adopted by (louis)

hi my name is alexa jewel tomlinson i am 13 and i have been adopted by louis tomlinsonm he is my dad and harry is my uncle (not really related just call him my uncle) perrie and me are really close and i might just meet some really good friends and maybe even a guy ;) ( please read and give feedback if its good)


3. the cute boy at nandos

alexas pov 

when we got their we sat down and ordered our drinks and i ordered peri peri chicken and dannie said if niall was here he would have ordered that then i laughed and i looked over at a table and their was this cute guy and he smiled at me and i smiled back and perrie said why are you blushing? what im not blushing yes you are she said ok well that guy over their smiled at me so i smiled back he's cute go talk to him el said no i said then perrie scooted over and i fell out ofthe booth then i said hey then she said go talk to him fine i said then i went over there hi i said im alexa im luke he said nice to meet you same i said then i said well i was wondering if you would like to hang out sometime i would love to he said then he gave me his number and i gave him mine and went back to the tabble and perrie said so how was is? well he said he would love to hang out sometime and i got his number and his name is luke yay you two would be so cute together perrie said then we ate and left wen we got home i changed into some shorts and a half shirt then i went to the living room and sat down and louis said good news you start school tomorrow ok i said then went to bed 

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