A new life

This story is about a girl who thought her life was over untill she made friends


3. Class time

 Class Time.

Now class we are learning about the history of....  I blanked out and started thinking about Niall. Suddenly a piece of paper saying unfold landed on my desk it was passed to me from Dannielle who sat beside me. Hayley i think Niall likes you because he keeps on staring at you in a lovey dovey way hehe. The note said. I turned and looked at her and quietly said "i hope so" and smiled. 
When we went to our next class Niall said to us that he really wants to get to know me, me and Danielle looked at each other and smiled. 
After school. 
"Hi mum dont even ask how my day was because it was great" "bye mum im going up stairs" i rushed. Diary update: OMG Niall is soo cute!! Ive been invited to Danielle's house for a sleepover i said yes but now i think about it im not so sure because all of her friends that i dont know will be there.

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