Look After You

It is 2088 Gisele and the 11 others are each from the zodiac chosen to go to a Boarding school. They will train and fight against each other winning fame and good fortune for their family. This year is different with the world just coming out of World War III and America on edge. Instead of the winner just wining fame and fortune, the winners will become a secret weapon for America. Changing some rules as well like having to stay partners, same sex dorm rooms and only one from each team can win. Will this cause them to rebel? Especially for love.


8. Late nights and shocking mornings

Demetrio P.O.V

“helloo earth to Phelix” I waved and snapped my hands in front of him “what?” he asked coming back from his thoughts. “What is on your mind?” I asked him concerned “n-nothing important” he said laying out our food. “Phelix you have that look on your face that look means it’s important” I kept on the subject. “What look? I don’t-“ i gave him a stern look, I wasn’t letting him get around this. “I found Gisele Im worried Ayden said some stuff” I was vague “where is she? Ayden the Gemini? What did he say?” I said all at once “she was with Cyneric and his group and yes the Gemini, he said that this could cause trouble because the Water elements past” he told me. He looked worried my mind was racing I turned towards the door. “Don’t she was already suspicious when I went to find her” Phelix warned, “don’t tell her I told you or no more snooping for you,” he added I turned back grabbing my food and sitting down. Around ten Phelix went to bed I stayed up writing until the words started blurring together. I rubbed my eyes it was about 1:00 am I yawned and kept on suddenly drawing cute little sketches. I laid on the couch closing my eyes opening them to read the time 2:56 am I closed them again.

Gisele POV

I got home at three something I was so tired but not at the same time, I fell asleep on Cyneric’s bed. I closed the door quietly I saw Demy fast asleep on the couch he was so cute when he was sleeping I watched him for a while. “He fell asleep waiting for you” Phelix whispered which made me jump. “W-what?” I was confused “he waited I think he finally fell asleep around 2 he was still up at 2:30 when I got up and got a glass of water”. “Oh why” I asked him curious “I don’t know worried maybe but, he didn’t leave because you told him not to” he explained. I felt bad because I made him worry so much I should have come home earlier, way earlier. Phelix went to bed I wanted to apologize for making him worry I picked up his tablet I went to turn it off I saw a note I kind of started reading out of curiosity.
I’m sitting here waiting until Phelix comes back I wonder if Gisele is getting harassed by the others or bullied. Im so bored and lonely I don’t know what to do ugh! It bothers me that she’s probably hanging out with Cyneric and that new friends thing was an excuse. Phelix came back I knew it she was now he’s worried they’ll turn her against us because of their elements pasts. I’m worried, sad and scared that it will happen and she’ll posses one of the other elements. Not that it matters but she could ruin our teams chance of winning I don’t care all about winning its just I don’t want to be the losers because the damn water element fucked us over again. Its 2:30 am the screen is blurry and I’m really tired but I have to make sure she’s safe.

There where doodles after that, he cared an awful lot I turned it off I was happy that he was my friend. This crap about the water group has to stop because they are my friends too. I decided to wake Demy up so he can go to his own bed “hey demy wake up I’m home go to your bed now” he moaned opened his eyes a bit “GISELE!” he hugged me I was shocked. “Please let go” I tired pulling away from him “noooo my Gisele” he held me tighter “okay lets go to bed then” I walked while he stumbled. I tried to open his door it was locked “Phelix!” he didn’t answer I could let him sleep on the couch. I brought him to my room “shit no sheet on the other bed” I was a very neat person and I am afraid of heights. That’s why the top bunk never had sheets suddenly he let go of me and laid in my bed. “nighty nighty” he whispered weirdly, no, no no no no!! There was no way I’m going up there or sleep on the couch. I made sure I put on pjs and kept my bra on I laid next to him after so, he curled up to me I panic for a while but finally fell asleep. Do you know that feeling when your wake but your eyes are closed still because you don’t want to wake up and you still think your dreaming? I was in that phase this morning, I was snuggled up to something warm and soft and smell wonderful I snuggled my face into whatever it was. Then I felt something tighten around my waist pulling me closer to whatever this was. I liked whatever this was so I tried to force myself asleep. My mind was like sending me signs it was wake up time but I didn’t want to open my eyes. I did, it was dark for a little bit but then I realized that was cloth and one thing lead to another I remembered who was my bed guest. I went into total panic mode he was still fast asleep maybe if i…no he might wake up so I decided to stay where I am hoping he’d wake up soon. A knock on my door startled me “Gisele?” it was Cyneric holy shit. I kept quiet then I heard the door open so I pretended was sleeping like before. “Gisele hey-“ he saw us I stayed still breathing slowly. I felt the hair on the back of my neck raise as if he was going to touch me. “Touch her you die scorpion” a low growl from demy scared me he’s awake?! “What you do seduce her to bed?” he hissed “no…actual I don’t know how I got her but leave, she needs sleep” he whispered. “No you leave I bet you snuck in here you dirty animal” Cyneric hissed. I panicked “no and I’m not an animal” he was a little louder “sure I bet you do this all the time” he added “no I don’t I respect Gisele” Demy defended. “I bet-“ “I brought him here Cyneric now stop” I finally spoke “what why he’s an annoying hot head remember you hate him you told me last night” Cyneric protested. I felt Demy’s arms loosen their grip “because demy waited and worried about me and stayed here so, I wanted to say sorry and thank him I tried to get him to bed but his room was locked so I put him here with me.” I explained “why? Last night you said he was like a crazy stalker and it annoyed you,” Cyneric added. Demy let go of me completely, “Demy no I didn’t Cyneric I said he was a stalker but I didn’t mind because I he still give me space” I defended myself. “it’s okay I’ll leave you alone Gisele I didn’t know I was annoying you so much” demy said sitting up. “No Demy I swear I didn’t say that!” I grabbed his arm. “Let go Gisele” he wouldn’t look at me I obeyed he left all I heard was his door slam. “Get out and don’t come back until you apologize to Demy,” I said pointing at the door. “What why?” he left anyways, Phelix came in “what was that about?” he asked sitting next to me. I told him, all that happened and how I barely remember what happened after 10 pm. “I think it would be best if you explained that to Demetrio” Phelix suggested. Phelix went into the room and asked him if we could talk, a few minutes later he came out. “He said no he never wants to speak to you again, I think he’s crying but I can’t tell”.

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