Look Who's Falling Now!

Two sisters and their family take vacation to England for 2 weeks.
Selena loves one direction and she will do anything to meet them. Bella just wants to go back home. Bella doesn't like one direction at all. But what happens when one of the members of one direction falls in love with her? Will she give him a chance?


4. Can we talk?


                      Harry's POV

I wake up now at 3:00. I can't sleep. I get a text from Bella. 

From Bella: are you up?
To Bella: yeah. Can't sleep
From Bella: me neither. We need to talk. Like right now. 
To Bella: k. Meet me in the park. 
From Bella: ok

I change into some sweat pants and a long sleeve shirt. 
I head to the park and sit on the park bench  where we sat last night.  I waited for her and started to get impatient. 

                     Bella's POV 

I changed out of my pajamas. I start walking out the door but someone stops me before I get to the door. 

"Where are you going?" Selena asked. 

"No where." I answer feeling kinda nervous. 

"Bella. I know your going somewhere. If your not then why are you heading out the door?"

"Fine going to talk to Harry."

"Ooh about what?"

"None of your business. Just don't tell mom and dad."

"Ok. " she smiled like she was up to something

"Don't do anything when I'm gone! I can tell your thinking of something."

"I'm not! Now go!"

I went to the lobby and bumped into Niall. 

"Where are you going?" He asked

"No where."

"Have you seen Harry?"

"Um no."

"Ok."  He walked away and I finally got to the park. 

"You took long enough." Harry said when I got there. 

"I'm sorry if everyone wanted to know where I was going."

"Ok so..."

"Last night. You almost kissed me."

"Yeah." He blushed

"I just don't get how you like me out of all the other girls that are famous."

"When I'm staring at you, I just feel something..... Something that I never felt before."

"Really? But why me?"

"Remember when we bumped into each other, then I felt something."

"Are you sure?"

"You ask a lot of questions."

"Harry I just need to know."

"And I told you."

                   Selena's POV

They've been there for an hour I wonder what their talking about! I get a text from Liam. Liam? At 4:00? Well I'm not the only one who's awake. 

From Liam: can you come to our hotel room?
To Liam: sure. What room?
From Liam: 652

I run to their room and I knock at the door. 
Liam answers the door like always. 
I walk in the room. 

"What happened?" I ask

"Do you know where Harry is?" Zayn asked. 

"Bella told me that she was gonna talk to him." I replied

"Do you know where exactly?" Louis asked. 


Niall walks in the room and shuts the door behind him. 

"I think Harry's out with Bella. I talked to Bella in the lobby and she was acting kind of weird. I asked her if she seen Harry and she said um no." Niall said. 

"Did you try calling or texting him?" I asked 

"Yes and he's not answering to any of us." Niall replied. 

"Well I'll try to call Bella." I said. No answer. "She didn't answer."

"Their both together." Louis said. 

"Their so cute together. They should be together." Niall said. 

"That's what I said. But I don't know if she'll even give him a chance." I said. I felt kind of bad for Harry. 

"We have to go find them." Liam said. 

"Why?" I asked

"If their not answering their phones something could be happening." Liam replied. 

"I'll try to call Bella." Niall said
Niall try to call Bella but there was no answer.

"The park!" I said. 

"The park?" Zayn asked

"Yes the park. Last night they were at the park. " I answered back as I remembered. 

"Ok, Selena, Liam, and I are going to the park. Louis and Zayn one of you look through the lobby and the other stay here to see if they come back."
Niall said.

                         Niall's POV

Liam, Selena and I started to walk through the park looking for Harry and Bella. How could they just go there without telling anybody where their going!

"I see them!" Liam says. 

"Look at those two love birds!" Selena joked. 

"This is time to be serious!" Liam says. 
Selena tries not to laugh but then bursts out laughing. 

"I'm sorry! It's just that I can't keep my laugh under control at serious times." She said

"You can laugh any time you want." I said. Did I say that at loud? Her laugh is just so adorable! 

"Niall, we can't be laughing they're gonna hear us!" Liam scolded. 

"Sorry but her laugh is so adorable!" I say and cover my mouth. 

"You think my laugh is adorable?" Selena asks blushing a little. 

"Yeah." I say blushing and she blushes even more. 

"Ok can we get back to work?" Liam says very angry now. 

Selena and I both nod. He turns around and Selena and I both smile trying to hold in our laugh. 

                       Harry's POV 

"So I had a dream about you.... And me. And we um kissed. And it felt.... Magical?" Bella said blushing and looking down. I guess it was hard to get out. 

"Oh." I said. I had nothing else to say. 
I look to the corner of my eye. I see Liam, Selena, and Niall. No they can't ruin it. 

"Run away with me?" I say

"What!" She said


Cliff hanger! :)

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