Material Girl

Material Girl.
It's the term used to describe the rich girls at school. (Rich boys are called material boys).
It's the term used to describe the bad kids at school.
The Material kids party with the Material kids. The Wasteoids party with the Wasteoids. Materials fall in love with Materials. Wasteoids fall in love with Wasteoids.
But, what happens when a Wasteoid falls for a Material girl?
Welcome to the story of Riley Evans and Ash Adams. They both attend the prestigious school Laguardia. A high school for students with talents in art, dance, singing, and acting.
Aside from the fact that they attend the same high school, these two have nothing in common. Riley's a material girl and Ash is a Wasteoid.
So what is it that draws them to each other?
Read to find out Riley and Ash's struggle to fit in, love each other, deal with peer pressure and find a way to fight all the hate and prove to the masses that they will last.


2. Chapter 1

All rights reserved to hahaisabella1415 and janelleritobrooks 


Jocks... Dancers... Wanna-be dancers... glee club... art freaks... band geeks...volleyball team...drama club...cheerleaders... A-class whores...tree huggers...pokemon freaks... cool Asians...ratchet people...and the wasteoids... Ash Evans was the head wasteoid. He was a total druggie and total freak.

"Riley!" Chloe pulled me to my attention.

"Yeah?" I raised my eyebrow up at her.

"Are we still shopping on Madison after school?" She asked.

"Only but of course." I blew a kiss at her. She caught it in her hand and put it in her pocket. She winked at me and we giggled.

"Hey gorgeous." My beautiful Material Boy Noah took me in for a embrace. He kissed my lips softly.

"Hey babe. How was class so far?" I smiled at him.

"Not bad. You love?" He tangled his fingers with mine.

"Pretty good. Oh my god, guess what?" 

"What?" He kissed my knuckles.

"So today Maddie sat next to me in World History! I got up and moved. How dare she? After all the shit she's done to me. She even told Chloe I cheated on you! You know I would NEVER do that." I rolled my eyes. "She's such a bitch. She's a backstabber. That's why no one likes her." I took a sip from my water.

"Just let it go princess. I think she's just looking for attention." Noah shrugged.

"I mean I guess. It's so irrelevant." I sighed and took a bite out of my PB&J. The cafeteria was so loud today, I couldn't even hear myself think. I rested my head on Noah's shoulder and sighed.

"Whats wrong?" He kissed the top of my head.

"Just tired... Really tired." I groaned. "And i have to get out of here, just realized I have tutoring." I kissed Noah and waved bye to my clique. "Chloe meet me in front of my locker after 8th okay?" I hugged her tightly. She nodded. I paced out of the cafeteria. I don't even need tutoring... I just have to get away from them sometimes. They can be... annoying at times. Sometimes I really hate being the head Material Girl. The attention is great but... it gets overwhelming. I like to be alone sometimes. "Hey Mr. Goldrich." I smiled at my favorite teacher. Mr.Goldrich is so amazing. He seems like a total dick at first but honestly, he isn't. He's helped me in so many ways. He's my #1 supporter when it comes to singing.

"Hey Ry. What's up?" He asked me, looking up at me away from his papers.

"Nothing. You know, the usual." I shrugged and sat down in the desk closest to his.

"Ahh, what did they do today?" He tilted his head to the side, examining my expression.

"Nothing.. so what are we gonna do today in class?" I asked, looking at all the paired up desk.

"You guys are going to pair up. You and your partner are going to come up with alternate endings to Romeo and Juliet and act it out." He went back to grading papers.

"Who's my partner?" I asked him nervously. 

"Ash Evans."


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