Out of My Limit

Jen Irwin is an 18 year old girl from Sydney, Australia. She's an undiscovered singer who just happens to be Ashton Irwin's younger sister. She plays in small clubs around town, that is until Simon Cowell discovers her.


One Direction's opening act just cancelled on them last minute so the boys have to find a new opening act or else the tour is cancelled. Simon calls up Jen to tell her she is opening up for a band but doesn't tell her who.


What happens if Jen starts falling for 2/5 of One Direction but they only see her as a friend? What happens if 2/5 of 5 Seconds of Summer starts falling for her but she doesn't have the same feelings? What would be Ashton's reaction to all this?


3. Chapter Three


   "Hello?" I say, picking up my phone. "Hello, it's Simon. Today, you have a tour meeting at 2pm." I smile. "Do I get to meet the band i'm touring with?" I heard him chuckle on the other end. "Yes." I nodded even though he can't see me. "How did you get my number by the way?" I asked out of curiosity. "Your stylist gave it to me." "Okay, so is that all you called for?" I asked. "Yeah, talk to you later." We both hung up and I went to get something to eat." "You're up early," I turn around to see Ashton coming in the kitchen. "Dude, it's 12pm. Sleepy head." I grabbed my bowl of cereal and walked back to the living room. "Oh, I have a meeting for the tour at 2pm so, I'll be gone for a while." I looked over at him. "Me, too." He lowered his eyebrows at me. "Who's the boss?" I put my bowl down on the coffee table and looked over at Ash. "Simon Cowell." He froze suddenly. "how many days till you go on tour?" He thought for a moment. "2 days." I raised his eyebrows. "What?" I asked, waiting for an answer. "I think I know who you're touring with," I jumped up off the couch. "Who?" I shook his head. "If Simon didn't tell you then obviously he wants to surprise you so, you're going to have to wait." I sigh and plopped back down on the couch. I smirked and walked out the door. 


   I heard honking outside and looked out to see, Allison in her car. "Hey!" I yelled over, walking quickly out the door. "Come on! You have a meeting in 30 minutes!" I climbed in the car and we took off. "Ash know's who i'm touring with." I turn my head to look at Allison. "Oh yeah. You will be shocked to see who you're touring with." I moan and look out the window. "You know, too?" She nods and I sigh. "Simon wants to 'surprise' you." I rolled my eyes. "Yeah, that's what Ashton said. 


   We walked into Simon's office and froze. I seen 4 British and 1 Irish guy standing beside Simon. I was One Direction. I'm touring with One FREAKING Direction! A smile crept on my face until I seen my brother and his 3 band mates walk in. "What are you doing here?" I asked, losing my smile. "Yeah, you're touring with us and One Direction." I stood in place. I'm stuck with my brother and his friends on tour. I was hoping that the other opening act would've been a girl but no. I'm stuck with 9 boys. For 6 months. What else could go wrong?


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