Look Who's Falling Now!

Two sisters and their family take vacation to England for 2 weeks.
Selena loves one direction and she will do anything to meet them. Bella just wants to go back home. Bella doesn't like one direction at all. But what happens when one of the members of one direction falls in love with her? Will she give him a chance?


18. Happiness & Dissapointment

                        Niall's POV

This can be a time that I can try to get Selena. I go up to her room and see her laying down in bed and playing on her phone. 

"Whatcha doing?" I ask

"Playing angry birds. I stink at this game!"

"Selena I just wanna say I'm sorry."

"It's ok I'm over it." She kept looking at her phone I can tell she's angry at me. 

"Please don't be angry at me."

"Who said I am?"

"I can tell by you not even looking at me."
She looked at me and sat up. 
I sat next to her. 

"Ok leprechaun, what do you want?"

"You. I only want you."

"Niall. Can you just please go."

"Oh. I see your not interested in me. Ok that's fine."
I got up and started to walk out the door. 

"Niall wait."

I turn around and sit back on her bed. 

"You were my favorite in One Direction."

"Were? I'm not anymore?"

"No you still are. Ok so as I was saying, your cute, smart, funny, what else can I say? But you and Liam were fighting over me. I don't want to be the one who causes the fighting. I'm sorry."

"Just give me a chance."


I kissed her on the forehead and she blushed. 

I just love her so much even though we just became a couple. It's like I knew her my whole life. 

I go downstairs and talk to Liam. 

                         Liam's POV

I see Niall and wanted to talk to him. 

"Hey Liam. I'm dating Selena now. Are you gonna be ok?" Niall says

"Yeah. It's fine. I think I'm gonna ask Bella out. She kissed me and then I kissed her." I say

"Ooh Liam." He sounded like a girl. 

"The two love birds." Louis says coming down the stairs. 

"What?" I ask confused. 

"Harry and Bella. They're back together. They're like making out upstairs." Louis says

"What!" I said. Oh my god your lying to me right?

"Oh my god. I'm so sorry Liam." Niall says. 

My heart just broke. Wow. I thought I had a chance. I feel so stupid. I just got to move on. 
I felt like going to bed even though its like 9:00.  But I won't. 

                            Bella's POV

Harry and I were still in a make out session. Then I hear the doorbell ring. 

"I gotta get that." I say

"Let someone else get it."

"Ok fine." We go back to kissing.  

"Bella it's for you!" My mom yells. 

"And this is why I have to get it." I say getting up. 

"Coming!" I say running downstairs. 

My mom left and went upstairs. 

Then I see someone that I thought I'd never see again

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