A new life

This story is about a girl who thought her life was over untill she made friends


2. Through the doors

  Through the doors.

As we walk in the gate i see the big brown doors. My brother and i went separate ways. I  reach in for my timetable and see  2146 which is my locker number. "Hey let me guess you're new" I hear a perky voice say. "Hi and yeah i just started my names Hayley Robinson" i reply.  "Im Danielle Peazer may i see your timetable?" I nod and hand over my timetable.  "Yay you have the same timetable as me, i think we are going to be great friends" she happily says 
We both walk to our first class. Once we arrive two boys walk towards us. "Hey gorgeous" a tall boy says to Danielle  and kisses her on the cheek. "Hey this is Hayley" Dannielle says. I smile to both of the boys. "Hi im Liam and this is Niall. I hear coming from his british accent. "Hey" Niall said in in his irish accent. "Lets take a seat the bell is about to ring." I suddenly have butterflies in my stomach. I cant get how hot Niall is out of my mind. 

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