Skinny (A one direction anorexia story)

My name is Dianna .My hair is naturally a blonde but I dyed it a auburn type color. My eyes are a dark blue, almost grey. Some days they look kind of green though. I have mild depression but honestly I am always acting like I'm happy. I have my good days where I do feel happy and I have my bad days . I really love music but my favorite bands are: My chemical romance, The fray, Never shout never, Then my cousin Jessica commits sucicide then I met harry he is going throught the same thing as me. will my life change


2. The next morning

I got a  call from the police this morning saying that Jessica lost to much weight and is now in the hospital. I ran to grab my car keys and went to the hospital.I walked into her room and saw she had no fat on her bones she was just skin and bones. She said that she would never forget me In heaven.

Then her monitor beeped straight through. She was gone. Her funeral was in two days I got to keep all her clothes because she would want me to . I missed her so much I started to cut myself. then I put my moms gun up to my head. Then I started to starve myself with out my cousin I had no life no friends no family. My mom trys to feed me but I throw it across the room my dad is abusive to me and my sister Katelyn so we throw up together every night. Katelyn commited suicide when she turned 14 now im an only child. Im suicidal and have bad depression and I have anorexia. I know im going to be alone when I growup like I am now I should just give up.

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