Maybe It Was Fate

Sydney and Noah were engagaed. Everything was perfect, until a car accident, that changed her life completely. One day, while walking the streets of London, Sydney ran into Harry. Will he be able to let Sydney fall in love again?


17. Boy or Girl!

           "Good morning love." Harry spoke behind me in bed. 
           "Hi." I replied. I was exhausted, and hungry. "I'm tired, and hungry." I told him. He chuckled. 
           "Okay, well, you get in the shower, and I'll make you breakfast. What do you want to eat?" He asked. 
           "Chocolate ice cream, with fruit." I replied. 
           "For breakfast?" He joked. I nodded, and sat up. I walked to the shower, and put my hair up. I didn't need to wash my hair, so I quickly showered. When I got out, I saw Harry sitting there with a bowl if ice cream with fruit. 
           "You're the best." I told him with a mouthful of ice cream. He kissed the top of my head, and turned the shower back on. I finished my ice cream, and went into my suitcase. I grabbed a pair of leggings, and the pink and white striped tank top. I put my hair up in a pony tail, and by the time I finished my makeup, Harry was all ready. We walked out into the kitchen so he could eat breakfast. I grabbed myself some more ice cream. Everyone slowly came out of their rooms, and saw Harry and I. 
           "Are you excited?" Megan asked me. I nodded. We had ten minutes before we needed to leave, and I was starting to get really excited. Harry and I finished eating, and we left. Paul had to take us in the big van. We got to the doctors office, and again, had to fill out some paperwork, because we weren't in London. We waited for about 15 minutes, before someone came out. 
            "Sydney?" Harry and I stood up. "How far along are you?" She asked, when we were walking down the hall. 
            "18 weeks." I replied. She nodded. 
            "That means, you get to find out the sex today." She told us. I nodded. We walked in the room, and she told us she would send the doctor in. After about five minutes, the doctor came in, and introduced herself. She came up with some small talk. She rubbed that bitter cold jelly on me, and looked around. She found our baby and started telling us what was what. She looked for a moment, and spoke. 
             "You're going to be having a girl." She told us. I started crying tears of joy, and Harry kissed my head. 
            "How much longer will I be able to travel?" I asked her, after calming down. I didn't want to hear the answer, but I knew it was coming. 
            "You should probably be done traveling Withing the next few weeks." She replied. I was right, I didn't want to hear the answer. I nodded. We finished up our appointment, and Harry and I left. We were sitting in the car in silence, and the car was still parked. 
            "I can just cancel the shows before and then about a week after the baby." He suggested. 
            "Your fans are more important than me, Harry. They've been with you for almost three years, I've been with you for six months." I replied. He looked down, trying to figure out what to do. "Harry, just continue with tour. I'll see if Megan would be okay with coming back with me, and if not, I've got the girls anyway. I'll be okay, Harry. I promise." He nodded. 
            "I just don't want to be apart from you for that long." He replied. 
            "It won't be that long." I replied. "You can come out and see us when she's born, and a few months after, we can come out to visit." He nodded, and kissed me sweetly. We drove back to the hotel. Our hands were linked, and we sat in silence, hoping that these next few weeks would go by slowly. We got back to the hotel, and everyone was waiting for us. We walked in smiling. Everyone looked up anxiously. 
            "So?" Niall asked. Harry and I looked at each other, and then looked back. 
            "It's a girl!" I replied. They all cheered, and after a few minutes, I pulled Megan into the other room. "Megan, I know this is a lot to ask, but, the doctor said that I could only travel for a few more weeks, and then I had to stop. So, could you come back with me?" I asked her. 
             "Of course, Sydney!" She replied. She pulled me into a hug. We walked back out, and Harry looked at me, as if to ask if she was coming back with me. I nodded, and he smiled. I walked over to him, and he held me tight, kissing the top of my head. 
             "I'm hungry, and tired." I whispered in his ear. He chuckled, and pulled me into the kitchen. 
             "What do you want?" He asked. 
             "A peanut butter sandwich." I replied. 
             "Don't you hate peanut butter though?" He asked, confused. I nodded. 
             "But for some reason, I'm craving it." I told him. He chuckled, and sat me down. He made me a peanut butter sandwich. I ate it, disgusted that I was craving it. "Can we go take a nap now?" I asked. He nodded, and we walked off to bed. I woke up after a nap and grabbed my phone. I saw a notification. Harry had tweeted, and tagged me in it. 
             'Proud to say, that @sydspendlove and I are having a girl.' I smiled to myself knowing that he cared so much. 

             The next few weeks went by, extremely fast. All of the boys decided to come, say goodbye. We got out, and walked through the airport. I hugged Louis, Liam and Zayn, and they all told me that I could call the girls if I needed them, then walked over to Niall. 
            "Take care of her." He joked. 
            "I'm sorry for taking her away from you." I told him. 
            "Hey, don't worry about it." He pulled me in a hug. "Besides, you probably need her more than I do right now. And it's only a few months." The hug was broken. 
            "Take care of him." I told Niall. 
            "We will." He assured me. We said our goodbyes, and I walked over to Harry. 
            "I'm going to miss you, babe." He told me. 
            "I'm going to miss you too." I replied. We were hugging each other tightly. 
            "We'll Skype every night." He promised. "I need to see our new place." I didn't want to let go, but they called for our flight, and we had to. 
             "I love you Harry." I said. It was the first time that I had said it, and I truly meant it. 
             "I love you too." He replied. He kissed me passionately, and I started walking away. Megan and I were walking next to each other, and I could tell she didn't want to leave either. 
             "You can stay, Megan." I offered. 
             "No, Sydney. I promised I'd come with you. As much as I don't want to leave, I promised you. Besides, we all know that all five of them are going to come once she's born." Megan replied. The plane took off, and I let the tears fall. So did Megan. It wasn't a very long plane ride, because we were only in Germany. We got back to London quickly, and as I turned my phone, there was a text from Harry. 
             "Call me when you land. I love you, and I mean it." I smiled to myself, and called him. 
             "We just landed." I told him. "I love you too, and I mean it too." I was trying to keep the tears in, as I was on the phone with him. He needed to stay on tour. 
             "Good." He replied. "I'll Skype you tonight." He finished. 
             "Okay. I'll text you when we get to our new house. I love you."
             "Okay. I love you too." We said our goodbyes, and hung up. There was a car waiting for us when we got out of the airport. The car drove us to an unfamiliar building, but it was in a familiar neighbourhood. It was extremely close to the one that all seven of us used to share. We walked inside, and someone from the front desk came and talked to us. 
             "You must be Sydney. Hi! I'm Kathrine, and I'm the building manager. Here's your key to your new flat, if you need anything, just come talk to me." I thanked her, and we took the elevator up to the top floor. It was just like the other flat, in the way that it took up the whole top floor. Megan and I went exploring, trying to figure out which room was which. There were two guest bedrooms, and a room for a baby girl. Tears of joy came to my eyes, as I saw how amazing this room was. If I had decorated it, it would be no where near this good. Megan had set her stuff down in one of the guest rooms, and we finally found the master bedroom. It was huge! Bigger than the one at the other flat. There was plenty of space in this bedroom. I walked into the closet, and it was so big, you could probably fit a queen size bed in there. The bathroom was bigger than the closet. The tub could fit ten people, and the shower could fit five. This place was huge. I don't know why Harry thought we needed a place this big, but I absolutely loved it. 
             'At the new place. I absolutely love it. Text me when the show's over so I can get my laptop set up. Love you.' I texted Harry. 
             'Good. I'm glad you like it. I will. I love you too.' I started unpacking, and got tired, so I fell asleep. I woke up to a text from Harry saying that the show was over, so I grabbed my laptop. I opened Skype, and waited. About fifteen minutes later, I got a call from Harry. I ran over to my laptop, and eagerly answered the call.   
              "Harry! How big of a place did you think we needed?!" 
              "Well, hello to you too." He replied. I giggled, and said hello. I took him on a tour of the flat, saving our bedroom for last. He absolutely adored the baby's room, and loved our room. We talked for hours, and before I could hang up, I fell asleep, talking to Harry.

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