Skinny (A one direction anorexia story)

My name is Dianna .My hair is naturally a blonde but I dyed it a auburn type color. My eyes are a dark blue, almost grey. Some days they look kind of green though. I have mild depression but honestly I am always acting like I'm happy. I have my good days where I do feel happy and I have my bad days . I really love music but my favorite bands are: My chemical romance, The fray, Never shout never, Then my cousin Jessica commits sucicide then I met harry he is going throught the same thing as me. will my life change


1. Look at my reflection

Jessica and I were watching a movie when my brother Louis walked in the room.

"Hey fat Dianna" he said to me

"I will kill you" I yelled

"Look at Jessifat do you want some more popcorn" he yelled

"Exuse me bitch im 15 and older than you k" Jessica said about to snap

Louis ran off into his room. Me and Jessica finished the movie and ran upstairs. Jessica was looking at herself in the mirror. she got her dads clothes and put them on she tied the behind of the shirt and the pants. "Im fat" she whispered looking in the mirror. then she got out her ipod6 and took a photo of swagstagram. she kept taking photos of herself the last photo we took was of us putting up the west side sign. Who new that would be her last photo ever.

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