Maybe It Was Fate

Sydney and Noah were engagaed. Everything was perfect, until a car accident, that changed her life completely. One day, while walking the streets of London, Sydney ran into Harry. Will he be able to let Sydney fall in love again?


18. Going Into Labor

A/N: hey guys, so I'm going to skip a couple months ahead because I'm having major writers block, so this is the only thing I could think of. Thanks for reading! I hope you're enjoying this book, and leave comments, and like it and stuff like that...

"Megan, we need to go to the hospital." I announced. She looked at me confused, and then realised. She got up quickly, and we packed me a bag, for the hospital, and then we left. On the way, I called Harry. 
"Harry, you need to come home." I told him. He questioned it at first, then he realised. I didn't understand why people weren't understanding that I was going into labor.
"I'll be there soon, love. I promise." He replied. Megan and I got to the hospital, and they brought us to a room, and I laid down. After a few minutes, Eleanor, Perrie, and Danielle all walked in. I could tell they were excited. 
"When are the boys supposed to be here?" Megan asked, as the girls were all sitting down. 
"They're flying in from Berlin, so they'll be here in about two hours." I told them. They nodded. We talked, and I expirenced a lot of pain, and I got medicine for it. I fell asleep after about an hour, while the girls were still talking. 
Harry's POV
"Calm down mate. She's not going to have the baby before we get there." Niall chuckled. 
"I know. I know. I just want to be there soon." I replied. 
"I know. But we can only get there so fast." Niall calmed me down. I had calmed down enough in order to fall asleep for the last stretch of the ride. Niall woke me up, just before landing. I got really excited. The landing was quickly, and we got into the van after passing through a small crowd of people. The drive to the hospital was a quick five minutes at the most. 
"Excuse me?" I asked the nurse at the desk. She looked up at me. "Can you tell me where Sydney Spendlove is?" I asked her. She paused a moment before responding. 
"Room 302." She replied. I thanked her, and we took the elevator to the third floor. We found the room, and walked in. The girls all stood up, and Sydney was asleep on the bed. Everyone greeted each other, but I just sat by Sydney's bed, waiting for her to wake up. I said hello to the girls, but then waited again. They were all having their own conversations. I saw Sydney stir, probably from the noise. Her eyes fluttered open, and she smiled when she saw me. 
"Hello love." I greeted her. She smiled. I leaned down and kissed her. I saw her smile turn into a frown as the pain came to her. 
"Can you get a nurse?" She asked. I nodded, and I got a nurse. She came in, and checked on her. 
"Okay, well, as quickly as that was, you are fully dialated now, so I'll get the doctor." She replied. I could see the fear in Sydney's eyes, as she realised that she was about to give birth. Everyone walked out, but I stayed right by her side. The doctor came in, and told Sydney what she had to do. After about 15 minutes, our baby was born. They cleaned her off and weighed her and measured her. She was 7lbs 2oz. And was 18inches long. They gave her to Sydney, and she cried tears of joy. Everyone came back in, and she handed me our baby. There was silence. 
"So, what are you going to name her?" Liam asked, breaking the silence. Sydney and I looked at each other. 
"We hadn't really thought about it." Sydney replied. Slowly, everyone started leaving, and Sydney fell asleep quickly. She had our baby girl in her arms, and I decided to take a picture of them. I sat down and fell asleep in the chair next to the bed.
I woke up, and it was dark outside. I saw Sydney laying on the bed with our baby. I couldn't even describe the feeling knowing that it was our baby. 
"Darcy Claire Styles." She told me. I smiled. 
"Are you sure?" I asked her. She nodded. "I love that name." 

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