It's All About Trust

The famous Harry Styles has been in some horrible relationships, especially one where he fought with his girlfriend every day about anything. And then there is Elizabeth, she was in a relationship where she got abused and now she won't trust one single guy, afraid of all. But when Harry and Ashley meet will he be able to get her to trust him? Will he actually try to date her after all his relationships?


2. Running Away

[Elizabeth's POV]

"I want to run away. I want to live. I want to be free."

I throw myself on the couch bored out of my mind when I hear the door slam shut and my boyfriend Logan stumbles up to me, drunk. He sets down his bottle of beer and picks me up, he throws me at the wall. I don't move or talk, scared, waiting for what he will do next. I stare at him, helpless. He grabs my hair, pulling me up. I quickly stand up, my knees weak. He kisses me and I don't kiss back which makes him even more mad, he smacks me across the face. My hand shoots up to my stinging cheek, I'm sure it's red. He laughs, "Kiss back." He says through his teeth becoming serious. I shake my head 'no' which makes him punch me in the face and lets go of my hair. I stumble backwards and finally fall. He looks down at me and stomps on my stomach. I curl over in pain and hear him say, "How can I keep loving you if you don't even love me? Or want to kiss me?"

"You don't love me." I hiss at him as tears fall down my face.

"What was that!" He shrieks and kicks me in the back. I scream out in pain and he kneels down beside me, "I'm leaving to go hang out with friends. When I come back, you better have food ready for me and some more fucking beer!" He stands back up and grabs his bottle of beer and walks away. I hear the door slam shut which makes me jump. I sit there and cry for awhile. I soon stand up slowly, tons of pain rushing through my body but I try to ignore it. I remind myself that this is my chance to run, to leave this abuse. I walk to my room and back the only bag I have. I put as much clothes that I can fit in it, I put money in it and my hair straightener and hair dryer. I look at my bag in disbelief that I could fix that stuff in there but then I shake my head and walk into the kitchen. I write a note to Logan, even though I hate him I want to at least let him know that were over...

Logan, were over. Maybe you can find a different girl to abuse but I'm not going to be that girl anymore. Or maybe you could just stop your drinking and get a job and maybe do something with your life. Anyways, bye Logan.

I then job out of the small house and down the wet sidewalk. I have no where to go! The only place I can think of is to just go sit down at the park. I have no family here or friends. Maybe I could go to a hotel and stay there? I do have tons of money. I saved up my money just so I could run away. Once I reach the park I sit down on a cold, wet bench and just break, I start crying.

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