A new life

This story is about a girl who thought her life was over untill she made friends


5. Its over

 Its over

Something refocused my eyes it was not Danielle it was Perrie. "Hi Perrie come in" i said while rubbing my eyes. We walked up stairs and sat on the bed. I saw something run down her face then it was happening continuously, she was crying. "Oh Perrie what happened tell me everything" i said. "Ok well me and Zayn were walking home together and suddenly he said sorry babe you're dumped so i ran back to Danielle's house i told her and all she said was oh sorry to hear that and then she got a text from him saying come hang with us NOT PERRIE  and she left so i thought i would come here and tell you" she sobbed. "Well im glad you told me at school hang out with me and lets not hang with Danielle." Perrie nodded with a big smile on her face. After she had left i went back to sleep. 

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