A new life

This story is about a girl who thought her life was over untill she made friends


7. The big surprise

: The big surprise

"Hi mum im home" i yell from the front door. I walk into the kitchen and see my mother and Alex sitting at the table i think to myself oh no. "Hunny i have a surprise for you" mum says with joy. "Really what is it am i going to a Reece Mastin concert" i happily reply. "Ahahah no im not that rich but you know how you wanted to move back home?" She nervously says. I gulp and say "yes." "Well we are" she said to me and Alex. My heart sank. I ran up stairs to my diary. Diary update: OMFG WE'RE MOVING BACK HOME!!!!! Just as i get a boyfriend and i finally get best friends noooo. 
At school
"Hey guys guess what im moving" i sadly said. "WHAT!!!" Said Zayn, Danielle, Perrie, Liam and Niall. Niall came and gave me a hug and cried.  
Two weeks later i was gone.

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