Maybe It Was Fate

Sydney and Noah were engagaed. Everything was perfect, until a car accident, that changed her life completely. One day, while walking the streets of London, Sydney ran into Harry. Will he be able to let Sydney fall in love again?


4. The Dream Date

    "Um." I spoke. Harry chuckled. 
    "So, would you like to go out, sometime?" He asked. Megan walked in, just then.
    "Sydney! Your place looks amazing!" She interrupted. Harry and I laughed awkwardly.
    "Thanks." I replied. I wanted more time with Harry, but Megan didn't seem to get the hint. 
    "Oh." It finaly clicked in her brain. "Did I interrupt something?" I nodded awkwardly. She walked away, and apoligised.
    "I would love to Harry." I finally answered. He smiled. "Would you like to come over for dinner one night? I figure your flat might be a little loud, with four other guys." He chuckled.
    "I'll kick them out for the night. Do you want to come over, Friday at six? I'll make dinner." 
    "That would be wonderful." He hugged me. "Megan!" I called. "You can come back in!" I finished. Megan came skipping in. 
    "Well, I'd better get back. The boys are probably wondering where I am." 
    "Do you want me to walk you out?" I offered. He nodded, and Megan rolled her eyes at me. I walked out the door with Harry, and shut it behind me. "What's your flat number?" I asked him. 
    "We're the whole top floor. You have to go to the bottom, to go to the 'special elevator' to get to the top floor."
    "Ooh. Fancy." I teased him. He chuckled. "I guess I'll see you Fridsy then." He smiled, and hugged me goodbye. He left me with a peck on the cheek. I could feel my face turn red as he was leaving.
    "He kissed you, didn't he?" Megan asked. I just walked through the door, and she starts questioning me. 
    "Can't I at least sit down before you go all CSI on me? Gosh Megan, I hate it when you do that!" He just laughed, and shurgged it off. "And to answer your question, he kissed me on the cheek." 
    "Did he ask you on a date?" she pryed. 
    "Friday night, six, his flat, on the top floor." She gave me a wolf whistle, and I shook my head. "Oh! And, guess what?!" I said, excited. 
    "What?!" Megan asked, enthusiastically.
    "I met a really hot guy at Ikea named Finn, and he gave me his number." I told her. She rolled her eyes at me. "What?" I asked
    "You are dying for a date with Harry, and you have Finn's number... Chicky!! You can't be dating both of them." I sighed 
    "I know. I know. I'm going to go on a date with both, and see who I have more chemistry with." She sighed. 
    "What now?" I asked her. 
    "Nothing. I just don't want anyone hurt." She replied. 
    "I know. No one's going to get they're heart broken after one date." I assured her. 
    "Well, I better get going!" She told me. "I'm gonna make dinner!" I told her goodbye, and realised that I still haven't gone shopping for food yet. I decided to just go out to Nandos. 
    I brought my Nandos home, and called Finn after I ate    . 
    "Hi Finn! This is Sydney from Ikea today!" I told him, after he picked up the phone. 
    "Hey! What's up?" He replied. We got a conversation going, and he asked me out on a date for next Friday night, and I agreed. I texted Megan.
    "Got a date with Harry Friday, and next Friday, I've got a date with Finn."
    "Good luck." She replied. I felt that, that message was full of sarcasm, but I really didn't care. 
    It was finally Friday night. My date with Harry. I went to the 'special elevator' as he had called it, and went up to their flat. It was huge! Harry was in their kitchen, and saw my amazement of the size. He laughed at me.
    "What?! This place is huge!" He laughed again.
    "So I've been told!" I laughed at him. 
    "Well, can you really deny it? I mean, c'mon! You saw my place! One of my flats could probably fit into a bedroom!" He just chuckled. I walked into the kitchen.
    "What are you cooking?" I asked him. 
    "Chicken carbonara, with breadsticks." He replied. 
    "Yum. That sounds amazing!" I replied. 
    "It is!" He replied, and I chuckled. 
    "Do you need any help?" I asked. He nodded.
    "Can you see if the pasta is done while I put the breadsticks in the oven?" I nodded, and grabbed two noodles. I put one in my mouth to try, and threw the other on the ceiling. As Harry stood up from putting the breadsticks back in the oven, the ceiling noodle fell on his head. He smiled, as he felt the noodle on his head. I tried to control my laughter, but I couldn't. I burst into laughter. He took the noodle of his head and threw it at me. It hit me straight in the face. I was on the floor, being dramatic.
    "Is the poor little baby okay?" Harry asked. He was kneeling down next to where I was laying. I shook my head. "Where does it hurt?" He asked.
    "My lips." I told him. I took the noodle away from my face, and held it in my hand. 
    "Let me take a closer look." He leaned in, and kissed me. It was a romantic first kiss. He broke the kiss.
    "It feels a bit better, but not completely." I told him. He leaned in again and kissed me. It lasted longer than the first kiss. It was romantic. He broke the kiss once more.
    "Yep. It's all better now." I replied. He smiled.
    "Are you sure? Because I can help once more, you know. Just to make sure." I slightly blushed.
    "Just to be safe." I replied. Our lips moved in sync. His tounge was wanting permission to enter my mouth, but I wasn't going to let it go that far. I still needed to go on a date with Finn, and it was only our first date, if you don't count Starbucks. The kiss was broken.
    "It's definitely better." I smiled. He got up, and helped me up.
    "Do you think the noodles are ready now?" He asked. 
    "Let me see." I took a noodle, and threw it up to the ceiling. Harry made sure he wasn't under it. The noodle stayed, and he drained them. He put it all together, and before bringing it to the table, he sat me down. He poured me some wine, and brought the food to the table. 
    He got me some, and dished himself some. "Harry! This is amazing!" I told him. 
    "Thank you. To be honest, I found the recipie yesterday." I giggled.
    "Well, it's amazing." After we ate, we watched the Notebook. He walked me back to my flat, and left me with a goodnight kiss. I had to admit, Harry left me weak in the knees. He gave me butterflies, everytime I looked at him. Even to see his name light up on my phone, gave me butterflies. I haven't felt this way about anyone before. The next day I had Megan come over. I told her all the details of the date.
    "I don't know if I even want to go out with Finn now. Harry gives me butterflies. I've never felt like this before. Not even with Noah. I mean, he made me feel special, but I never felt weak in the knees, or all these butterflies."
    "I know you probably don't want to hear this, but, I think you should still give Finn a chance. I mean, Finn could make you feel like this too, you never know." 
    She was right, I didn't want to hear that.

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