Be My Wish

When Ze catches the attention of an international pop star he can't help but get caught in her looks. Her looks get the better of her too, a pop star named Justin Bieber also gets caught in her looks too. When the two international pop stars go at it, theres no TELLING of who will get Ze.......


1. Opening Night

I ran down my stairs from my bedroom screaming, I jumped in the air and breathed it in. My entire family looked at me crazily, Of course they knew why I was screaming. Austin Mahones concert is tonight. THE Austin Mahone.


"Yeah well calm down before you waste you screams for tonight." my brother told me. I looked up at my 21 year old brother.

"Your such a drowner..." I told him, "to bad you gotta hear it later tonight!" I laugh. My brother was the one who bought me and my best friends front row tickets, and of course my brother had to be there for the biggest moment in my life.  I laid on the floor in the family room and my family stayed in the kitchen. I felt a vibration on the floor, I started to feel scared till I remembered my phone was on the ground. It was Nicki calling me. My feet were on the ground and standing up, "IM GOING UPSTAIRS!" i yelled to mum and dad.

"NICKI!" I yell into the phone. I'm running upstairs before I smash into my Dad standing at the stairs, Nicki was screaming into the phone about Austins new smash single and how hes gonna play it just for us, on and on , "Nicki I'll call you back." I hung up and looked at my Dad.

"Theres something we got for you..." He says.

I stare at him wide eyed my dark purple blue eyes begging, "what!?" I ask. He grasps my shoulder and brings me up the stairs. When we got to the top I saw my younger sister pop her head out of the door and I rushed to my room. "WHAT ARE YOU..." I stopped when I saw what was in my Mums hand on a hanger, A  perfect dress.

"HOW DID YOU..." I couldn't finish when I broke down in tears, It was too beautiful. The silk felt right in my hands, it was a perfect black that cut  off between my waist and knees. "Its amazing.." I whisper.

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