It's All About Trust

The famous Harry Styles has been in some horrible relationships, especially one where he fought with his girlfriend every day about anything. And then there is Elizabeth, she was in a relationship where she got abused and now she won't trust one single guy, afraid of all. But when Harry and Ashley meet will he be able to get her to trust him? Will he actually try to date her after all his relationships?


1. The Break Up

[Harry's POV]

"Let me be the one to break it up..."

"Damn it Harry!" Ashley screams from the bathroom. Oh god what did I do now? Leave the light on? I sigh loudly, annoyed by my girlfriend who I've only been dating for two months. All we do is fight. Fight about anything you could possibly think of, it's all my fault too. Fight about being a minute late to the party, fight about leaving the light on, fight about coming home late from the studio, fight every little damn thing. What could she possibly be mad about this time, I think she already found everything to yell at me for, couldn't possibly think of a another reason this fast!

"What did I do now?" I shout from the kitchen. I lean against the counter waiting to hear her scream at me.

She storms into the kitchen fast with her face red with anger, "I fucking fell into the god damn toilet! My ass got wet and look! Look my fucking shirt got wet too! What the hell Harry!"

I can't help but laugh as I look at her wet shirt, wet just a little bit at the bottom, nothing to freak about, "And that's my fault? I didn't push you in! You couldn't drown in the toilet!"

"You're such an idiot! You left the toilet seat up you pig!" She scolds and smacks me. I was raised to not take my anger out by hitting a girl so I push past Ashley and slam my fist into the wall causing a huge hole, making Ashley jump in horror. I've never gotten so mad that I punched a hole in the wall so this is new for both of us. "Harry! Why can't you do anything right? You just punched a hole in the wall damn! I'm not paying for that. What are you? Stupid?"

That makes me even more pissed and I end up punching the wall again. I turn around to face Ashley, "I'm tired of this. I'm tired of us yelling and screaming over the littlest things! I don't want a relationship like this Ashley. So I'm leaving and when I come back I want you to be gone, I want all of your stuff to be gone. I'll be back around nine. You have seven hours."

I grab my hoodie and walk to the door, I listen to her screaming, "No no no! Harry we can sit down and talk about this! Babe please!"

I open the door and turn to her, "Leave your key on the counter. Bye Ashley." And with that I walk out of my flat. I fly down the stairs and out the door, throwing on my jacket. What to do on a cloudy day like this at two in the afternoon? I could get Starbucks, get Niall some Nandos and go to Niall's to play a video games. Sounds good. I don't have to call Niall and tell him I'm coming over, I mean it's Niall! He's probably just getting out of bed! Er well it's Sunday... fuck it he is still in bed! Sundays are his "Lazy Days".

As I'm almost to Starbucks I hear booming thunder and then a flash of lightning, within seconds rains just pours down. "What the fuck!" I scream throwing my head back and looking up at the dark clouds in the sky. I see people stop and stare at me like I'm a freak but none of them notice that I'm Harry Styles from One Direction. I roll my eyes and walk into Starbucks, now soaking wet. Why did I not take my car? "Stupid." I mutter to my self. I order coffee and drink it while I wait for the rain to stop.

After an hour the rain finally stops and I leave Starbucks, now going to Nandos. As I walk down the wet sidewalk paparazzi notice who I am and now I'm getting blinded by flashing lights and people asking me questions. I ignore them and finally walk into Nandos leaving the paparazzi outside. I quickly order and leave, luckily Niall's flat is only a block away. Again, why didn't I take my fucking car?

After signing some things things and talking to some fans, taking pictures, I finally reach Niall's. I walk up the stairs and to his door. Of course it's locked but he leaves a key in the plant by his door. I smile and I open his door and it's quiet. I drop the Nandos on the counter in the kitchen and make my way to his bedroom. I open his door to find him, of course, asleep at three thirty in the afternoon. I laugh and quickly run to his bed, I jump on it and scream, "IT'S TIME TO GET UP MATE! I BROUGHT YOU NANDOS!"

He jumps off the bed like a ninja and shouts, "Nandos!?" I nod and he runs out of the room only in his boxers but whatever, at least he's up!

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