Material Girl

Material Girl.
It's the term used to describe the rich girls at school. (Rich boys are called material boys).
It's the term used to describe the bad kids at school.
The Material kids party with the Material kids. The Wasteoids party with the Wasteoids. Materials fall in love with Materials. Wasteoids fall in love with Wasteoids.
But, what happens when a Wasteoid falls for a Material girl?
Welcome to the story of Riley Evans and Ash Adams. They both attend the prestigious school Laguardia. A high school for students with talents in art, dance, singing, and acting.
Aside from the fact that they attend the same high school, these two have nothing in common. Riley's a material girl and Ash is a Wasteoid.
So what is it that draws them to each other?
Read to find out Riley and Ash's struggle to fit in, love each other, deal with peer pressure and find a way to fight all the hate and prove to the masses that they will last.


1. Information on the story

This is not originally a Movellas story. It is originally posted on Wattpad by me and my friend.

This is the original link,

I posted this because people asked me to post it on here for various reasons.

Thanks for reading! <3

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