Look After You

It is 2088 Gisele and the 11 others are each from the zodiac chosen to go to a Boarding school. They will train and fight against each other winning fame and good fortune for their family. This year is different with the world just coming out of World War III and America on edge. Instead of the winner just wining fame and fortune, the winners will become a secret weapon for America. Changing some rules as well like having to stay partners, same sex dorm rooms and only one from each team can win. Will this cause them to rebel? Especially for love.


22. The Trouble with My Dog

Gisele POV

I sat on the bed wringing my hands waiting for Phelix, five minutes later he came out he looked angry. I stood up “Phelix?” i said “just stay away from him okay?” he told me not looking at me. I was confused, “but-“ i started “just listen to me this once Gisele” he said leaving the dorm. Classes start tomorrow so i had nothing to do because i already unpacked, and the dorm was clean. I sighed my stomach growled, i smiled and knocked on Demi’s door “what!” he yelled, “i-i i’m going to get lunch do you want anything” i asked “no i’d rather die than eat food you’ve touched” i looked down “okay” i left the room teary eyed, i got my food and sat alone at a table.

Normally we’d sit as a group but Phelix wasn’t in here and demi... well hates me. I sat there alone until these four kids sat next to me i haven’t spoke to them they must be the Air tribe. The two twins sat across from me and the two females sat next to me. The female on my left had blonde short straight hair and one eye was blue the other white. The one to my right had white hair that was shoulder length and she had shirly temple curls that would bounce when she talked. The two twins one a boy and the other a girl they both had white almost translucent hair she had side swiped bangs and hair that touched the ground when she sat. He on the other hand had short-ish hair that the front was in a quiff. Their eyes were white with a light tint of blue. “you must be the virgo girl that has everyone in a spell?” the boy spoke, he was sassy “um, yeah i guess that’s me” the twins smiled at me but not a nice one it was more like evil grin. “so where’s your dog Demetrio, thats his name correct?” the girl asked. “um, in his room” my voice was quiet. “i thought he never lets his gem out alone” the boy said alone with posin in his mouth. “he hates me now” my voice cracked. “ohhh what a poor thing” the girl on my right hugged me. “it’s fine i guess” “well were’s my manners i haven’t introduce myself to you, my names Ayden my sister here is Aspen were the Gemini’s” he smiled “but i’m sure you could guess that, the one on your left is Nit she’s an Aquarius, the on your right is Nomiki she’s an Libra” Ayden introduced them to me. “nice to meet you, my name is-“ “Gisele Akakios, your 17, you were born on September 5, 2080, your part of the earth clan and you love the color pink, cats and your favourite food is shrimp” Nit recited.

“uh, yeah” i said shyly. “oh look here comes the dog himself” Nomiki giggled. “he’s not a dog” i told them “what was that?” Aspen asked a bit angry. “he’s not a dog” i repeated. “who isn’t” Ayden asked. “Demetrio” i said. “oh yeah he is, he’s your dog, his whole purpose to take care of you” Ayden laughed. I stood up and yelled “DEMETRIO ISN’T MY DOG! I CAN TAKE CARE OF MYSELF DAMNIT! YOU STUCK UP DUMB ASSHOLES!”  i yelled pouring my water on them “you sure about that” their eyes started to glow and the wind started picking up “yes” then suddenly someone grabbed me from behind and drugged me out of the cafeteria. “are you fucking crazy!?” Demetrio yelled at me.

I kept quiet “they could of ripped you to pieces thats the Air tribe you don’t fuck with them! They come from the most powerful families in the world” he kept on “i’m sorry but they were calling you names” i spoke. “i don’t care what they were calling me, you already caused us problems with the damn spell after i told you to stay away from the water clan, then now we have the air clan as enemies!” he screamed. “i’m sorry i didn’t know they sat with me i was just trying to help myself, because they said i can’t, that...it was your job” i started crying. “you’re so lucky Phelix is friends with Ayden!” he yelled “and it is my job, god damnit why can’t you just stop being a stupid girl!” he yelled. “i’m sorry” i whispered. He growled “go to the room i’ll be in there in a bit” he stood up “where are you going?” i asked. “to clean up your mess” he said walking back in the cafeteria. I followed not listening. “Ayden” he called to him “your girlfriend is brave but she better watch her beack we don’t take kindly to the rude” he growled “i’m sorry she didn’t know about your history she’s dumb and i will suffer her consequence” demy told them. “ha, just like a dog does, she defined you, ya know saying you weren’t a dog and such” ayden laughed “what a young and naive virgo she is” he went on. “i’m sorry i should of kept my eye out on her” he apologized. “Phelix will hear about this” Aspen added “i figured where is your finace?” demy asked. “he said he had to run some arrns and could eat lunch with me” she made a pouting face. “he’s been so busy” she sighed. “i’m sorry” demy said. “now what shall we do with you?” Ayden said circling him “oh i know have leo burn him” Nit offered. Demy flinched “ah, no i have a better idea, something that will kill you from the inside out” ayden smirked “give me Gisele” ayden smirked. “NO!” i shrieked “Gisele i told you to go back to the dorm” demy hissed. I walked to him “demy i know you hate me but please don’t give me away to him, i promise i’ll be good i’ll do whatever you want i’m sorry” i cried. Ayden started laughing “he’s your dog he can’t hate you” ayden smirked. “he’s not a dog!” i told him “and to prove it i’ll take the punishment” i said standing in front of demy. “fine Nit do as you please” Ayden waved his hand “but remember sweetie you’ll be mine, i always get what i want” ayden left “Gisele what are you doing?!” demy hissed. “you’re not my dog” i said and nit took me away.

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