Maybe It Was Fate

Sydney and Noah were engagaed. Everything was perfect, until a car accident, that changed her life completely. One day, while walking the streets of London, Sydney ran into Harry. Will he be able to let Sydney fall in love again?


20. Leaving On Tour

It was getting close to the time when the guys had to go back on tour. I knew all of us were dreading it. Everyone had come over a few nights before the guys were leaving, and no one would let go of each other. Tonight was the second to last night until the boys were leaving. Everyone was over, and Darcy was up. 

"How has she been?" Perrie asked. She had been holding her.

"She is literally the quietest baby ever." I told her. She looked at me confused.

"She won't cry when she wakes up, she sleeps a lot, and she's just super quiet." Harry finished.

"Who's characteristic is that?" Perrie joked. Harry and I looked at each other.

"It has to be Harry. Sydney is not quiet." Megan announced. I laughed, and so did Harry.

"Harry isn't quiet either!" Niall replied. 

"They gave us the wrong baby!" I joked. 

"She looks too much like you to be the wrong baby." Harry told me. With both of us having green eyes, and dark brown curly hair, it was weird to think that she looked just like me. We changed topics, and ended up watching a movie instead.

"I'm going to make popcorn." I announced. Megan got up with me.

"I'll help you." She replied. I handed Darcy to Harry, and went to the kitchen. We walked to the kitchen quietly. "My parents want to meet Darcy." She told me. I nodded, when I was looking for the popcorn in the pantry. I found it, and grabbed five bags of it. I walked to the microwave.

"When?" I asked her, putting a bag in. She was walking over to the cupboard to grab the colourful bowls. 

"I told them we wanted to spend time with the guys before they leave, so after they leave. And they wanted to meet the guys, but they understood when I told them that they're leaving, and not coming back for a few months." She told me, while standing up. I took the bowls from her, and set them on the counter. 

"Do you want to go on Thursday?" I asked her. She nodded. It was the day after the guys were leaving, and I'm not sure how emotionally stable I'll be once they're gone. The microwave beeped, and I grabbed a bowl. I poured the popcorn into the bowl, and handed it to Megan, for her to take out. She came back in, as I was putting another bag of popcorn into the microwave. "Just as long as my mum doesn't show up, I'll go." I told her. I could see the look on her face. My mum was going to be there. "When were you going to tell me that she was going to be there?" I asked her.

"I was hoping you wouldn't leave when we showed up, and she was there too. Sydney, you can't go without talking to your mum for forever." She tried to convince me. I took the second bag out of the microwave, and poured it into a bowl.

"I can sure try. Megan, if my mum is going to be there, then I'm not coming." I told her. She groaned, and grabbed the bowl. She took it out, and I put another bag in. 

"I'll call my parents and tell them tomorrow." She said when she was coming back in. 

"Thank you." I told her. We sat in silence, waiting for the next bag to finish. "Who has popcorn?" I asked her.

"I gave a bowl to Zayn and Perrie, and Louis and Eleanor." I nodded. The third bag finished, and I put it in a bowl, and gave it to Megan. I put another bag in, and waited for Megan to come back. "Why are you so afraid to see her?" She asked me. I paused, trying to gather my thoughts.

"Because Megan. I leave and within two weeks I have a new boyfriend, and after a month of being with him, I get pregnant. Don't you think she'll have some choice words for me?" I asked her. She shrugged.

"I still don't understand." She replied. I got the popcorn out, and poured it in a bowl. I didn't bother handing it to Megan seeing as if Harry or Niall got it, it'd be gone by the time we got back. 

"Because Megan, you haven't been rejected by your whole family, your whole life. Your dad didn't leave just after you were born. Your siblings are all close, and don't blame you for your dad leaving. All of your relatives talk to you, Megan." I told her, as I was putting another bag in the microwave. Tears were forming in my eyes. She stopped the conversation after that. She knew it was true. Her family was the exact oppisite of mine, and she knew how jealous I was, because I wanted a family like that. I let the tears silently fall. I heard Megan walking out with the bowl of popcorn, and I heard someone else walking in. Arms were wrapped around my waist, and I automatically knew it was Harry.

"What's wrong babe?" He asked. I shook my head.

"Nothing." I tried to convince him. He chuckled.

"You're crying. There has to be something." He was trying so hard to get me to tell him. The microwave went off, and I wiped the tears from my face.

"Can we talk about this later?" I asked him. He nodded, and I opened the microwave, and poured the popcorn into the last bowl. Harry grabbed it from me, and we walked out into the living room. I saw that Megan had Darcy. I walked over to Megan. "Can I take her?" I whispered. She nodded, and handed me Darcy. I walked back to Harry, and laid down next to him. He pulled me close, and my back was on his chest. The movie ended, and everyone said goodbye, and said that they'd see us on Wednesday. Harry and I walked to our bedroom. I had Darcy in my arms. We walked into our bedroom, and I laid Darcy down, on the duvet. I walked to the closet, and grabbed Harry's clothes. He chuckled when he saw me wearing them again. "I think you should just leave these here." I told him, while walking to the bathroom. He was right behind me, and he laughed at me again.

"You do look good in them." He replied. I turned my head, smiling.

"Exactly why you should leave them." I told him. He nodded. I grabbed my toothbrush, and started brushing my teeth. After brushing my teeth, I took my makeup off, and headed back to the bedroom.

"So, what happened with you and Megan, earlier?" He asked. I told him everything, and ended up in tears again. He held me close. "Hey, shhh, it's going to be okay. Okay?" He bushed my hair behind my ear with his hands. He kissed me, and we heard Darcy giggle.

"What are you doing still awake? Huh, silly?" I asked her, and she giggled again. We pulled back the covers, and I laid Darcy down. I laid her down, and laid next to her. Harry shut off the light, and laid on the other side of Darcy. 

"I love you, Sydney."

"I love you too, Harry." I fell asleep quickly after that.

On Tuesday, we spent our whole day at home, cuddling, and playing with Darcy, dreading the fact that Harry was leaving tomorrow. Darcy knew something was up, and wasn't as giggly as usual. We put Darcy in her crib, early, and we went to our room, shortly after that. We stayed up watching tv, and trying to enjoy each other. I fell asleep at 10, with Harry's arms around me.

"Sydney. It's time to get up. We have to be there in an hour." Harry told me. I groaned, and he chuckled. I grabbed my phone off of my nightstand, and I saw that it was six. 

"Too early." I protested. He chuckled, and leaned down, over me. He placed soft kisses on my neck, and grabbed my hand. Slowly, he pulled me up. I placed my feet over the side of the bed, trying to wake up. I got up, and walked to Darcy's room. I changed her diaper, and changed her clothes. I got her a bottle, and went back to mine and Harry's room. I sat on the bed while feeding Darcy. Harry was close to ready, as Darcy was finishing up her bottle. He took her from me, when he was finally finished getting ready. I got up, and I went to the bathroom. I did my makeup and hair, and went to the closet, I changed into sweats, and a t-shirt, making sure Harry's clothes, stayed there.

"I need my clothes." He said, smiling.

"I saw my favourite shirt missing. Your not getting those clothes back." I teased. He shurgged, and let me keep them. We were ready with a half an hour to spare. "Why'd you wake me up so early?" I asked him. He chuckled.

"Because, I thought you'd take longer to get ready. We still need to eat." He replied. I shrugged, and got up off the bed. I walked to the kitchen. I looked in the freezer, for the frozen waffles. I found the plain ones, and the chocolate chip ones. I put two of each in the toaster, and got two plates out.

"Do you want syrup with your waffles?" I asked he nodded. I put the syrup on the table, along with two forks. The waffles popped out of the toaster, and I put them on the plates. We ate our breakfast, and grabbed Harry's bag. We put it into the car, and put Darcy in the backseat. He opened the door for me, and I got in. He walked around to the other side, and got in. He buckled up, started the car, and we left. He grabbed my hand and held it tightly. We got to the airport at 7. Right when we needed to be there. They were going to leave at 7:30. We walked in, and found the rest of the group. We sat there for what seemed like two minutes, when Paul walked in, and told us it was time to leave. Harry picked Darcy up out of her carrier, and told her goodbye. She giggled, and I could see tears forming in Harry's eyes. He put her back in her carrier, and I walked closer to him. He pulled me into his chest. I smelled his cologne. I held him tightly. I didn't want him to leave. "Don't leave." I mumbled. I felt a tear drop onto my head, which made my tears fall. 

"Trust me, I don't want to." He replied. He kissed the top of my head. I held him tightly. I leaned up and kissed him for the last time for a few months, and he grabbed his bag. "I love you." He told me.

"I love you too." I replied. He smiled at me, and walked onto the plane. 

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