Look After You

It is 2088 Gisele and the 11 others are each from the zodiac chosen to go to a Boarding school. They will train and fight against each other winning fame and good fortune for their family. This year is different with the world just coming out of World War III and America on edge. Instead of the winner just wining fame and fortune, the winners will become a secret weapon for America. Changing some rules as well like having to stay partners, same sex dorm rooms and only one from each team can win. Will this cause them to rebel? Especially for love.


14. Home sweet home

Gisele's POV

A few days later, i go out of the hospital they said i had a low blood pressure and had black out. Which i knew was false, and they just told my parents that because they actually had no idea what happened. My parents also let demy stay with us on break as thanks for finding me. We have an entire month off so i have been spending it sitting with my grandma drinking pumpkin spice lattes or sitting next to the fire reading and sometimes i go visit my grandfather in his study when he’s there anyways. You see he and my father are Doctors my grandfather is the head of the hospital though so he’s extremely busy. Today though I’m sitting here with grams she’s loves baking and so that’s what she’s doing while I wake up. “It’s ten thirty in the morning deary why so late today?” she asked while mixing the batter. “i don’t know just really tired” I answered with a small fake yawn the real reason was because i have been wide awake all week except today i fell asleep but the mysterious man showed up. This time he was with someone else talking to another girl, which for some reason made me jealous. Then he came beside me and told me if I did not start getting a grip that I was going to lose my grip on life. I thought about that since I woke up what did he mean, why was someone else there? “Honey are you okay?” my grams question snapped me out of my thoughts. “Oh I’m fine, just not fully awake” I answered her with a fake smile. I got up and went to latte maker and seen it’s been already used today which is weird because I’m the only one who uses it. “Hey grams?” “Yes honey?” she looked at me “who used the latte maker?” I asked cleaning it out “oh your boyfriend” she giggled at me “he’s not my boyfriend, he just shares a dorm with me” i corrected her. I know it sounded harsh but i have to prove myself to show melody that i am better Virgo. “Sure” my grandma rolled her eyes “yeah grams nothing more maybe a little less” I assured her putting my cup in the latte maker. “Well he sure fancies you” she smiled putting in the cookies, I laughed, “as if, I’m pretty sure you’re losing it grams” I laughed she shook her head “speaking of, where is Demy?” i asked. “oh, he and Melody left to go to get stuff for her Christmas party” she said sitting down i grumbled “of course” “is someone jealous?” she smirked “NO! I’m glad he has found someone else to bother, and how do you know about her party it’s suppose to be a secret,” i asked changing the subject. “Demetrio told me, I’m not going to tell your parents I’ll just leave for a couple hours” she smiled. “Can I come with?” I asked almost begging “no, you should go” “no you have to have a date to go she made it that way so I couldn’t come” i informed her “you have demy” she smirked “no” I glared “he’ll probably go with Melody anyways”. “Don’t worry my precious doll you we will show that girl” my grams sipped her tea. I was her favourite if you could not tell she always hated that Melody treated me horribly and got away with it. I rolled my eyes, got my latte, went to the porch and sat on the swing. Just a few minutes later Melody and demy showed up with bags they got out demy carried the bags as melody pranced up the walk in her silver heels, black leggings, mini skirt and blouse. “Oh my dearest Gisy have you found a date to my party?” she said loudly “um...no, actually” i said in a low voice “oh goodness well I would suggest Demy but he’s already going with me” she said bubbly, when she called him demy I about puked on her. “Oh that’s cool...I guess” I said lazily “well good luck” she pranced off. Demy walked up to me “hey” he smiled at me i gave him the dirtiest, evil, disgusted glare anyone could give another person. He about said something but then Melody yelled from the other room “DEMY!! Come along!!” “I’ll be there in a second” he called back. He looked back at me and was about to say something again “save it, your highness is waiting...moron” i pushed past him. I went up to my room that was it Melody time to meet your match I grabbed my phone and dialled Cyneric the only boy on this earth that could piss Demy off more than anyone on the world. “heyy hot stuff” he answered “hi Cyneric what are you doing Friday?” I asked, “Oh well then nothing if it involves you” he flirted. “Good your coming and staying at my house in a separate room from mine, and escorting me to a party understand?” I said sternly “whoa whoa what makes you think I’ll do that?” he asked. “Two reasons, one you are allowed to touch me for an entire night, and two while pissing Demetrio off” “oooh I like but I don’t like to be used for jealously sugar” he caught on. “There will be plenty of drunk idiot girls there,” I added “deal” i could hear him smile “see you Friday” i said “ditto” he hung up. The most evilest smile formed on my lips as i walked down stairs to melody and demy “oh Mel dearest” I mocked her voice from earlier “yes?” she looked away from her decor “I found a date” I smiled, Demy’s head snapped from his tablet “who?!” he asked before she could. “you’ll see he’s staying here Friday” I smirked, “now Gisy our cousin doesn’t count” she joked “oh, no you don’t know him actually I met him at school” demy’s eyes widen “you did not ask him?!” he yelled. “Ask who?” I asked innocently “Cyneric” he growled “Oh no I asked Phelix” I lied “oh” he sat back down. “oh well i can’t wait to meet him” melody smiled.


its been forever guys im sorry!!! i have a lot of chapters for you guys, writing isn't the problem finding time to update is so when i do it's going to be mutiple chapters at a time :)

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