adopted by (louis)

hi my name is alexa jewel tomlinson i am 13 and i have been adopted by louis tomlinsonm he is my dad and harry is my uncle (not really related just call him my uncle) perrie and me are really close and i might just meet some really good friends and maybe even a guy ;) ( please read and give feedback if its good)


15. Going home

Alexa's pov 

I just woke up In a white room perrie was beside my bed and Louis and Luke and the guys where in chairs I said daddy in a raspy voice he looked at me and said yes baby he said what happened I asked you where in a reck and you died and now your back it was some sort of miracle he said then I said it hurts ok Niall get a nurse k he said. He came back with a nurse and doctor she came over to me and she said let me see your arm sweetie I need to give you some pain Medication ok I said Louis held my hand and she stuck a needle in my arm and I suddenly felt sleepy then I said I'm tired ok honey Louis said and I fell asleep 


     Louis pov 

Alexa just fell asleep and I asked when she could go home and he said in the morning she needs to rest right now ok I said and the guys went home and el and Dannie went home to me Perrie and Luke stayed well lukes mom just called and she's coming to. Get him but we are staying the night so yea bye Luke said and he kissed Alexa's cheek and I said watch it luke she's still my daughter then he left and me and him have gotten pretty close since the accident night Perrie said and I said night she layed back in the chair and I said there's another bed over there you should sleep their I said nope if I do you have to she said cuz I'm not letting you sleep in a chair again ok fine i said and we layed in the bed and I looked at Perrie and never realised how beautiful she was then we where leaning in and our lips met and she kissed back there where sparks it was amazing and we pulled away she said Louis what have we done please don't tell zayn I won't just as long as you don't tell el I won't she said then we fell asleep 


Perries pov 

It's now morning and we are waiting for Alexa to wake up last night was amazing with Louis he was such a good kisser even better than zayn oh well Alexa started to wake up and she said I'm still hurting can I get an ice pack sure Harry said and went to get  a nurse to get one for her he came back in and gave her the ice pack and she put it on her arm she had so many stitches on her arm like 56 I think oh well she said when can I leave today Liam said good she said then the doctor came in and said hello miss Tomlinson I have good news you can leave when ever your ready ok she said and then they took her off the I.v and she went to the bathroom and got dressed and then we went outside and there where fans every where screaming and paps we got In the van and left when we got home Alexa went up to her room and she said she was gunna take a nap then I said hey Liam where's zayn I don't know he said and then Louis said where is el I don't know Harry said 


Alexa's pov 

I went to my room and got on twitter and there where pics of my in the ambulance and some when the car recked and me going threw the wind shield and it was just bad then it said I was alive and dead on some of the stories I then tweeted "thank you to all the fans that stayed at the hospital and thank you for caring and I'm not dead I'm fine" then I logged out and went to sleep for a bit  

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