Look Who's Falling Now!

Two sisters and their family take vacation to England for 2 weeks.
Selena loves one direction and she will do anything to meet them. Bella just wants to go back home. Bella doesn't like one direction at all. But what happens when one of the members of one direction falls in love with her? Will she give him a chance?


1. England

                       Bella's POV 

"Come on girls!" My mom called for us. 
I love to travel to places but why England? I mean England is a nice place but that's where my sister is going to go crazy. Why? Because of one direction. I can't stand how she's so in love! I don't like one direction. 
It's all my sister talks about! Their some boy band ok. It's not like she's going to meet them and marry them!
Well we're going away for two weeks. Two worst weeks of my life. 

                       Selena's  POV

Omg! We are going to England! I'm so excited! I'm going to try to meet one direction. My fave is Niall! You know what I can't believe? Bella! She doesn't even like them. But I'm going to try to bring her with me when I look for them. Then she will change her mind! I just gotta make up a good excuse. Or something!

"Bella! Selena! We're leaving!" My mom called. 

"Hold on a sec!" I said

I ran down the stairs. I saw Bella waiting there and she just stared at my shirt. That's because it has one direction on it. It also said Directioner for life. 

"Really? Directioner for life? Talk about a crazed fan!" Bella said. 

Sometimes I just don't get her. How can she not like one direction!
We walked out the door where a taxi was waiting for us. We got in the limo (yes we are kinda rich!) and drove all the way to the airport. 
I was about to freak out!

                      Bella's POV

We finally arrived at the hotel in England. The plane ride was super long. We got in our room which was really nice. It was big and it had two rooms. Wait- I have to share a room with my sister! That one direction lover! She's going to talk about them all day and night. Goodbye sleep, see you in two weeks!

"How about you two go explore England. Maybe go into stores and buy something nice. Here's some money." Dad said. 

He handed us both $200 each. 
Selena and I started to head out the door. 

"Don't get lost!" My mom said. 

"We have our cell phones!" I said back. 

                          Selena's POV

We headed out the door and out the lobby door. 

"So where you wanna go?" Bella asked. 

Here's my chance! To find 1D!

" let's go to that store over there!" 

"Ok. Lets go."

We walked into the store and we both find a poster that one direction is having a concert in a hotel! Omg! Maybe our hotel! Bella looked at the poster once and started looking through the store. I was still looking at the poster. It was in our hotel! Ahhhh! Omg! One direction is staying in our hotel! Omg!

I ran over to Bella who was looking at the necklaces. 

"Bella! Lets shop tomorrow! I want to go back to the hotel!"

I dragged her out of the store and into the lobby of our hotel. The lobby is big. Then I see the poster! 

                     Bella's POV

That was weird she always wants to shop! But then I see it: a one direction poster. It says tonight is going to be a concert at this hotel. 
Why this hotel? My day is getting worse. 

"Selena! Why!"

"The concert! I have to see them and get a backstage pass!" 

"Their probably sold out. "

"No! Look! Two more tickets left and two backstage passes. You and me can go!"

"In your dreams. "

"Please! I need someone to go with!"

"Fine! Just call mom or dad to ask them!" 

I hate when she gets me into things like this! 

"They said yes!" She said. 

I handed her my money. 

"You go pay for the tickets. I'm going to walk around."

She walked to the front desk. 
I started walking around and I kept seeing one direction posters all of the place! The whole world is going mad. 

Then I bumped into somebody and we both fall. He stood up and helped me up. 

"I'm sorry" he said. 

"No I'm sorry I bumped into you." I said. 

He smiled. 
He was cute. He had green eyes, curly hair, and a great smile. He had an adorable British accent. But he look familiar. 

"I'm Bella Carson."

"I'm Harry styles."

He walked away. 

Selena comes running to me. 

"Omg! Bella you know who you were just talking to?"

"He said his name was Harry Styles."

"Yes THE Harry Styles! The one from One Direction!"

"Your serious?"

"Yes. If only I would bump into Niall like you-"

I started tuning her out. Did I just call someone from one direction cute?
Oh my god I did! What is wrong with me! Now I'm going to see the cu- that person tonight and backstage! Oh my god what do I do! I'm angry at myself now.  Do not turn into those crazed fans! Don't fall in love! I'm not!

"Bella! Bella!"

"Wha- what?"

"We're you just tuning me out?"

"What? No!"

"Your such a terrible liar! You were thinking about Harry!"

"No I wasn't!"

"Ok. We'll see tonight when we meet them in person!

Oh no! 
I'm not in love! I'm not in love! I just met him... How can I be in love? I'm not!

                          Harry's POV

So after I walked away , I started to blush. That's one of the reasons I walked away. When I smile at a girl like her I start to blush! I wonder if she is thinking about me. 

"Hey! Ooh! Harry's blushing!" Liam said while him, Louis, and Zayn walk up. 

"So who'd you meet?" Zayn asked. 

"No one!" I said. 

"Yeah right!" Louis said. 

"Shut up!" I say. I start blushing again. 

"Harry. You just met someone and your in love." Zayn said. 

"Where is she?" Liam asked. 

"She's in the white skinny jeans and blue shirt." I reply

"Harry's in love!" Louis said. 

"Where's Niall?" I ask. 
"In the hotel room. Probably stuffing his face" Louis said

"Ok." I say starting to look at Bella. 

The three of them started to look at me but I was to distracted. 

                             Selena's POV

"Yes he does!"I say. 

"No he doesn't. I'm a normal girl, I'm not famous"

"He looks past that!"

"Why do you think he would like me?"

"Because I saw how he smiled. He smiled at you Bella!"

"So? Many people smile at other people who are just friends!"

"Ok but how he's staring at you. And smiling."


"Turn around and look"

She turned around and quickly turned to me. 

"Ok that's kinda freaky." She said

"He has a crush on you! Omg!"

"He can be staring at anyone."

"No it was complete eye contact with you. "

"He could be looking at me for many reasons."

"Yup one of them is he has a crush on you!"

 "No he doesn't"

"Ok now lets go shopping for something for the concert. Lets get more money."  

                      Bella's POV

We went shopping into the same store. I found a shirt that had a British flag in the front and white in the back. I just got that. I figured i was just gonna wear my white skinny jeans this shirt and my usual makeup.  It's nothing fancy. 
Selena got a short flowy black skirt and a white shirt with a black little vest. 
The show started at 8:00 and it was 7:45 so we quickly went upstairs, changed, and got to their concert. 
It was weird we were the last tickets sold to but we got in the second row in the middle.
I wonder how the show is gonna be. 

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