Look After You

It is 2088 Gisele and the 11 others are each from the zodiac chosen to go to a Boarding school. They will train and fight against each other winning fame and good fortune for their family. This year is different with the world just coming out of World War III and America on edge. Instead of the winner just wining fame and fortune, the winners will become a secret weapon for America. Changing some rules as well like having to stay partners, same sex dorm rooms and only one from each team can win. Will this cause them to rebel? Especially for love.


1. Gisele Akakios


Gisele's P.O.V

      In a valley not far off from a small town there is a special boarding school where only certain kids are picked to join. You see we are called the horoscopes each family is only born in a certain horoscope and each child is picked for academy. Since the millennium is coming up it’s very important to win for your family. Now to be chosen the headmaster of the school picks and you have to be a junior in high school. Yes we go yo high school like everyone else we are not allowed to tell people about our special powers. Each of us welds a element three of us weld the same like me (Virgo), Taurus and Capricorn all weld the earth element. That’s how we are split up at first then at the end of the year it’s time to fend for yourself.

        So it’s key to not make close friends and not to fall in love, it’s not forbidden or anything but it’s easier to beat someone that you have no feelings for. It’s 2088 I bet you’re wonder if we have hover cars and all futuristic sorry to burst your bubble but no hover cars but we don’t use gas power cars no more, they were banned in 2070’s. We use solar powered or electric powered. Not many people can afford them though. I can because the horoscopes families are very rich most actors, doctors, businessmen, or bankers. Also tv has changed instead of a flat screen we have sort of hologram system the newer versions come from anything phones, tablets, or your computers there also is no rentals movies are buy them when you go to the theater or buy them when they come out on dics or online. What are Dics they are sort of like a dvd/blu ray but a little disc about the size of a game cube disc. Instead of you put it in a player your phone or tablet or whatever scans it and whosh you have a movie and you can watch it anywhere. You are probably also wondering where do you store all of this memory on memory sticks. You can still use tvs and blu rays or dvd but it very rare. Also Americas out of debt and cancer is now cured, but there was a WWIII which destroyed half of the world parts of Europe and North America and Mexico are either underwater or too radioactive that you’ll die without a gas mask.

        I guess I should introduce myself as well my name is Gisele Akakios it’s pronounced (zay-zelle a-ka-key-os) I am 17 and I am part of the virgo clan like I said before I have long curly dark brown hair and bright green eyes I’m very short not like a midget im five feet im the shortest kid in my class, so I get made fun of a lot.


     It’s the summer before I am junior my parents are running around like crazy people I don’t why I am pretty sure my cousin is going to get picked she top of our class and is more outgoing especially for a Virgo. I got dressed and went downstairs to my Grammy “hey what’s with them two?” I ask her picking up an apple and taking a bite. “getting ready for the headmaster of that school to pick one of you to join” she said sipping her green tea like she does every morning. “oh” I said already knowing that I’m not going to be chosen before my cousin melody. Which speak of the devil she walked downstairs flawless she had long flowing blonde hair with sparkling light blue eyes. She was wearing a bright yellow chiffon skirt and a white blouse, me on the other hand in blue t-shirt and shorts. “Hello Gisele” she smiled perfectly at me “hey” I walked past her. My grandfather doesn’t like her very much because he thinks she’s too perfect to be in this family. “GISELE!” my mother shrieked I cringed knowing I was going to get scolded “yes?” I smiled innocently “what are you wearing?!” she sounded like she was going to pop from stress. “um clothes” I replied “get dressed in the clothes that are on your bed now he’ll be here any minute!” I obeyed and got dressed in a orange strapless sun dress with yellow and red water colored flower designs on the skirt. I made a halo with fish tail braids and put a large orange bow tie in the middle and went downstairs. He already was there talking with Melody I sighed and walked over to them. He looked at me “you must be Gisele?” I nodded “yes sir” he was quiet for a while then spoke “you two have been one of the hardest choices I’ve made in a while” I was shocked what how she’s definitely better than me- he cut off my thoughts speaking again “you are the last choice the rest already know without me meeting them”. This was true he normally made a choice without meeting the students but it’d not like it’s never happened before. “I have made my choice” I closed my eyes knowing that it wasn’t going to be me but I couldn’t cry and had to be happy for Melody.


hi so this is how long these will be normally sorry its kinda slow but it will pick up next chapter. :) so how do you think the headmaster will pick?!?!

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