Maybe It Was Fate

Sydney and Noah were engagaed. Everything was perfect, until a car accident, that changed her life completely. One day, while walking the streets of London, Sydney ran into Harry. Will he be able to let Sydney fall in love again?


7. Apoligising

    I woke up, and felt Harry's arm around me. The memories from last night came flooding in. I grabbed my phone off of the nightstand, and looked at the time. It was one in the afternoon. I didn't hear any noise coming from outside. I heard Harry start to wake up. It was still dark in his room. 
    "Good afternoon, sunshine." I greeted him. He chuckled.
    "Is it really afternoon?" He asked, with a tired voice.
    "It's one!" I replied. He laughed.
    "Do you think we should get up?" He asked.
    "That might be a smart idea." I replied. After five minutes of stretching and everything, we finally got up. We quietly walked out, and saw that everyone was asleep, in the living room. Megan didn't bother going home either. Her and Niall were cuddled up on the couch, and the rest of the boys were on the second couch, a loveseat, and a bean bag. I took a picture of everyone.
    "I don't think they had the energy to go into their rooms." I whispered. "Do you think we should make breakfast?" I asked Harry, and he nodded. We tip toed into the kitchen, and decided to make chocolate chip pancakes (my favourite). After we finished, we dicided to eat without everyone sleep, because we could hear them, when we were falling asleep. Slowly, one by one, everyone came in, and grabbed a plate of pancakes. Liam was first, then Niall, Megan, then Zayn, and Louis came in last. You could feel the awkwardness in the air, when Louis walked in. He walked in, and eveyone went silent.
    "Hey Lou." Harry was the first one to speak. 
    "Hey everyone!" Louis replied. He grabbed a plate of pancakes, and no one was talking still. He came over and sat down, in the only empty seat, right next to me. "Why is no one talking?!" He asked. No one continued to speak. Louis dropped his fork on the plate, and it was loud. It scared everyone, but probably me the most. "Okay, look. I know everything that happened last night, and Sydney, I'm sorry. Harry, I'm sorry. I don't know why I acted like that. Okay? It was stupid, and I was an idiot, and I'm sorry." There was silence. He was waiting for someone to speak again, and after waiting long enough, he started to get up.
    "No, Louis, wait." I spoke up. "Don't be sorry. You were just having fun, and I wasn't on the mood last night. I overreacted, and I'm sorry." 
    "Lou, I'm fine. Don't worry about it." Harry replied. Louis sat back down, and again there was silence. I could tell it was getting to Louis, so I spoke up. 
    "What'd you guys do once Harry and I went to bed?" I asked.
    "Oh, we continued truth or dare, but it wasn't that bad, and we all ended up falling asleep." Megan told me. 
    "Oh." I replied. It was silent again. I sat in silence again, after finishing my pancakes. People finished their plates. "Anyone want more?" I asked. They all shook their heads. I grabbed all the plates, and forks, and cups. I went back into the kitchen and started doing the dishes. Harry walked in a few moments after me. I was loading the dishes in the dishwasher.
    "You know we have a maid for that, right?" I nodded. 
    "She shouldn't have to do all the work though." I replied. Tears were forming in my eyes, and my throat got a lump in it. 
    "Sydney." Harry tried to stop me. I ignored him. "Sydney." He grabbed my arm, and turned me around. I burst into tears. "Whats wrong?" He asked. I slid down the counter, and sat on the ground. "What's wrong?" He asked again.
    "I miss having a family. Seeing you guys being able to forgive each other, and be like a family, made me wish I had a family. Megan and her family is the closest thing I have." I barely made that out, from crying. It took a few minutes to get it all out. Harry sat down next to me, and pulled me closer to him.
    "Hey. Hey. It's okay." He whispered. I shook my head.
    "I'm sorry. I probably just didn't get enough sleep." I tried to convince him.
    "No. Sydney. You have a right to feel this way. Your own mum kicked you out. What happened to the rest of your family, though?" He asked.
    "My dad left us, and my mum had to send my three siblings off to live with realitives, and kept me. I tried to get in contact with all of them, but when I would call, each person who would answer the phone, whether it was my realitives, or siblings, would hang up right as they heard my voice." I told him. I could feel him hold me closer. A tear fell onto my head. I looked up at him. "Are you crying?" I asked him. He tried to deny it. "Why are you crying?" I asked him.
    "Because growing up, my family was all so close, and wouldn't have even imagined being like your family. I never knew familys could be like that, until I learned more about the world, and I never knew how much people struggled getting by each and every day, until I learned more about the world, and I can't help but feel sorry, especially since I had such a good family." He replied. I finished doing the dishes, whether he wanted me to or not, and, he actually helped me. 
    "Sydney, the guys and I will always be there for you, no matter what." He pulled me in, and kissed me passionately. The butterflies were stonger than I've ever felt. 

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