Look After You

It is 2088 Gisele and the 11 others are each from the zodiac chosen to go to a Boarding school. They will train and fight against each other winning fame and good fortune for their family. This year is different with the world just coming out of World War III and America on edge. Instead of the winner just wining fame and fortune, the winners will become a secret weapon for America. Changing some rules as well like having to stay partners, same sex dorm rooms and only one from each team can win. Will this cause them to rebel? Especially for love.


6. Friends or Enemies?

Gisele P.O.V

I woke up remembering last night not wanting to get up and just stay in my room, which was my plan until a knock on the door changed that. “Yes?” I answered, “Get up” it was Demetrio “why?” I asked. “Because I said so” he demanded “last time I checked I’m 17 year old and my dad is a town away”. He opened the door “what the hell are you doing?!” I was in a panic because my sleepwear consist of no bra, a huge tee-shirt and underwear. He looked at me kind of stunned while I was hiding myself “I- uh” he stumbled over his words. “What’s the bloody are you two-“ Phelix started coming in also his face turned bright red “oh”. “Why the bloody hell are you nude!” Demetrio yelled, “Excuse me I didn’t ask you to come in MY room you dirty pervert!” I screamed at him, he glared “GET OUT!” I yelled slammed the door on his face locking the door. I hurried and got dressed in light pink fluffy skirt with lots of layers and silk black tights Jeffrey Campbell litas and white ruffle blouse. I walked out and Cyneric was on our couch “don’t you look gorgeous” he smiled I blushed “t-thanks” I said shyly. Demetrio glared “I made breakfast if you want any” Phelix smiled “uh thanks” I got a plate and looked to sit the only spots where next to Demetrio or Cyneric. I decided to sit next to Cyneric I started eating then I looked up and Demetrio was glaring “uh is there something wrong?” I asked. “no just your ugly face” he looked out the window I felt Cyneric stand I stopped his hand he looked at me shocked and sat. Instead, I stood up and sat next to Demetrio “now you don’t have to look at it” I said. He looked at me and smiled a small smile which was weird cause he never smiles “what was that for?” I asked confused “because I don’t have to see your ugly face or your stupid childish clothes” I was mad I stood up and slapped him across the face. He froze a little before moving again, everything was tense he grabbed my arm and dragged me into his room before anyone could stop him he locked the door. “Don’t you ever do that again!” he hissed “why you didn’t like me standing up to you?!” I snapped. He was quiet for a while “what’s you deal against me anyways I’ve never done anything to you!” I started tearing up “you have no right to say those things to me” I started to cry. He sat next to me “don’t cry” he whispered “why not like you care!” I whined “I do we just-“ he started. “What?” I started to calm down “I just don’t know how to be nice” he said quietly “oh…well my name is-“ “Gisele your from Grand mountain city you’re a Virgo and you hate spiders and rudeness” he finished I was shocked “h-how did you know that?” I asked, “I did a background check on everyone here”. I was speechless “I’m sorry I don’t think your ugly at all” he confessed “and your food tasted good I was actually surprised” he stayed quiet after that. “I don’t know much about you tell me” I said moving closer to him, “im from Europe im a honors student no friend except Phelix and everyone either hates me or scared of me” he told me. “Can we be friends demy?” I asked “d-demy?” he looked at me funny “yeah your names pretty long. “Okay sure we can be friends” I smiled “thanks” I left and he followed. He followed me everywhere glaring at anyone who dared said one mean thing to me. He had a very fine hatred for Cyneric for that week he helped me cook clean and unpack the rest of my stuff, which was somewhat embarrassing.
HI sorry its been a long time but here it is!! kinda boring but i fast forward the week so we can meet everyone else next chapter!!

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