Bully Groom *Niall VS Zayn*

Hard choosing when there's a forced marriage...


1. Marriage?

*Alexia's P.O.V* "Our first day of college is tomorrow" Maria said full of excitement. Honestly I don't get why she likes school this much. She usually just goes to stare at boys, it's actually quite funny watching at her while she just day dreams. Sometimes I wonder what goes on in that head if hers but I always remind myself...do I really want to go there? There's only one guy I've been crushing on for about 3 years. He's like my best friend. Niall and I hang out all the time but at his house. I don't let him come over mine due to my abusive father and bully neighbor. I mean... Isn't it enough that I had to deal with this kid at school? I walk Maria home and continue to my house. As I climb the steps I hear screaming....? I stopped at the door and press my ear against the cold wood. I can't really make out what they were saying but I hear someone shout, "NO, I'M NOT DOING IT", it sounded a lot like Zayn, but what would he be doing at my house? "Lexi?" I hear an Irish accent call out, "oh... Hi Niall." What is he doing here? And at this time! "How'd you figure out where I live?" I managed to ask. "I didn't I was just walking up to my grandads house... It right next to this street." Suddenly whole house screamed, "What's going on in there?" Niall asked. "I'm actually not sure..." I trailed off. I kept giving him hints saying, please go away. "I get this is probably not the best time" once he said that I quickly nodded, "tell me what happens in college tomorrow. See you later love" he said and kissed my cheek, sending chills through my body. He then gave me a hug and left. We're just this close. Sometimes people ask we're dating but Niall just smiles and says no while I'm sitting there, blushing like a dumb ass. I took a deep breath and turn the nob to the door and everything went silent. "Hey sweetie glad your home" my dad had said. Hold up. Why is he being so nice. And why is Zayn's whole family here? I didn't say anything. I just took a seat besides Waliyha. She was the nicest girl you could meet. I was mostly her friend out of the family. We just 'clicked' ya know? "There's something we need to tell you" I hear Zayn's mom say. I look over at Zayn. He's sitting across from me. He just gives me the meanest look. I do get frightened by Zayn because, yes, he does hit me. But he says if I say anything he would just do even worse to me. He's been bullying me since they moved into this neighbor hood. The funny thing is... On the first day of third grade he was a complete angel. I mean, we shared juice boxes for pete's sake! The day after he would just give me stink faces. It had gotten worse after the years multiplied. Sometimes it lead to cutting. I had only done it once. That was the day he had put ketchup on my white pants in tenth grade. I had nothing to cover it up with. And every one just started calling me diaper girl... Or throwing tampons and pads at me all over school. I learned that cutting won't help. They're just ugly scars that aren't worth it. The only thing I wear are sweaters and bangles if I'm wearing a short sleeve. Zayn has been calling me ugly every day of my life and last week he had started making jokes about my weight. I'm only about 20-30 lbs over the regular weight limit. Do you think I like myself because of this? No. And Zayn just makes it worse. Right now I am lowering how much I eat. Making sure I don't eat that much so I don't get called those ugly names. Hippopotamuses was the worst. I hated that word. All of a sudden I see Zayn's dad and my dad get up. My dad walks over to me and Zayn's to him. They start to bring us to face each other. I'm not used to being this close to Zayn, well unless he is going to hit me. I put my head down so I won't have to look into his eyes. I hear my fathers voice again. "Look up." I do as he says. "You, my dear, is looking at your future husband." Did I just hear that correctly? Zayn, my future husband? "Dad I'm only 17!" I yell furiously. I see his parents get up and walk to the door, "we'll leave so you can discuss this. Come over for dinner soon?" My father nodded and they left. Then *boom* a slap to the face. I knew it was gonna happen sometime... I was use to it. I hide the bruises at school with foundation. "Why did you embarrass me!" He yelled and I just gave him a dirt look. "You better be good at the dinner" he warned. "I hate you" I spat. "That's my girl!" He says. Do you see how messed up my life is now? And Zayn just makes it even worse! I was heading to the stairs when my father had one more request. "Wear THAT dress" he said. I hated that dress. Even though I'm over weight I do have curves. I don't think I look over weight. But since Zayn has been pointing out, I think should just stop eating... The thing about the dress is, it shows my figure. And if you didn't already know... I'm a little insecure about myself. I straighten my curly hair and put on the dress. I admit, I knew I looked good in that dress, but I know Zayn would just make fun of me. I put on the pair of black heels that match the dress, I will be taking it off when I enter their house anyway. I add a silver necklace that my mom gave me in the hospital the day before she died... I put some foundation on to hide the slap mark. I don't usually put any other make up on besides foundation, eyeliner, and mascara, that's usually what I wear to gatherings. I grab my leather jacket and walk down and out to the car, "finally looking nice for a change" I hear my father say. I just get out and walk to there house. Waliyha was standing at the door when it opened. I gave her a hug and walked in. "Well doesn't someone look stunning!" She said and I smiled. "I don't see it Zayn said as he walked by. "Shut up Zayn!" Waliyha said back. "Don't worry about him. He's just pissed off cause he lost his girlfriend." She whispers as we walk in and sit in the chairs in the dining table besides each other. "Is it because of me?" I ask. "Not really.. My father didn't like Perrie in the first place. He said he didn't find her fit for the family. Which I don't get cause she's really nice. All I know is Zayn did like her. But they weren't in love or anything. That's when my dad thought if you married Zayn... He would get over her." I felt bad after I heard this. I mean, maybe he was in love with her? I'm definitely not though. As dinner finishes Zayn's mom stands up, "the wedding will be in a month, I know you guys don't like the idea and you guys probably hate each other but at least you guys can work out getting along." Zayn gets up and just walks upstairs. "Please join him" she says and I walk up stairs. I see a door open and Zayn in it. I see his eyes get watery as he was staring at a picture of him and Perrie. "A-are you okay?" I manage to ask. "Shut up and leave" he spits. "Why do you always have to be so rude" I say as under my breath and walk back to the door but he manages to close it before I get there. I start moving back as he moves closer in. I find myself pressed against the wall. I close my eyes and he slaps me on my left cheek, the one my father had hit. I hold my cheek but start to feel something. I remove my hands and see blood. I look up at Zayn and he's just staring at me with guilt in his eyes. I get up and look at him, "Two slaps in a day. That's new. And both from people I hate." I say and he just stares at me. "If you'll excuse me" I say as I brush by him and into the bath room. *Zayn's P.O.V* Did I just see what I saw? I mean I've hit here before, but not hard enough to draw blood.... And what did that mean, 'two slaps in a day' I know her father hits her.... right? I went to the bathroom where she was and saw her putting band-aids on here face. I tried to say something but she just interrupted, "Don't worry they won't know you did anything." She said and grabbed her leather jacked and threw the hood on. She walked downstairs and I followed. "I'm not feeling well I just threw up and I think I should go" she said and they all nodded, "I'll be home in an hour." Her father said. And with that she left. A/N How do you guys like it so far?
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