Look After You

It is 2088 Gisele and the 11 others are each from the zodiac chosen to go to a Boarding school. They will train and fight against each other winning fame and good fortune for their family. This year is different with the world just coming out of World War III and America on edge. Instead of the winner just wining fame and fortune, the winners will become a secret weapon for America. Changing some rules as well like having to stay partners, same sex dorm rooms and only one from each team can win. Will this cause them to rebel? Especially for love.


4. Authors note :3

hi everyone sorry i haven't uploaded any chapters recently but i have been mucho/tres/very busy and i won't make a promise i will upload one tonight but i will try but maybe you can help me. i kinda want to know your opinions do you like me switching off different point of views or do you like gisele's or Philex's. if you do like them do you want me to switch off on all the characters?. Do you like all the characters so far? lots of questions im sorry! well comment your opinion. please/s'il vous plait/por favor and thank you very much/merci beaucoup/ muchas gracias. :)

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