1d imagines

If you would like an imagine, please just comment your name and any imformation about yourself you would like me to put into the imagine.


2. Imagine for jasmine_maree_

Imagine your at a one direction concert and the boys get to pick one person out of the crowd to go up on stage and Niall horan picks you. He picks you because he's stolen bye your luscious blonde hair and your so excited because out of all the girls in the sold out concert. Niall picks you as you go on stage he give's you a kiss on the cheak and the whole crowd stops and goes awwwwwww but after the kiss Niall says with his microphone "here's my number so we can go out some time ". You're thinking out of all the girls in the world he picks you and you say sure we should definitely go out some time. A week later you call Niall and you say would you like to come over to my house for some coffee and Niall say's "yes I'll come over on Tuesday" and you say "see you then". Two days later there was a nock at the door so you open the door and standing right in front of you is Niall holding a big block of chocolate's and a bunch of 100 rose's for how  much he loves you. He comes inside and you guys are really hitting it of  and he ask's you to be his girlfriend while he's looking into your amazingly  beautiful brown eyes and you say yes.
                                        TILL NEXT TIME

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