Maybe It Was Fate

Sydney and Noah were engagaed. Everything was perfect, until a car accident, that changed her life completely. One day, while walking the streets of London, Sydney ran into Harry. Will he be able to let Sydney fall in love again?


5. Sparkling Eyes

    Harry and I have basically not stopped talking to each other, since our date. We're either texting each other, or on the phone. Megan is annoyed with it, but if she felt like this, then she would be doing the same thing. My date with Finn was tonight, and I was really dreading it. I know I need to give him a chance, I just don't want to. He told me we were going bowling, and lazer tagging. It sounded fun, but I didn't know how much fun it would be. Harry asked me out on another date tonight, but I had to tell him that I had plans with some old friends. I had to beg Megan to agree to this if he asked her. Which wasn't very likely, seeing that they never talk to each other. 
    There was a knock on my door. I quickly went to answer it. It was Finn. We went out. There's really nothing to tell of that date, besides the fact that it was a total disaster. We had nothing in common, and I mean, nothing. I beat him at bowling, and lazer tag. I could tell he was mad that he got beat by a girl. And, he was definitley trying his hardest. He was very attractive, but not worth it. It was only nine when I got back from my date with Finn, so I changed into sweats, and a tank on, I took off all my makeup, and put my hair in a messy bun, and put on my glasses. I headed straight to Megan's. I opened the door, and standing there, was Harry. 
    "Hey! What are you doing here?" I asked him. He looked up at me. He stood there in total shock. "What?" I asked nervously. I remembered that I had no makeup on, and looked like a mess. "Oh. Shit." I whispered.
    "No. Sydney. You look beautiful without makeup." He tried to convince me. 
    "Thanks." I replied, not believeing him. 
    "No. You really do." He replied.
    "Anyway," I replied, trying to get off the subject. "What are you doing here?" I asked him. 
    "Oh right. I wanted to ask you face to face for a second date. So, would you like to come over again for dinner, tomorrow night?" 
    "I would love to." I replied. The butterflies were going crazy in my stomach. He kissed me goodbye, and I shut the door. I texted Megan. 'I'm coming over.' She responded with a, 'k' and I went to her flat. 
    "How was the date with Finn?" She asked. 
    "Total disaster." I told her. "But I've got another date with Harry!" I sang, she smiled. "I really like him Megan." She smiled.
    "I know. And I'm glad to see you happy again, after Noah."
    "I never thought I'd fall in love with anyone again after Noah. But, I guess we'll see what happens." She smiled. "Do you want me to take you out to Starbucks tomorrow?" I asked her.
    "Really?!" She looked at me shocked. I just laughed.
    "Yeah! We haven't done that in forever, and I feel like I owe you." 
    "Sydney you don't have-"
    "I know. But I want to. Come over at 10. By then, it shouldn't be busy." I wouldn't let her say no, so I got up and left. I went to bed, and when I got up the next morning, I got ready, and took Megan to Starbucks. After Starbucks, we went shopping for a bit, and, she helped me get ready for my date. 
    I got into white pants, a hot pink tank, and a jean jacket, with only half sleeves. I curled my hair, and Megan did my makeup. I was always jealous of the way she did makeup, so I loved it when she did mine. After she helped me, I went to Harry's. I walked in, and Harry was trying to get all the guys out. There was silence, as I walked into the kitchen. All of the boys were looking at me.     
    "Did I come too early?" Was all I could get out. 
    "Um.. No. Just in time. The guys were just leaving." Harry replied. 
    "You got to introduce us first, mate." The blonde one spoke. 
    "Sydney, this is Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn."  He pointed to each one. I nodded.     
    "Nice to meet you all." I told them.
    "Yeah. You two. Harry has told us so much about you." Zayn spoke.
    "But, Harry, Sydney's eyes sparkle a bit more than you described." Louis told us. I could feel my face turning red. "Don't worry babe, I'm only teasing." Louis told me when he pulled me in for a hug. The guys all pulled me in for a hug. 
    "Well, we'll leave you two love birds." Liam spoke. The elevator doors shut. 
    "I'm so sorry about them." Harry apoligised.
    "No! Don't worry about it! They're funny." I replied.
    "I'm glad you like them. You look beautiful tonight."
    "Thank you!" I replied.
    We sat down for dinner, and this time, we had grilled chicken. "Sydney, why'd you come here in the first place?" Harry asked me.
    "My mum kicked me out." I replied. 
    "I'm so sorry!" He replied.
    "No don't worry about it! A lot of good has come from it." I replied.
    "Can, I ask, why she kicked you out?" I nodded in response.
    "I was engaged, about a year ago, and we got in a car accident, and he died from it. I ended up becoming really depressed, and she got sick of it, so she kicked me out." I replied.
    "Sydney, I am so sorry about that." He was being sincere.
    "Don't worry about it, Harry. Really. Can I tell you something?" He nodded, and I continued. "As in love as I was, he never gave me the butterflies that you give me." 

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