Look After You

It is 2088 Gisele and the 11 others are each from the zodiac chosen to go to a Boarding school. They will train and fight against each other winning fame and good fortune for their family. This year is different with the world just coming out of World War III and America on edge. Instead of the winner just wining fame and fortune, the winners will become a secret weapon for America. Changing some rules as well like having to stay partners, same sex dorm rooms and only one from each team can win. Will this cause them to rebel? Especially for love.


7. New (Dangerous) Friends

Gisele P.O.V

It was the first day of class and yes Demy is following me and made sure we had every class together. At first, I thought it was cute now, it's weird I know he means well but it’s hard to make friends. The only friends I have is Yumi which I barely talked to, Phelix, Cyneric which pisses demy off and, well of course Demy. So today I had to tell him I didn’t want him following me which was hard cause he gets pretty hot headed very easily. “Uh hey Demy?” I causally sat next to him he was drinking tea and on his tablet. “Yeah?” he answered not look at me “um do you mind not following me around today?” I asked wringing out my hands. He was now staring at me almost with hate “why?” his voice was harsh and sharp. “b-because I want to befriend some people and you scare everyone” I said fast his face expression changed to hurt but then into a poker face. “Fine whatever idiot” he said blandly going back to his tablet. I felt bad but I got up and went to the lobby like area most everyone hung here on the weekends. Because for the first few weeks we aren’t allowed to leave campus I saw Yumi she waved me over to her group. “Hey girl where’s your body guard?” she asked joking “in our dorm” I answered “oh well this is Phrixus and Leon” she pointed at the two boys sitting on the couch. “Hi” I smiled “sup you’re the Virgo right?” Leon asked. “Yeah” I felt out of place “your small and dainty” Phrixus pointed out now I really felt out of place. They all rather went into their own conversation Leon hand curly light brown hair kind of like a lions mane, with dark green eyes he was pretty buff. Phrixus on the other hand had fiery red hair that was spiked up with gel and weird yellow eyes that almost seemed gold. I knew from just looking he was Aries and Leon was a Leo I felt left out the more I sat there they had their inside jokes and stories. Therefore, I departed from them and went into the cafeteria. I saw two little groups on opposite ends “hey Gisele over here” Cyneric called to me which caused everyone to stare. I walked over to his group “hey Demetrio let you out alone?” he smiled “yeah” I replied “sit” he motioned beside him I did “these are my dorm mates that’s Thoth and Larysa” he pointed at the two in front of us “hey” I smiled. Thoth was male he had a military haircut he was blonde and had night sky blue eyes almost purple. Larysa on the other hand had a short bob cut and had dark blue hair and teal eyes. It was weird “is that your actual hair and eye color” blurted out she looked at me funny for a minute “yes why wouldn’t it be”? “it just where I live we don’t have that colored hair” I explained “oh yeah let just say were I’m from is really close to a radioactive area, so before it was more closed off it got in people systems and messed with our genes”.  After that, we talk and I became close with them we all decided to go to their dorm to hang.

Demetrio P.O.V

After she left I kind of felt bad and stupid ten minutes later it was eating me alive I just tried to not think about it. “Where’s Gisele?” Phelix asked turning the TV on “she went to make new friends”. I replied “without you?” he went on “clearly” I glared. “Is someone sad pouty baby?” he said in a baby voice “shut up!” I pushed him. “Maybe her and Cyneric are making out” I glared at him “okay or not” he kept quiet after that. What he said made my thoughts race maybe she was or worse with one of the other guys. I almost got up and went and checked until Phelix said “if you go and bother her she’ll get mad and won’t speak to you and lock her door” like he was reading my mind. I sat back down “I’ll go get supper for us and I’ll do some snooping for you if you promise to stay here” Phelix said “really!?” I asked “yes” he left and I sat on the couch and wrote everything I was thinking in my tablet to keep me busy.

Phelix P.O.V

I left hoping he wouldn’t follow I’m surprised she hasn’t figured it our yet but she is a Virgo so it’s not her fault. I went past the lobby her friend Yumi was there I asked her if she seen her she said she did but she left. I looked more but gave up so I went to the cafeteria I saw Ayden and his group there. “If you’re looking for your roomie she just left with the water freaks,” Ayden informed me “thanks” I went to element water’s dorm knocked. Thoth answered, “Hey faggot” he laughed “hi is Gisele here?” I asked, “What’s it to you”? He was annoying “I need to know if she ate or not cause im getting dinner for our dorm” he smirked “are sure you’re not snooping for Demetrio?” he asked. “no you idiot I actually care about her” he closed the door I almost knocked again but then Gisele came out. “Phelix why are you snooping?” she asked with annoyed tone “I’m not im picking up dinner I wanted to know if you have ate or not” I told her “I ate with them” she said “okay see ya”. I left and went back to the cafeteria, “she going to cause trouble hanging out with them I hope you do know Phelix” Ayden warned me as I walked in. “how do you know?” I walked up to him now it was just him and his sister. “come on Phelix don’t play stupid we both know water types are trouble makers and normally befriend a weak minded earth type sometimes a Libra, then destroys the group by turning them against their own group they’re a compete group of psychopaths”. He was right well, half right Pisces can be one of two things a saint or a demon a Scorpio can be power hungry or a lover and a cancer can be compassionate mainly or cruel. They were a group of unstable individuals and they had their history of tearing apart groups by using the groups own teammates. I grabbed our supper and went back to the dorm swamped in my own thoughts.  
poor Demetrio and i know this ones in Phelix point of view i was kind of getting tired of gisele's all the time. Pronunciations: Phrixus Deimos (Fre-us De-mos) Leon Orgullo (Or-gullo) {sorry i dont know how else to simplify it} Thoth Tourteau ([broth just with TH at the begining inside of BR] Torth-tu) Larysa Pelixes (Lari-sa Pel-ixes [kinda like pixes]) thanks for reading ^_^

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