Maybe It Was Fate

Sydney and Noah were engagaed. Everything was perfect, until a car accident, that changed her life completely. One day, while walking the streets of London, Sydney ran into Harry. Will he be able to let Sydney fall in love again?


19. Bringing Darcy Home

Sydney's POV
It was our last day in the hospital. I gave Darcy to Harry, and got showered. I had changed into sweats, and a sweatshirt with a tank top underneath. I walked out, and saw Harry singing to Darcy. I stood in the doorway of the bathroom, smiling to myself, knowing that Harry was going to be a wonderful dad. I got everything together, and I sat on the bed. 

"Security should be here soon." Harry told me. I nodded, and grabbed my phone while waiting. I saw that Harry had posted pictures of the three of us, and one of Darcy and I sleeping on instagram.

"You're proud, aren't you." He smiled at me, which answered my question. His phone started ringing, and he answered it.

"Hello?... Okay... We'll be there shortly... Bye." He hung up the phone, and put Darcy in her carrier. "They're down in the lobby." I stood up, and Harry grabbed the carrier, and I grabbed my bag, and we walked to the elevator. We got down to the bottom, and there were a lot of body gaurds there. I understand though with Harry being so overprotective of Darcy and I. We walked out and there were a lot of fans there, along with the paparazzi. There were a lot of camera's flashing, and it was really loud, which worried me. Darcy was asleep and I didn't want her to wake up. We got through everyone, and got to the car, Harry opened the door, and I put Darcy's carrier, into the carseat, to keep her in place, and Harry ran around to the front seat. I stayed in the back with Darcy, making sure to be there if she were to wake up. 

"She sleeps a lot." I told Harry as we were leaving the parking lot. He chuckled.

"She's just like you." He replied. We got home quickly, and without Darcy making a sound. We got home, and I knew I had to feed her, but she wouldn't wake up. 

"Harry, she needs to eat, but she won't wake up." I told him worried. He took her from me, and spoke quietly.

"Darcy, baby, you need to wake up." He spoke a bit longer, and she finally woke up. I fed her, and she fell back to sleep quickly. I walked her to her room, and put her in her crib. I put the baby monitor on, and quietly shut the door. I walked out, and saw Harry sitting on the couch. "Would you like to show me around?" He asked.

"Yes, but right after, we're going to sleep." He nodded, and we walked around. I showed him every corner of the new flat. I saved our bedroom for last, because I knew walking in there, I'd probably want to head straight to the bed. I showed him the closet, and the bathroom, and we headed to bed. We laid down. "This bed is much more comfortable with another person." I told him. He pulled me close, and I fell asleep in his arms. 

I woke up a few hours later and it was getting dark. I hadn't heard Darcy cry, or anything. Harry wasn't next to me when I woke up. I took my time waking up, and I got up, and walked out into the living room. I saw Harry holding Darcy, and he was singing to her. I quietly walked over, and sat on the couch next to him. The song he was singing was familiar. He finished, and handed Darcy to me.

"What song was that?" I asked him.

"Isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonder. It was my audition song for XFactor." He replied. I remember seeing all the guys' auditions, and they were all wonderful. 

"I knew it sounded familiar. It sounds amazing when you sing it." I told him. He pulled me into his chest, and held me close. He kissed the top of my head, and I turned my head to kiss him, when Darcy woke up. She didn't scream or anything, she just woke up. "Hi Darcy! Are you ready to eat?" I asked in a baby voice. I heard Harry chuckling behind me, which made me smile. She giggled, and I fed her. We put her back to bed, after she fell asleep. We looked in the kitchen for food, and there was a knock on the door. 

"We brought you dinner!" It was Niall and Megan. I smiled when I opened the door.

"Thanks! Come on in!" I replied. They walked in the front door, and walked to the kitchen.

"We figured that you guys would be tired, and busy taking care of Darcy, that you wouldn't have eaten, so we brought Nandos." Niall explained. I thanked them once more.

"This is really sweet. Thank you." I hugged both of them, and so did Harry. We grabbed forks, and headed to the table.

"So, where's my little niece?" Megan asked excitedly.

"She just fell back asleep. She's literally the quietest baby ever. She didn't even cry when waking up. It's the wierdest thing!" I exclaimed, before putting a forkfull of food in my mouth. Megan smiled. There was a look in her face, that I knew she thought it was super adorable.

"When do you guys go back on tour?" Megan asked. My smile went away quickly, knowing that it was going to be too soon. 

"Well, tonight was an award show in Germany, but they understood why we couldn't be there, so the awards that we won are coming into London, and then we're flying back to the States. And we're going to Denver, and then after we're done with America and Canada, we have a long break, and we can come back here, and we can go to Austrailia." Harry replied. I smiled, that they'd be back here soon after leaving again. "But we're leaving again next week." The disappointment came back, and I continued to eat my food. After a while of talking about Megan helping me with Darcy if I needed it, and if we were going to have more children or not, Megan and Niall left. Harry and I never decided if we were going to have more children when Niall and Megan were here, so while getting ready for bed, I brought it up again.

"Are we going to have more kids?" I asked him.

"Do you want more?" I nodded. 

"Do you?" I asked him. He nodded. 

"I think we should wait a little while though, you know? I mean, I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, but my carrer, is just too much right now to take care of more than one kid." He told me. I nodded.

"No, I know. I can't handle more than one child right now either, and your carrer is definitley more important, I just wanted to know if you wanted more kids." I replied.

"You and Darcy are more important than my carrer." He told me. We laid in bed, and he held me close. I was glad to have him back, but I was sad that he was going to leave me soon. I wanted to enjoy my family, while I had them, so I got up, and went and got Darcy. I brought her back to bed, and laid her down between Harry and I. Harry kissed my forehead, and I fell asleep right away.

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