Liam!" They all leave. 

"Thank you so much."

"It's ok. Fans can be a little mean."

"A little? They called me a bitch!"

"Ok a lot."

"Good thing I don't have a Twitter or Facebook. "

"You don't?"


"Oh. How's Harry?"

"They're doing X-rays and if his bones are broken they need to put him through surgery."

It got silent and awkward. 

"I um hope he gets better." Liam says. I notice he's looking in my eyes. 

"Yeah. Me to."
He leans into kiss me but he stops. Then it got more awkward. 

"So where are the others?"

"Zayn, Niall, and Louis are still getting out of the car. I ran over here because the fans were surrounding you. And your mom, dad, and Selena are coming."

"Oh ok."

"Bella I'm sorry I almost kissed you. Again."

"Liam it's ok."

"Bella I just loose it when I'm around you."

"Liam your one of the sweetest guys I've ever met." That came out of no where. 

Awkward silence again. I was trying not to look at him. 

"We should go check on Harry." Liam says. 

We walk in the hospital and go to the front desk. 

"Is Harry Styles in room 228 done with the X-rays?" I ask the lady at the desk. 

"Yes. You can go see him now." She says 

Liam and I walk down the hall. Liam slipped his hand into mine. 
We stopped walking. 


"Sorry." He removed his hand from my hand. 

We go into Harry's room. 

"Hey Harry." I see he has hospital clothes on. He's laying down on the hospital bed. We walk over to him. 


"Any broken bones?" I'm so worried. 

"My leg is broken. I'll be getting surgery on it. And I'll be getting a cast."

"Oh." I feel a tear fall down my cheek. 

"Bella it's gonna be alright." Liam says. 

"Yeah. It's gonna get better." Harry says. 

"When's the surgery?" I ask

"Today. Soon. You won't be able to come in the room until tomorrow maybe."

"This is all my fault!"

"How is it your fault?" Liam asks. 

"Because if Harry and I had never met, Emily wouldn't have come after me with Jason, Jason wouldn't have fallen in love with me, Jason wouldn't have hurt Harry the way he did, then Harry wouldn't have surgery or have gone to this hospital! Why couldn't have it been me!"

Harry grabs my hand. 

"Why would you ever think that love? Think of all the great things. If we hadn't met, we would have never fallen in love. Our love is more powerful than anything. Our love helped us get through all of this. Our love will help me get through this surgery. All I think about is you Bella. Don't let them get you down. Think about how if we hadn't met we wouldn't have never fell in love. Our love is more powerful."

He makes me feel special. I leaned in to kiss him but the doctor came in and interrupted us. 

"Surgery time. You two need to go." The doctor says. 

"Bye Harry." He let's go of my hand. Liam and I walk out of the room and into the hall where we sat on the chairs. Tears start to fall down my cheek again. 
The other boys finally come running in. 

"Just missed him." Liam says. 

"Are you ok Bella?" Louis asks. 

"Yeah I'm fine." I say wiping my tears. 

I get a text from an unknown number. 

Unknown number: hey. I finally escaped and so did Jason. We'll meet you in the forest at 1:30. If your not there, say goodbye to Harry. For good. 

Unknown number: p.s. don't tell anyone. 

I look at the time. It's 1:20. I'd better get going now. 

"I um have to do something." I say. 

"Let me go with you!" Liam says. 

"No me!" Zayn says

"I'm going alone. I can't bring anyone."

I walk out the door and head to the forest. I'm so worried. What are they gonna do? What am I gonna do?

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