Look Who's Falling Now!

Two sisters and their family take vacation to England for 2 weeks.
Selena loves one direction and she will do anything to meet them. Bella just wants to go back home. Bella doesn't like one direction at all. But what happens when one of the members of one direction falls in love with her? Will she give him a chance?


23. Dreams Really Do Come True

                     Bella's POV

I hear a knock at the door and go to open it. It's Emily. Your kidding me right?

"Your kidding me right?" I say

"You better stay away from him. Don't tell him I came by. Don't tell anyone." Emily says. "And no need for the attitude." 

Harry comes by the door. 

"Oh you think he's gonna protect you?" Emily says. 

"Oh my god Emily." I say. 

"Yeah you seriously think I'm gonna be there for you?" Harry says and laughs. 

"Harry!" I say. 

"What? Jealous much? I never loved you! I'm breaking up with you. No one will love you. i love Emily. Always had and always will." Harry says.
Then he starts making out with Emily. I'm just standing there crying. 

Then Emily takes out a knife. Then she just stabs me right in the heart. 

"Ahh!" I wake up screaming and realizing it was a dream. 

Oh my god. It was a dream. A dream? More like a nightmare. But it felt so real. Everything. 
Wait. What happened?
Emily is not gonna give up. 
She hasn't even gave me a chance. 
I have given her a chance either. But that's only because she came after me!  

I'm in my new home. Sleeping in my old bed. I gotta call Harry. 

I pick up my phone and dial his number. 

"Hi Harry."

"Hey Bella. Why are you calling me at 1:00 in the morning?"

"Sorry. I needed to talk to you."

"What happened?"

"I hade a nightmare. I answered the door and Emily was there and she said to stay away from you and you came and said you weren't gonna be there for me and you and Emily started to kiss and Emily stabbed me in the heart with a knife." I said in one breath trying not to cry. 

"Bella. It's just a dream. It's not true and you know it. I'll always be there for you. I love you with all my heart."

"I know but it felt so real."

"Bella go back to sleep."

"Ok good night."

"Good night Bella. Sweet dreams."

I hang up and remember what he said. He loves me. He'll be there for me. Why am I so worried?
Just go to sleep. 
I fall asleep and have the same dream. 
The stab hurt more. 
I wake up. I can't get to sleep. 
God please let me go to sleep without having that dream. 
I finally fall asleep without having that dream. 
Thank you god so much!

I wake up and it's finally morning. 
Even though the guys live next door, I miss them. I miss that they lived in the house with us. But I'm gonna have to live with it. 

I can't stop thinking about the dream.
I talked to Selena about it and she told me what Harry said. I shouldn't worry. Should I?

"Selena you wanna come with me next door?" I ask

"Why wouldn't I?" Selena says

We knock at the door and Louis answers the door. 

"Hey Louis." Selena and I say together. It's weird that we sometimes say stuff at the same time. Well we are twins. We just don't look alike. That's good. For me it is. 

"Come in." He says. 

"Hey Bella. Hey Selena. This is Perrie. My new girlfriend." Zayn says. 

"Hi nice meet you. Im Bella." I say and reach out my hand. She takes my hand and shakes it. 

"Hi Bella." She says as she shakes my hand.

"I'm Selena." Selena says and shakes Perrie's hand. 

"Hi Selena." She says. 

"She's in the band Little Mix." Zayn says. 

"I love your voice. You know I do sing a little." Selena says. 

Really Selena. How are you just gonna say that to someone you just met? I don't understand. 

"I would love to hear you." She says

"Actually Bella and I sing. We were in a band back in New York." Selena says

And she adds me into it. 

"I would love to hear you both. Bella your dating Harry?" Perrie says

"Yeah." I say 

"And your dating Niall?" Perrie asks Selena. 

"Yeah." Selena says

"Poor Liam. He doesn't have anybody anymore." Perrie says to Zayn. 

" Dani and him broke up over some fight." Zayn says. 

I'm starting to feel guilty. Thanks Perrie. But your a nice girl. We can be best friends. :)

"Aww. Poor Liam." Perrie says. 

"Have you seen Harry?" I ask. 

"Yeah he's in his room." Zayn says. 

"And Niall?" Selena asks. 

"Kitchen." Zayn responds. 

Thanks Zayn it means a lot to know where he is and not knowing how to get there. But don't worry. I'll figure it out. 

I go upstairs and try to find Harry's room. I walk into the hallway and see Liam.

"Hi Liam." I say

"Hey Bella. You looking for Harry?"


"Right in there." He pointed to one of the rooms. The door was closed. 

"Wait." Liam stopped. 


"He might be naked."


"He sleeps naked."

"He never slept naked when he was with me. Thank god."

"Just stand there. I'll see if he's decent." Liam said. 
Thank you Liam. Your the only one who would give me directions and see if someone is decent. 
I mentally applauded him. 

"Harry. You decent?" Liam asked

"Um wait." I heard Harry say. 

Harry opened the door and be only had sweatpants on. No shirt. 

"What? Haven't you never seen a man without a shirt?" Harry says

"Bella's here." Liam says and I wave to Harry. 

"Oh." Harry says. Liam leaves. 

"Come in and I'll find a shirt." He says

"Ok." I walk into his room. 
He looks in his closet to find a shirt and puts it on. 

"How are you? Other than the dream." He says


"Bella. Really what's going on."

"Other than the dream? Nothing else." 

He hugs me from behind. 

"That only works if I don't know your behind me." I say and laugh. 

"Well don't blame me for trying." He laughed. 

"I met Perrie. She seems nice."

"Yeah she's nice." 

"Have you seen the devil lately?"

"Emily? No."

"She's not gonna give up."

"She said she will."

"You actually believe her?"


"Harry. Your kidding me right?"

"No I'm not."

"She might hurt people, threaten people, is very mean, but she doesn't lie."

"She has to if she's all those things then she's a liar."

"Ok let's see what the others think."

We walk downstairs and everyone's in the living rom. 

"Who thinks Emily is a liar." I say and everyone raises the hand. 
I give Harry the told you so look. 

"Harry thought she wasn't a liar." I say

"She lied to you Harry! That's why you two broke up. She was cheating on you!" Liam said. 

"And you believe her." I ask Harry. 

"Yes- no- oh I don't know!" Harry replies. 

"You believe her every word. And she cheated on you. Wow." I say and walk out of the house. 

                           Perrie's POV

"You believe her every word. And she cheated on you. Wow." Bella says and walks out of the house. 

"I'll go talk to her." I say and get up from the couch. I go out the door and see Bella walk into a house. 

I walk over there and knock at the door. She must've just got in the house because I heard her say, "Go away Harry!"

"It's Perrie." I say

She opens the door. 

"You ok?" I ask. 

"No I'm not. He probably wouldn't trust me like he trusts Emily."

"Bella, come with me."

"Where are we going?"

"On a walk."

She goes out the door and closes it behind her. We walk through the park. 

"Bella he didn't mean it."

"I don't care."

"If you don't care why'd you get so mad?" 

"I um had this dream last night and Harry says he wouldn't be there for me and that he loves Emily. And then he says he believes Emily. Everything she says."

"Who's Emily?"

"His crazy ex girlfriend who keeps telling me to stay away from him."

"Oh. I'm sorry Bella." I gave her a hug. 

"You want my number? In case you wanna talk?" I say

"Sure." We swap phones and we put our numbers in. 

"Um Bella. You have a message." I say and look worried. It says unknown number.

"What?" I hand her phone to her. 

"It says:
Dear Bella,
I can see everything. And yes, he does believe everything I say. He doesn't love you. And the dream you had, it's gonna come true. 
Love Emily. 


"Oh my god. We gotta get out of here. Now." I say

"In the dream she stabs me in the heart with a knife." She whispers in my ear. 

"Oh my god. Bella lets go." 
We run to the house and I see Bella crying. 

"Bella it's gonna be ok."

"No it's not she's gonna kill me."

"We're gonna protect you." We walk in the house and see that Harry's been crying. 

I lock the door with the two locks it has. 

"Lock all the doors and windows now." I say as I walk in the middle of the room. 

"Why?" Louis says. 

"You want Bella to get hurt?" I say and just standing in the middle. 

"What!" Harry yells.

"We went to the park and Bella got a text from Emily." I said and Bella takes her phone out and passes it around to show the text. 

"What was the dream?" Liam asks 

Bella tells us the whole dream. 

Harry stands up and hugs Bella. 

"We are not gonna let her stab you. And me kissing her and saying all those things is never gonna happen. Bella I love you with all my heart." Harry says. 

Aww he really does care about Bella. 

They both sit down on the couch and and Harry puts his arm around Bella. Aww. Only if Harry wasn't the lead of the main problem it would be cuter. I'd hate to see them break up though. 

"Harry I'm sorry that I got so angry before." Bella says. 

"It's ok beautiful." Harry says kissing her on the head. 

"Wait. This isn't the best place." Niall says. 

"What do you mean?" Louis says. 

"I mean she knows we live here. But she doesn't know that Bella lives next door." Niall replied. 

"Look at Niall getting a good idea!" Zayn says. We all laugh. 

"We can't all go over there. Can we?"  Liam says. 

"No one or two of us need to stay at her house." Louis says. 

"Maybe all of you can." Bella says

"I don't think that's a good idea." Harry says. 

"Yeah. All of us in one house trying to protect you. It'll get crowded. And seeing us all at the one house will get her suspicious." Liam says

"We need to get disguises. I call superman!" Louis says. 

"I thought it was supposed to be a disguise." Selena says. 

"Well you know how superman disguises himself as a normal person? We disguise as super people instead!" Louis says

"That's just the stupidest plan I've ever heard." Selena says and laughs. 

"Wait I think Louis's on to something. We need to get disguises." Niall says. 

"Yay I call superman!" Louis says

"There's no superman!" Selena says. 

I wish I could help. 

"So who's coming to my house?" Bella asks. 

Selena cleared her throat. 
"Our house."  She says. Bella rolls her eyes. 

"We all are." Harry says. 

"Can I help?" I speak up  

"Yeah of course." Harry says. 

"Woah woah. Your gonna let my girlfriend be in danger?" Zayn says

"What about us! Your best friends!" Niall says. 

"Well we're already in it." Zayn says

"Zayn I'm in it to." I say. 

"You sure?" He asks me. I walk over to him and sit next to him on the couch. 

"Of course I'm sure." I say. 

"Ok we now have seven guest rooms." Selena says

"Wow you must be rich." I say amazed. 

"Yup." She says. 

                           Harry's POV

I can't believe my poor baby is getting threatened. This is serious. I think we need to get the police. 

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