Look Who's Falling Now!

Two sisters and their family take vacation to England for 2 weeks.
Selena loves one direction and she will do anything to meet them. Bella just wants to go back home. Bella doesn't like one direction at all. But what happens when one of the members of one direction falls in love with her? Will she give him a chance?


22. Goodbye and Hello

                          Bella's POV

I woke up in Harry's arms. Today's he's gonna go back to England. 
I checked my phone. 10:00!

"Harry get up."

"Can we just lay here all day?"

"Harry your going back to England."

"Ok I'm up. I'm up."

"Race you downstairs."

"Bella. I don't feel like running."

He checks his phone. I take it. 

"Bella! Give it!"

"You'll have to catch me first." It's like the first time. 

I run down the stairs and Harry runs after me. He catches up to me and grabs me. I give him back his phone. 

We stop and realize everyone's staring at us. 

"Harry we gotta get going." Liam said. 


I packed everything last night so the only thing I needed was a kiss from Bella. 

"Bye Bella." He says. "Text me, call me, Skype me-"

"Ok I will!" We kiss each other bye. 
I see Selena and Niall kiss each other. I'm so happy for them. 

"Bye everyone!" The five of them say. We all say our goodbyes. It was really sad but we'll see them soon. I just hope they're safe. 
They all leave. We couldn't drive them to the airport though. 

"When are we going to England?" I ask. I need to see them now. I miss them already. 

"Woah woah woah. Hold on. I thought you didn't want to leave." My dad said

"I miss them already." I say

"Already? They just left. We're leaving in two days. Get packing now!" My dad says. 

We all get packing an when I'm almost done, it looks so empty. 
The movers are gonna pick up everything and bring it to our new house. Now we are all sleeping in sleeping bags.

                       -2 days later-

We're finally leaving. I love this house. I will surely miss it. We gotta go now. It's being torn down to make a parking lot. How can people be so selfish! Like seriously!

The movers took our car to the house so we're taking a taxi to the airport. 
I'm gonna see Harry today! Yay! 

Now we're in the airport. 

                    -at the new house-

The plane ride was long and boring. And there was something shocking. Selena wasn't talking about one direction. I guess being around them so much made her dreams come true. 

Well we arrived at the house and it looked exactly like our old house but bigger. All the furniture was in the right order. I went outside and there was a backyard and has that swing thingy. It looked like the one when Harry took me on the roof for the Fourth of July. 

I go in the front and see five boys going into the house. 
No way. Is it who I think it is?

I walk over there and ring the doorbell. Oh my god it is them. 
Zayn open the door. 

"Zayn!" I say

"Bella!" He says. 
We hugged each other. 

                     Harry's POV 

We hear the doorbell ring and Zayn gets it. 

"Bella!" I hear Zayn say. 

Could it really be? I go to the door. 

"Harry!" She says

"Bella!" I say.  We hug each other. 

"You live here?" She ask

"Yeah. So where'd you move?"

"Right next door."

"Can we go to your house?" Zayn asks. 

"Yeah all of you can."

"Everyone come on!"

Everyone went out the door and they realized Bella was there. 

"Bella!" The rest said. 

We all went into a group hug around Bella. 

"I'm getting squished!" She says and we all stop hugging. 

We go into her house and it looked exactly the same. 

"Guess who lives next door." Bella says. 

Selena comes running in. 

"Ahh!" She screams and we all hug her. 

"I talked to Emily." I say
The whole room goes quiet. 

"And she said she's gonna stop."
I finish 

"Your serious?" Bella says

"Yes." I say. She gave me a hug. 

"Don't ever let me go." I whispered in her ear. 

Sorry it's so short. I had no other idea for this chapter. 

Do you think Emily means it?
Or Is she gonna keep bothering Bella?

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